07 October 2015

TNA Wednesday Randomania - Oct 7, 2015

- This week, I'd like to focus on the world title situation that has every TNA fan seemingly talking about two days later, which I imagine is a strong indication that the company ultimately made the right decision to put the belt on Matt Hardy in the manner that they did. I was initially uncertain about the decision simply because I wasn't a fan of the writers taking the belt off Ethan Carter III, the company's hottest young star, and putting it around the waist of Matt Hardy, a likable enough veteran who didn't quite earn his spot into the main event at Bound for Glory. But therein lies the brilliance of this decision. Many TNA fans were uneasy about the decision by the company to, one, add Matt Hardy to the main event and, two, make his brother the special guest referee. It simply never sat right with me and many others. And it's that feeling of discontent that the writers exploited when the very thing that we were so uneasy about materialized right before our very eyes. In a shocking turn of events, Matt Hardy became the TNA world heavyweight champion, and he did so in large part due to Jeff Hardy's actions against EC3. It was a screwjob. The Hardys screwed EC3. And we were completely baffled by it all.

- By the next morning, however, the company's plan began take shape, and TNA fans responded by making their voices heard and taking sides. Many seemed to feel that Dixie Carter unfairly stacked the deck against her nephew, while others were perfectly fine with EC3 getting his comeuppance. I was on the side of the former and I'll tell you why. I'm not sure what Dixie Carter's plan was and whether or not it involved the Hardys but in her attempt to teach EC3 a lesson, she caused us to feel sympathy for him. Many of us felt that EC3 was wronged on Sunday night, and by Monday morning we rallied to his side. To us, Matt Hardy's win was tainted and we wanted him stripped of the belt. And then came EC3's announcement...

- I thought the decision to seek legal action by Ethan Carter III was very smart character continuity simply because he has shown in the past that he resorts to tactics that only someone who's entitled and rich would resort to. This is his modus operandi and always has been. In all honesty, I initially assumed that he'd meet with TNA's board of directors but he felt it was necessary to take it one step further and involve the courts. This indicates to me that EC3 seeked to not only get back what he believes is rightfully his but also to humiliate TNA, Dixie Carter, and the Hardys, as well as disrupt the company's plans for the foreseeable future. This is a man scorned. Or shall I say, a spoiled rich kid.

- And it worked. Late Tuesday afternoon, Matt Hardy, as was requested by Dixie Carter, relinquished the TNA world championship, and has essentially set up a situation in which the company will have to decide how to proceed. Dixie Carter can, and should, return the title to EC3 a tournament to crown a new champion. My gut tells me that Dixie, who has shown in the past that she's every bit as obstinate as her nephew, will force EC3 to regain the belt by competing for it. It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out tonight on Impact and quite frankly, I think it's important to give the TNA writing team kudos for making tonight's episode and the ones following must-watch television. Some might say that they planned this last minute but from the looks of it, it's been in the works at least since July. For a company that doesn't get enough credit for their long term planning, they really hit a home run with this latest controversy. And as a result, I can't wait to watch tonight's Impact to see what happens next.

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