14 October 2015

TNA Wednesday Randomania - Oct 14, 2015

- The World Title Series officially kicked off last week and I'm happy to report that Week 1 could not have gone better, under the circumstances. It wasn't an ideal start but like any TNA decision or concept in the last few months, it is important to take into account much of what the company has had to deal with. So with that mind, the WTS was executed as well as I could have imagined going in. Some will accuse me of making excuses and although that would be a fair assessment, it's the reality of the situation. TNA is currently not operating under the best of circumstances, with so many outside distractions, so the fact that they were able to pull off the taping of a 32-man World Cup-style tournament, minus a few matches, and its execution on television is quite impressive. By no means do I believe this tournament will be flawless, but based on what I saw in Week 1, TNA have the right idea.

- Members of the first three groups competed in Week 1 - Groups UK, Knockouts, and Champions -  and I thought, for the most part, we were treated to some decent matches.  The match of the night, albeit a draw, was Ethan Carter III vs Austin Aries, two members of Group Champions which appears to be the death group. One of EC3, Aries, or Bobby Lashley will not advance to the round of 16, which is a shame but as I've learned through the years from following the World and Euro Cups is that tournaments aren't always fair. There's often a death group and at least one favorite gets the shaft. As for my prediction, I have to think that Lashley and EC3 will advance.

- Group Knockouts isn't as competitive since I predict that Awesome Kong and Gail Kim will advance, although Kim's defeat to Brooke certainly makes matters a little less predictable. Would TNA possibly leave their best female wrestler out of the round in which the women will get the opportunity to wrestle the men? I don't believe so. But she will need to win her next two matches, one of which will be against Kong, and hope that Brooke stumbles against Madison Rayne. It should be interesting to see how this plays out.

- Group UK is my least favorite of the groups introduced last week for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Drew Galloway is the clear favorite to win the group so the rest of the participants are essentially competing for second place. Unfortunately, none of them are truly ideal for the round of 16. Bram's off-the-field issues have sabotaged his wrestling career for a second time, Rockstar Spud's underdog gimmick is fun in some instances but quite underwhelming as a contender for the world title, and Grado's advancement would be an embarrassment to TNA, as well as the wrestling industry. I suppose I'd pick Spud under the circumstances.

- And lastly, tonight, more groups will be announced, and members of three of them will be competing, including those of Group Wildcard - Mahabali Shera vs Crazzy Steve and Kenny King vs Aiden O'Shea. TNA have not officially announced the other two groups in action tonight so I'd rather not speculate like other sites have done, presumably based on spoilers. But looking at the wrestlers announced in the last couple of days, I expect we will get some good matches. I admit, I'm a tournament geek so I'm genuinely excited about the next couple of months but I think it's also important to sit back and just enjoy the experience. We might not enjoy every match but every tournament has its duds so I hope TNA fans don't analyze the World Title Series too deeply. Instead, I hope they support the process by watching every week, at the very least, to show TNA that the World Title Series as a concept works and it's something we want to see become a regular thing, perhaps every two or four years.

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