14 December 2015

TNA Randomania - Dec 14, 2015

- We are just a few weeks away from the Impact Wrestling premiere on Pop and much of the discussion on TNAMecca and elsewhere has been about potential new signings. As much as I am in favor of TNA bringing in new talents to freshen things up, it's also important to make sure the talents currently on the roster are used properly. Coming off the World Title Series, the challenge for the creative team will be to make sure that wrestlers kick off the new year with a purpose, particularly those who aren't champions. Although many wrestlers on the roster seemed to lack focus throughout the year, one of the positives of the WTS has been TNA's ability to give some of them a chance to enter the new year with a little bit of momentum. To me, the one who most benefited from the WTS is Robbie E. Even though he was unable to advance past group play, Robbie showed a competitive side to him in his matches against Matt Hardy, Davey Richards, and Eddie Edwards, and seems primed for a nice push in 2016. More importantly, he's begun to shed the party boy image but it will take a concerted effort by the writers to complete his transformation. Let's hope they're up to the task.

- On the other side of the spectrum, there are those who didn't quite benefit from the World Title Series as much as others, and are going into the new year with no clear purpose. To me, the one who stands out is Rockstar Spud. I don't need to remind you that Spud, coming into this year, was one of the company's most successful characters, as well as one of the most popular. As a pesky heel and best friend to top star Ethan Carter III, he had carved a niche for himself on the Impact Wrestling roster. For months, we loved to hate Spud's antics, so much so that we, the fans, started chanting his name. Due to his popularity, Spud would eventually go on to turn face and take on a new role - that of the underdog. There was one problem, never quite took to Spud's underdog gimmick and as a result, his character seemed to lose direction and focus. Suddenly, he wasn't as exciting to watch. It was clear that the writers didn't know what to do with this Spud. In the new year, it's imperative that the writers revive this once fabulous character and they must do so by giving him back the gimmick that was must-watch television.  It's time to bring back the Chief of Staff...Rockstar Spud.

- And lastly, Dixie Carter announced last week that the semi-finals and finals of the World Title Series will take place on January 5th, the Impact premiere on Pop. Although I would've liked to have seen the WTS conclude by the end of the year, I'm fine with this decision for one reason - TNA can make the final three matches feel special. This will give them an opportunity to showcase the final four competitors, hopefully with backstage promos prior to their match, as well as a strong focus on the sports factor. The finals should be made to feel like the biggest match in TNA's history because it is. The finals of the World Title Series will not only determine our new World champion but also the first ever champion in the Pop era, an era in which TNA seeks to revitalize a brand that took a bit of a hit in 2015. So it's important that TNA make a statement and that is January 5th is the start of a new approach, one that kick-starts the biggest year in the company's history, its 15th. And one with the right man leading the way.

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