01 November 2015

The Other Side of the Squared Circle - Oct 28, 2015

Ding Ding! Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to another edition of The Other Side of the Squared Circle, where we love wrestling more then the Meccanites despise Grado. I hope everyone has had a safe and enjoyable Halloween, and the little ones haven't driven you insane due to the sugar rush they are experiencing. If this edition is not up precisely on time, I do apologize since my internet had temporarily been down and just recently got restored.

Now this week was a fun time to be an Impact fan as we got to see matches in their entirety, unfortunately this also meant a Grado match but we will get to that in due time. Without further delay let's follow the mantra of the New Day, and bask in the power of positivity!(warning: basking in positivity may cause uncontrollable usage of the word Booty, awkward rhythmic clapping and sudden gain of ability to play the trombone.)

1-count: *clap, clap-clap* "This is Awesome!"

Behold the sweetest words ever uttered on TNA Impact - Grado is now mathematically incapable of advancing into the round of 16. Now this WTS has had it's ups and downs and I expect those to continue, as is the way Tournaments go. But if anyone says they didn't cheer when Grado was kicked all the way out of the WTS by Drew Galloway, they are lying, or perhaps need to be put through the exorcisms that Destination America advertised for the last month.

Girl Power taking over - Thanks to the WWE and TNA, Women's wrestling in the United States has hit a level that has never been seen before, even during the days of the late great Fabulous Moolah. sure promotions like Shine and SHIMMER helped to showcase that women can wrestle just as good, and hell better then the men. This is why I was so happy to hear that the Main Event of this most recent edition of TNA IMPACT was Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong. It never ceases to amaze me just how great Gail Kim is in the ring. Kong speaks for herself because I possess a rational and healthy dose of fear when it comes to the Behemoth of the KO Division.

Aiden O' sh*t, What a clothesline! - Aiden O'Shea aka the former Jay Bradley has grown on me. Granted I was a fan of his back when he had his original run with the company and was greatly disappointed that he was let go. I truly see Jay Bradley as the next Bradshaw. He's similar in size, wrestling style, gimmick, and of course Finishers. I am just waiting for the moment where O'shea clothelines someone into a full on flip. I'm stating it right here and now, Aiden is my dark horse to make it at least to the Elite 8 of the WTS.

Now then, Since we've burnt out the positive charge on our batteries it's time to exorcise the negativity. Needless to say that due to Galloway's victory, I could say that not much could come off as negative to me, but I would be neglecting my duties to bring you fair and balanced opinions on the weekly editions of TNA Impact without trying to predict the uncertain times that lay ahead for our beloved promotion that used to jokingly be called "The little engine that could" of pro wrestling.
2-count: Seriously?
Matt Hardy will not feel the Boom - I believe it was 2 weeks ago that I raved over Robbie E beating one of the tag team champions, Eddie Edwards in order to score 3 points and take an early lead in the WTS tournament. This week Robbie had his biggest match to date against the wrongful but true, former TNA World Champion, Matt Hardy. When Robbie successfully pulled off the Boom drop, I was expecting another upset, to make Robbie E into the WTS version of the Jimmy V- coached NC State Wolfpac, a cinderella who was supposed to lose badly and early, yet continued to survive and even thrive, all the way up to winning the national title. However, Matt Hardy kicked out and eventually won with a Twist of Fate. I disagree with the decision, of course I disagreed with the decision to have EC3 lose the belt in the first place, but I digress. Anyway let's move on

Abyss got cut down - I can't wrap my head around the logic that says it makes sense to have James Storm go over Abyss in this match. I believe it was well known that Storm was on his way out the door before these matches were taped which makes me wonder why they don't have Storm doing the noble thing and going out on his back. A win here didn't completely eliminate Storm from advancing and would have done a great deal in repairing the damage TNA creative has done to Abyss over the last some odd years. I am not saying have Abyss win the whole thing, but if TNA re-established him back as the monster he used to be, and they decided to let anything go in the round of 16, saying that it doesn't matter how you win, but there must be a winner by Pinfall or Submission, then the person who knocks off this revitalized monster like say an Aiden O'Shea would have quite the feather in their cap.

Too many video packages - I understand that TNA management seems to be of the mindset that Shera is going to make them millions in the India market, despite the fact that he's so green the man could pass as Irish. I think once polished and molded that Shera can become a pretty decent talent, but yet they aren't waiting, instead they are throwing him out onto center stage with the lights on bright and expecting him to pull greatness out of his ass. It's too soon to put this kind of pressure on a young talent like this because if the fans don't react the way you expect, it could ruin his chance at becoming a main eventer.

I had a brief chat with Chris in the comment section a while back where I, framing the question from my perspective of a WWE fan, and asked him the following question: "Chris, are you saying that TNA is going to Roman Reigns the Shera push?" and he responded affirmatively saying that is exactly what he thinks will happen. I hope Chris is wrong because if Shera doesn't click and the fans resent him because TNA is forcing him upon them, then he could be damaged for months with constant boos. Also: was it really necessary to show 15 video packages of Kim vs Kong history, when you could have simply thrown together a single clip package highlighting their history by focusing on the devastating moves they've pulled on what another, with clips of who won that particular match. We did not need to be reminded of the history because it also forces us to remember what the KO division used to be.

There we go, Positive and Negatives charges are depleted and thus with the battery fully drained we can move onto the final part of the Countdown. Now recently I did have a reader be confused as to what the 3 count pertains to. I take full responsibility for this because I haven't quite figured out a proper way to describe it. I think that the best description I can come up with for the 3 count is, picture you are watching a crime thriller or horror movie. And when it comes time to unveil the person behind the sinister deeds, it's a total letdown and you are just left with that blah feeling. That is what the 3rd part of the Countdown is for. Good news though because The 3-count this week has only 1 entry.
3-count: "Meh."
Group X-division - I know that I love the X-division, and what little I have seen of Mandrews makes me think he is a great fit for the X-division, however I just can't bring myself to care about anyone in the group, aside from Manik but even then, it's just to get him out from behind the mask so he can wrestle as TJP. The matches are great but something in me just doesn't get excited like I do for the other tournament matches. I feel bad that I feel so blah when it comes to this group, but I just don't seem to care.

Ding Ding! That's all folks, and we end another enjoyable edition of The Other Side of the Squared Circle. I hope everyone reading enjoyed it, and Please, feel free to leave your own Countdown in the comment sections, and tell me what you agreed with and didn't agree on as it pertains to my opinions. I enjoy reading your thoughts and I enjoy even more getting to debate with the readers on why they agree/disagree with my thoughts.

But before I go let me leave you with a suggestion I thought up for how to set up the seeding for the Round of 16. Have all 16 men and women in a battle royal. and seed by eliminations, like for example the first person out would be 16-seed, and the winner would be the #1 seed, which means 1 and 16 would wrestle, and go from there, 15-2, 14-3, 13-4, etc. It's just an idea that I would love to know what you guys, plus BigDawg and Chris think about my idea.

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