02 December 2015

TNAMecca Exclusive: Q&A with Ethan Carter III

Recently, we had the opportunity to ask Ethan Carter III some questions about his injunction on TNA and Matt Hardy, as well as the World Title Series. Below is our exchange:

Ethan, thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us. Before we begin, I'd like to briefly discuss the events that transpired at Bound for Glory. Could you share with us your feelings on the way things played out? It appeared to me that your Aunt Dixie Carter was doing one of two things: she stacked the deck against you in order to motivate you to overcome the odds or she colluded with the Hardys to get back at you for refusing to fight for TNA against Jeff Jarrett and GFW. In your mind, which is it? 

"Hey Chris. Sorry I'm a week late answering your questions. AGAIN! But I'm a Carter and the World needs me to procrastinate. As far as the events of Bound for Glory, it was both (despite my sweet Aunt D trying to motivate me to overcome the odds). Was the deck stacked against me? Yes. Did my Aunt change the match the week after I signed the contract stating it was going to be a one-on-one championship match against Galloway? Yes. Did my Aunt allow someone to enter the match I defeated not once, but twice prior in Championship title defenses? Yes. Did my Aunt make the special guest referee someone that not only has a personal vendetta against me, but is also the brother of one of the participants? Yes. Was I colluded against for perhaps my indifference toward GFW, or was she easily influenced by a master manipulator in Matt Hardy, or was she jealous of my great successes in her absence? Yes? (I mean all three yes, obviously.)" 

Tell us a little about your injunction against TNA and Matt Hardy. What exactly was your motive there? Did you truly believe that Dixie Carter would simply hand the world title back to you after Matt relinquished the belt? 

"I learn from winners. Tom Brady is a winner, a 4-time Super Bowl champ. When he was falsely accused of cheating the system, he took his business to the courts and won. I did not believe my Aunt D would simply hand the title back to me, but I believed our justice system would see the errors in her management and have it reinstated to me. Alas, Justice is truly blind and kudos to Matt Hardy for vacating the title to thwart my intentions. Oh well, now there is a World Title Series and everyone has an opportunity. Lesson learned. The only thing left for me to do is win the whole fricking thing."

Yes, let's talk about the World Title Series. You're in a World Cup-style tournament with 31 other participants, now 16, competing to become the new TNA world champion. Do you at all regret your decision to request an injunction rather than simply waiting for your world title rematch, which you were entitled to at the time? 

"I regret nothing. Regret is a word losers use to justify their failures to act. The way Matt Hardy won the title, the way the title was blatantly stolen from me, I couldn't stand idly by and allow that to stand. Though in all considerations, 10 times out of 10 I will defeat Matt Hardy, yes, I could've waited for my rematch, but having a rematch with him as champion would justify his title win and reign. His title win and reign was not justified. At all. NOT AT ALL. Matt Hardy did not defeat me for the World Title and in my eyes never was World Heavyweight Champion. I would rather watch everyone lose, suffer, and be miserable, me included, than see Matt Hardy have one iota of unwarranted success."

A couple of weeks ago, you defeated Mr. Anderson to officially advance to the Round of 16. You've made your feelings about the World Title Series quite clear, and you've repeatedly said that the WTS will end only when you win. What exactly does this mean?

"The World Title Series isn't over until I win."

You visited the TNA headquarters in Nashville recently in order to pay your fine for pushing TNA executive, John Gaburick, at Bound for Glory. I'm curious, after you left Dixie Carter's office, were you at all tempted to stop by his office and do it again?

"I was. Shockingly enough he was at a 'long lunch'. I do not have the time nor patience to wait on John Gaburick."

A couple of weeks ago, you participated in a interview with Matt Hardy on Impact. Tell me, how would you rate Matt Hardy's performance in the WTS so far? Do you see him as a real threat for the world title? In other words, can Matt Hardy win the TNA world championship in a match that isn't in his home state of North Carolina and officiated by his brother Jeff Hardy?

"It's fair to say that short of there being armed guards and me in a straight jacket with a Hannibal Lecter mask, Matt Hardy and I can not be in the same room together and both be able to walk out. Matt Hardy's performance in the WTS has been great. Clean sweep of the competition. Good for him. Bravo. Can Matt Hardy win the TNA World Title in a match that isn't in his home state not officiated by his brother? Absolutely. As long as I am not his opponent." 

Ethan, thanks again for your time. One last question before I let you go. I would be remiss if I didn't ask you about your, well, cats. I couldn't help but notice that you have two of the most adorable little kittens running around. EC3 is a cat man? 

"Their names are Skunk and Clover and they are all that is right in the world. The fan support for them has been tremendous seeing multiple signs at wrestling events with their names on it, and I was presented the only gift I've ever actually kept from a fan with a painted portrait of their glorious visages. What can I say, I love..... my cats. 

See ya Chris and TNAMecca. BYE!"
You can follow Ethan Carter III on Twitter at @EthanCarterTNA and you can check him out on Instagram here.

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