01 December 2015

One Tag Team A Division Does Not Make

One of my favorite topics of discussion that regularly takes place in the TNAMecca comments section is the potential new talents that TNA should sign or bring in on a pay-per-appearance basis, and there's certainly been no lack of those discussions since the day TNA and Pop announced their television deal - a deal that will officially kick off on Tuesday, January 5th live from Bethlehem, PA. And while TNA execs are putting the finishing touches on their roster, the fans here and on social media are spending much of their time speculating on which new talents we could see return or debut on January 5th.  I've seen many names mentioned as potential signings but I strongly feel that one division currently needs an influx of new blood and that's the Tag Team Division. I think it's imperative that TNA focuses on rebuilding the division and it needs to start on the night of their Pop premiere. 

Currently, the Tag Team Division consists of the Wolves, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, and...that's it. The Wolves are it. The Wolves are the TNA Tag Team Division. I wish I meant that figuratively but it's truly the current state of the division, and quite frankly, it's preposterous. Here you have arguably one of the best tag teams in the world representing your promotion as the champions, and they're languishing in a division without any competition. What makes this even more troubling is TNA's seeming inability or unwillingness in the last few years to organically create and develop real tag teams or sustain any sort of depth in a division that once housed teams such as Beer Money, the Motor City Machine Guns, the British Invasion, LAX, Lethal Consequences, and Team 3D all at the same time. In fact, every team I listed participated in the Team 3D Tag Team Invitational Tournament in 2009, in addition to No Limit and a couple of other makeshift teams. So it's certainly doable, and much of that depth, I'd say, is currently on the roster, talents who can and should be considered for potential new tag teams, complete with a name and matching ring attire. Those teams, however, will need to be developed and nurtured, something that will require some time.

The Wolves are in need of competition now. They command a team that parallels their achievements and, to me, that team is reDRagon. Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish, judging by their recent work, are primed for a spot on Impact Wrestling, and in many ways, share the same strengths as Richards and Edwards. Unfortunately, they share the same weaknesses but like TNA have done with the Wolves, they can do with reDRagon, and that's emphasize their strengths. I strongly feel that TNA should take a good look at O'Reilly and Fish, and convince them that it's in their best interest to join the Impact Wrestling roster, and do so on January 5th on Pop. The duo are currently free agents so they are free to sign with any promotion or at least appear on any promotion's television program. It's a move that TNA needs to make in order to begin to rebuild a division that's simply a non-factor right now. The Wolves can be one of the best tag teams in the world and they can proudly wear those title belts around their waists but does it ultimately matter if they don't compete against the best? Right now, reDRagon are one of the best teams in pro wrestling, and their addition would instantly revitalize tag team wrestling in TNA. The Wolves vs reDRagon needs to happen in 2016. And it needs to happen in TNA.

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