04 January 2016

TNA Randomania - Jan 4, 2016

- Wrestling fans spent much of the weekend wondering who or what the Miracle is and quite frankly judging by some of the speculation, the only thing that's certain is no one has a clue. And that's because TNA hasn't given us much to go on and to their credit, they've essentially created a little bit of buzz and some chatter based on a simple concept and a few vignettes. The concept seems clear at first but you find out pretty quickly that it isn't at all upon further examination because the vignettes perfectly represent a theme but it's difficult to know exactly how it translates to a wrestling concept. It's been three days since the first vignette was released and the question still remains, who or what is the Miracle?

- The Miracle happens Tuesday night on the Pop premiere of Impact Wrestling but it isn't the only thing to look forward to. The World Title Series will officially conclude with the crowning of a new champion. One of Ethan Carter III, Matt Hardy, Lashley, and Eric Young will become the first champion in the Pop era, the man who will lead Impact Wrestling as they embark on a journey to regain their past glory as well as their rightful place as the only true alternative to the WWE in the American mainstream. This is why it's a decision that TNA management can not take lightly because picking their new champion, and the way they go about crowning him, will demonstrate whether or not the company has learned from past mistakes. I've been quite vocal about this particular situation because I can not emphasize enough how disastrous a decision it would be to put the world title belt on Matt Hardy. It'd be an indication that those in creative are simply out of touch with the sentiment of their most loyal fans, who have increasingly grown resentful of Matt Hardy's push to the top...a push that has already led to an ill-advised world title victory.

- Bobby Roode is set to defend his King of the Mountain championship on Tuesday night's show, and for those wondering, he can defend it in regular singles matches as will be the case here. Roode and TNA have been mum on his opponent so it's likely either an open challenge or a mystery opponent scenario, the latter indicating a possible debut of a new wrestler. I would prefer that TNA opt to give the title opportunity to a current member of the roster who could use the rub. I mentioned Drew Galloway and Bram as two options on Twitter the other day, primarily because I think it's important to elevate the belt's stature, and you do that by booking prospective main eventers to compete for it. Galloway and Bram fit that description.

- And lastly, I'm going in to Tuesday night's Impact on Pop with a lot of excitement and a high sense of anticipation because I truly believe that January 5, 2016 will ultimately be a success for the very reasons that January 4, 2010 wasn't. That's because TNA are a much different company than they were six years ago. I believe that they now have a good grasp of who they are and what they want to accomplish. I also believe Dixie Carter and company has learned some valuable lessons in the last few years and they will go into January 5th with a plan and a strategy to regain old fans and gain new ones. And to keep them coming back for more next week and the week after and the week after that and the week after that and the week after that...because when TNA gets it right, there's no company that's better at making wrestling fun. Tuesday night...the fun begins.

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