04 October 2015

The Other Side of the Squared Circle - Sep 30, 2015

Ding Ding! There's the bell so I guess it must be time for me to say, Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to another edition of The Other Side of the Squared circle. Right here on TNAMecca where we love wrestling, more then I want Moose in TNA. I hope all of my readers on the east coast have managed to stay dry, for me it's still a work in progress. Now, this column may be late because of Hurricane Joaquin, so bear with me if it does not go up in time.

Man the recent edition of TNA Impact was incredible wasn't it? Sure it didn't fire on all cylinders to sell me on BFG however combined with the announcements made over the course of the week, I am fired up for this Sunday's event, coming to you live from Charlotte, North Carolina. That's enough shilling folks so let's move right on in to the first stage of the Countdown.

1-count: This is awesome.
  • A Sicilian Psychopath, a Hillbilly from North Carolina and a DJ walk into a bar - Holy crap was this match awesome. I am a huge Ciampa fan as many in the comment section will attest, and to see him, Trevor Lee and DJZ tear it up was incredible. Plus we got to see Ciampa break out what is one of my favorite finisher moves in all of wrestling, Project Ciampa. I hope to see more of Ciampa on my TV, and Trevor Lee is quickly proving to be the HBK to Myers' Jannetty with how much of a potential breakout X-division star he is becoming. Did you see that finish? I swear,  every time Lee pulls it off, I have to rewind it at least 3 times so I can understand what the hell just happened.

  • EC3's odyssey - Over the course of the night we were overloaded, in a good way, on EC3 sightings. Watching EC3 journey over the course of the night, leading up to the big announcement, which I will get to later on in the Countdown. We can never have too much Ethan Carter the 3rd, and tonight just proved it. I can't wait to see him go into Bound For Glory and retain.

  •  TNA gets Payback on EY - Although I was expecting a lot more people judging from the advertisement, seeing some members of the TNA roster go after EY for retribution because of his actions was a sight to behold, and one that we don't often see at the end of Invasion angles happen with the folks who betrayed their allies. I will admit I was tired of seeing Sarge put the boots to EY but seeing Anderson and Robbie E, for some odd reason, join in made it truly feel like it was TNA vs EY, which also leads us to the return of the Cybernetic Olympian, Kurt Angle, This Sunday at BFG.
Now, time to get negative. I don't relish doing this part of the Countdown because I never quite know how people are going to take my choices, or the reason for my choices. I worry that people will think I am being biased because I am a WWE fan. Count and a few other of my friends in the TNAMecca comment section have assured me that isn't the case, but nevertheless I do have a job to do, and it's time to move onto the second part of the Countdown.

2-Count: "C'mon, really?"
  • Dollhouse vs TBP - I will admit that I did not expect this match to unfold the way that it did. I expected the TBP to have someone else in their corner for what basically was a handicap match, given the lopsided advantage the Dollhouse held I certainly believe the feud will not end here, much to the chagrin of many Meccanites who make known their dismay of the possibility of Rebel and Velvet Sky wrestling one another. I was waiting through out the show of TBP to find another ally who also has a grievance with the Dollhouse to put forth a true 6-man tag match between the two in order to blow off this feud once and for all.

  • Stop the Shera Shake - How can a dance which resembles how some of my relatives act when intoxicated catch on? Sure the no DQ match between Storm and Shera was...passable due to both the talent of James Storm and the plunder they used to bludgeon one another with and Manik making the save for his already established buddy in TNA Shera though the Abyss assistance at the end made little sense to me. I thought Abyss was returning to the monster he used to be yet he's still paling around with Manik? When I saw Abyss I truly expected him to lay out Shera and Storm just to drive home the fact that the Monster we've come to know, love, and at times love to hate, was back. Plus there was that ridiculous promo saying that that the Shera Shake is taking over the world. Maybe there is hope for this gimmick, I mean hell they found flowing water on Mars so anything is possible.

  • Cero Tigre Uno appearances - How does TNA not have Tigre Uno at least do a backstage segment setting up the Ultimate X match for this Sunday? I know that the match was announced over the internet I believe, and If I recall correctly they mentioned it during the X-division match, however to the casual TNA fan who doesn't check the internet for news, how many folks would know about the Ultimate X match taking place. It is THE flagship match of TNA and I consider it the most dangerous event in wrestling because you are climbing what I think is a good 10-12 feet in the air with nothing to hold onto but a thin red cable. A lot of the TNA fans I've met got hooked onto the brand because of this very match. I think it was a mistake on TNA's part to not feature something on Impact announcing the return of the Ultimate X match because it could have very well tipped some people that are on the fence over to the buy side of things.
There, now that we've purged all of the negativity out of our systems we can move onto the last portion of the Countdown. The last part of the Countdown is for those moments that you are indifferent to. You don't hate them, you don't love them but you just don't really know how to feel about them. The good thing is this week there was only 1 thing that gave me that feeling of indifference and now, Here we go.

3-count: "That's it?"
  • Matt Hardy gets 1 more...*sigh* - I am a Matt Hardy fan. Hell I am willing to admit that I am biased in favor of almost everyone to come out of North Carolina, however this is Matt's 3rd shot at the World title match in the span of, let's say 2 maybe 3 months, I am sure one of our Mecca commenters or Chris will pinpoint the exact timespan but either way it is just too many chances. Don't even get me started on the fact that Matt Hardy didn't earn himself the opportunity, it was Drew Galloway pinning Tyrus in order to earn Matt Hardy a spot in the Bound for Glory main event. And then Dixie assigned Jeff Hardy to be the special guest referee, which fueled my speculation that shenanigans will happen resulting in one of the Hardyz going darkside, my prediction is Jeff, to ensure an EC3 victory. Either way, next week's Impact will be interesting as hell to watch.
Ding Ding! that's the closing bell so Alas we must part ways til next time my friends. To you readers on the East coast, staying dry is good but staying safe is paramount. I hope everyone makes it through the hurricane safely. Before I go I want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with the families of the most recent tragic event in Oregon. This has been the Other Side of the Squared Circle, and for now I'm tagging out til next Sunday.

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