08 November 2015

The Other Side of the Squared Circle - Nov 4, 2015

Ding-Ding! Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, the bell has rung kicking off another exciting edition of The Other Side of the Squared Circle, where we love wrestling, more than TNA forgets Micah exists. I hope everyone has enjoyed another fun Wednesday Championship Wrestling, I know I did, I mean I'm still buzzing over my top 3 matches, Balor vs Crews, AJ vs Cole vs O'Reilly and Davey vs Eddie and constantly shifting the top 3 around with each viewing.

This will probably go down as the best wrestling edition of Impact for the month but that is just my opinion, which is exactly why you have all come here to get my opinion so with that said let us move straight into the most positive part of the column.

1-count: This is Awesome!
  • The Wolves Hunt down MOTN - Holy hell talk about a big fight feel. Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards tore into each other in a way that made me forget about the WTS and feel like this was the match for the world title.  While it did hurt that the Pope all but outright said that this match, I didn't care. If there was ever a match in the WTS that deserved the fans to chant 5 more minutes this was it. Hell if TNA decided to give the Wolves the rest of the show, I wouldn't have minded.

  • World Class Psychopath outsmarts the It Factor -  Eric Young defeated Bobby Roode and now with one match left for everyone in Group TNA Originals, the scores are all tied up. This is possibly the most interesting group in the entire WTS right now because literally anyone can advance. Also, I have to say this, watching Eric Young use the referee was a stroke of brilliance because it wasn't present anywhere else in the show which made it mean that much more, and helped to show the desperation of EY, being the lone man in his group without any points and on the verge of being eliminated from advancing.

  • Jeff Hardy video package - I've made no bones about the fact that I loathe video packages, especially when shows go so far overboard with them, or when wrestling broadcasts will come back from commercial to show what had just happened before they left to commercial. However they can serve a purpose. Whether it be for debuts or for returns I do think they can be useful. in Jeff Hardy's case it was a way to keep him on fans minds, which is a bit of a moot point because Jeff Hardy is always going to elicit a reaction from the fans no matter how long he is gone. It was a nice way to explain why Jeff hasn't been on Impact and won't be for the foreseeable future while the WTS wraps up.

Now that we've basked in the power of positivity, it's time to shift things to a negative side of thinking. now I don't expect everyone to view things through the same lenses that I do. With that said let's move onto the 2 count.

2-count: - "Really?"
  • X-Division matchup - Now I love Manik, or TJP as do most anyone who's on TNAMecca, and probably anyone who's watched him wrestle, and Mandrews while goofier then most X-division talents, is starting to grow on me. However this match felt odd like they took two separate matches, and cut them up, and then glued them together into one ensemble. It would shift from high flying to technical precision, which TJP can do almost better then anybody in the world, I mean seriously imagine TJP vs Petey Williams or Tyson Kidd. Mandrews, isn't so gifted which is what made it feel so odd to me that all of the work Manik put into Mandrews' arm wouldn't factor into the finish at all.

  • Knockouts get--what the match is over already? - A while ago I raved about how TNA had refocused the Knockouts in order to combat the excellent women's wrestling going down at Full Sail, and then came tonight where Brooke and Madison Rayne got a grand total of just under 4 minutes to wrestle. Now, I know that Brooke is hurt and is wearing a splint on her right hand which understandably limits what she can do. Though, I think it would have been logical to remove her from the group and replace her with Jade, but I digress. I hope tonight is a minor hiccup that was just because of Brooke's injury and not outright saying that the Gail Kim/Kong thing was a one off rather then a trend.

Ah, that feels better. It's good to let negativity out, because if you just take it and take it, you end up wrestling on TV in a bunny costume. But hold on my friends because we are not done yet. We still have One word to describe-- I mean, One part of the Countdown left to go.

3-count: "That's it?"

  • Still don't care about Bram - I don't care. I don't care that he and Spud had the match that they did, I don't care that it was a great underdog vs bully story, I can't get my mind off of the fact that alleged woman beater Bram, has basically been on TV for the entirety of his suspension from TNA Impact, which kind of renders it moot to be honest. Now I know, people will say, "John the matches were taped before the charges" and to that I'll reply things that probably aren't fit for public forum. I have an extreme sensitivity to domestic violence and an extreme lack of sympathy for the people who commit it.

  • The Shera Shuffle Still Sucks - Shera might have managed to do the impossible. Not only has he managed to get over the worst dance since the ketchup thing from that banal song, don't look it up because it will infect your brain. But he made me not care about a match featuring my favorite wrestler in TNA and ROH, The KOTN, Kenny King. Kenny is a great talent but no one, not even Ric Flair in his prime, nor DDP, nor even The Rock could get Shera to have a great match, but Kenny came damn close. I have to admit the finish was the best part of the match, which is sad when you think about it. Shera is my pick to win this WTS as much as me and others are dreading it.

Ding Ding! Well that's the bell so my union says officially I'm done working. As always whether you agree or disagree, feel free to share in your comments below because I enjoy reading them. I apologize about not responding to comments in last week's edition because I did have issues with my computer. Before I go, let me wish a speedy recovery to the now former WWE champion Seth Rollins who Thursday night tore his ACL, MCL and medial meniscus in his right knee. As fans of different promotions we might joke about taking this talent or stealing that talent, but no one wants injury to happen to someone. I'm outta here Meccanites. Oh yeah, Panthers #KeepPounding

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