14 January 2016

Impact Live Discussion for Jan 12, 2016

Many wrestling fans enjoy participating in fun discussions during Impact every week, whether it's on social media or wrestling sites. However, it's getting increasingly harder to find places where TNA fans can safely express their opinions on Impact without having to deal with the trolling of the anti-TNA crowd or the smarks who insist on taking the fun out of pro wrestling. For this reason, we felt it was important to make TNAMecca available to our readers and any TNA fans who would like to share their opinions with other fans during the show.  You can now visit TNAMecca to do exactly that in the comments section below each and every Tuesday afternoon at 12PM EST. We feel that Tuesday nights will be a must-watch night of television and we're confident that TNAMecca will be the place to be for real wrestling fans. So make sure you join us every Tuesday afternoon at 12PM EST for our live Impact discussion.

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