31 January 2016

The Decay

What kind of images are conjured up when you think about "decay"?  Normally this particular word would not be associated with pro wrestling, but it definitely will be now that a new, improved version of Crazzy Steve, the debuting and disturbing Rosemary and The Monster Abyss will be spreading their sickness all over the TNA roster.  For me, when I consider the future possibilities of the macabre characters in this threesome, it feels exciting and unique.  Whether you enjoy the horror genre of entertainment or not, it has come to your television (and other devices) in the form of The Decay.  Scary movies and television have been a treasured part of our society for many decades.  This category of amusement is a reflection of popular culture and thus is a great fit on PopTV.  There are several current TV shows that fall into this classification including the critically acclaimed American Horror Story, Penny Dreadful and Scream.  There are also hundreds of horror movies out there.  So why not incorporate this type of main stream interest into TNA programming?  The Decay is what The Menagerie should have been; dark and sinister.  Instead Knux's carnival crew turned into a fucking joke.  The Decay, however, is no joke and they should not be trifled with. 

The feedback that I've been seeing online is that the choice of entrance music for this group was an absolutely perfect fit.  Kudos to Billy Corgan for getting Marilyn Manson to agree to have his song, "Nobodies" serve as a vital part of this fascinating trio:

Go ahead, push play.  I really like what this song does for The Decay, more so than what Hole's "Doll Parts" did for The Dollhouse.  Not that Courtney Love's song isn't quality, but it seems a little out of place minus the actual doll parts and dollhouse similarity in words.  This "Nobodies" song though, it's a whole different level of connection for what this group represents.  Every time this song blasts in our ears, you'll know exactly what's coming out.  Take in some of their recent tweets for example:

I am very interested to see how the larger crowds in the U.K. react to this group for those upcoming Impacts as Marilyn Manson's music serenades them and they watch these disturbing personas make their way to the ring.  Thankfully the song will be turned off when the actual wrestling begins, unlike the initial god-awful experience we got with The Menagerie when their annoying entrance music stayed on through the duration of their matches.  The only remnants of that defunct group in TNA are a certain clown and Rebel, who got repackaged to The Dollhouse.  However, with this new edition of that clown, he is not messing around anymore.

Crazzy Steve having a character tweak/makeover was inevitable if he remained with the company.  The funny, silly version was just not working for the audience anymore.  Much to my surprise, this tangible upgrade to a more evil, ominous Crazzy Steve has really connected with the TNA fans. He has ditched his honking horn, changed his makeup and ring gear, and now comes across as a dangerous, creepy clown that thrives on destruction and pain.  We've already heard him laughing on Impact recently, and maybe he will actually talk at some point.  This shift has opened some new, intriguing doors for how he can and will be booked moving forward.  His potential seems much higher now but the entire situation could really get a significant boost if certain other things develop.  The recent suggestion was very astutely brought up in our comment section earlier this week: Why not team him with Jimmy Havoc and have those two be the full time tag team of the group?  Abyss doesn't necessarily need to be in a tag team with Crazzy Steve to be effective but if that's the direction they're going in, so be it.  It seems more beneficial for Havoc to be added in on the U.K. Tour and then follow The Decay back to the states for an long, extended stay.  Maybe Havoc needs to prove his loyalty first with an initiation-type of Monster's Ball match?  Or maybe Havoc is out to prove that he is more insane and sadistic than The Decay?  However TNA books this thing, it appears that Havoc is a natural fit for being involved somehow with them. 

Rosemary seems to be the new Internet darling of the KnockOuts division, and she hasn't even competed in a match yet.  Fans seem to be captivated and strongly drawn to Rosemary as her odd appearance and thirst for blood really jump out at you on screen.  It's almost like she has the ability to put us under a spell with her enchanting yet abrasive ways.   The way she viciously attacked and animalistically bit Davey Richards on Impact?  Wowza!  She is a nightmare personified.  This demented vixen is a very different, change-of-pace addition to the KnockOuts Division.  TNA needed depth and more women on the roster that can really go in the ring.  Rosemary is just what the doctor ordered.  She is freaky and she demands your attention.  If you're not familiar with her prior work, Google or YouTube Courtney Rush.  This woman is extremely effective at cutting a chilling promo and she also has quality skills between the ropes.  Yet another Canadian that TNA has brought into the fold.  That Canadian Tour we've all wanted for years needs to happen now more than ever before, am I right?

I have probably written about Abyss more than any other columnist on the net in the last few years.  I really don't feel like I need to defend or explain my affinity for and appreciation of what this man has done for TNA at this point.  It does make me happy that the Impact writers have found a way to feature Abyss that the fans are more accepting of.  I agree with the notion that he does need to update his ring attire and mask to give things that little extra oomph of newness.  He does have an important role with The Decay but his main responsibility should be to help put over the younger members of the group.  Right now that appears to be Crazzy Steve and Rosemary, but the consensus is that Jimmy Havoc will be involved too somehow.  This would be a fitting way for Abyss to start winding down his active wrestling career; have a very effective run with The Decay and pass the torch of hardcore wrestling to these 3 performers that can keep his legacy in TNA alive in their own way.  Put the focus on the up-and-coming wrestlers that will be there on-screen in the future.  If hardcore wrestling is done the right way and not overexposed, it has a secure place on modern day pro wrestling programming.  TNA has a long tradition with this type of fighting and it should go on.  It will go on with The Decay... and Impact Wrestling will never be the same.

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