28 December 2015

Promote It!

2016 is the year that TNA can really get things rolling in the right direction for the company. An aspect that I personally enjoy about TNA's partnership with Pop TV is how invested Pop seems to be in TNA already. We all thought TNA would be finishing out the year with Destination America, but when their run ended suddenly, things became unclear. To our surprise, Pop had scheduled the "Best of Impact 2015" episodes to air in TNA's new time slot come the new year. The fact that Pop stepped in to do this for TNA says a lot. It gives TNA time to introduce the product to the regular Pop TV viewers and to bring the fans that had not been able to watch TNA at all in 2015 up to speed. In addition to that, Pop has decided to air a new show, "This Is Impact", to kick off the new year.

And how about those commercials? I have never been so damn excited for a freaking commercial. Not only did Pop and TNA make a regular commercial to promote the show, they also made commercials highlighting the last four contestants in the World Title Series. Not to mention, Pop and TNA have started airing these commercials during WWE programming. Pop TV will also be in 80 million homes by March of 2016. To the critics, please give me some sort of logical reasoning as to why TNA being on Pop is a bad thing. This deal, in my eyes, is already an amazing fit for TNA and a huge reason as to why they will be successful in 2016! 

Now you might be scratching your head as to why I called this article Promote It!, especially if all that I have done so far is praise both TNA and Pop on what they have already done. Have no fear, I have a few things I think that TNA needs to work on in regards to promoting stuff, things that TNA has done well and poorly in the past. For instance, when TNA had their first set of New York City shows in June of 2014, they did everything to promote the shows from wrestlers going on the radio to them promoting it on Impact. Going into 2016, I feel it is essential for TNA to promote their events to the best of their abilities, especially TV tapings. For TV tapings, I think TNA should have wrestlers go on the radio in the area the shows are in, make commercials to air during Impact and on other channels, and podcasts. For house shows, TNA should do the same thing but not as intensely as they would for TV tapings. When TNA had their NYC shows, I remember when a few wrestlers did radio shows and it was the coolest thing. Not only did this help spread the word about the events, but it hyped up the diehard fans by making these shows feel more special. I think it is clear that TNA has the tools to do these things based on past events. In closing, I feel that TNA will knock it out of the park right off the bat with the Pennsylvania tapings. Now all they need to do from this point on is, promote it!

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