25 October 2015

The Other Side of the Squared Circle - Oct 21, 2015

Ding Ding! Ladies and Gentleman, there is the opening bell so that means once again welcome to the Other Side of The Squared Circle, right here on TNAMecca, where we love wrestling, more then James Storm loves Moonshine & Johnny Cash. I hope everyone had a fun week watching wrestling. We kicked off another week in TNA's WTS tournament and one participant of a group was mathematically eliminated.

Now as always, we will start of with some positivity because the world could always use more of that. No long winded explanation necessary because I am sure by now that people know how the Countdown starts off, so that being said, let's move straight into the 1-count.

1-Count: "This is Awesome"
  • Assholes are no match for TGMTEL - How awesome was this match? This was incredible with great back and forth action. We even got to see Mr. Anderson bust out the old Lambeau Leap/Green Bay Plunge move off the second rope that he originally used as a finisher. But this physical match ended with a sickening, insane Brainbuster from the top. Watching Aries hit it, I was amazed. It was a risky spot considering Anderson had built up a reputation of being injury prone during his tenure in WWE and it appears he's shaken that off, at least with me anyhow taking that spot.

  • X-Division Xcellence - We got 2 X-Division matches in the WTS series and both were awesome. Personally I have to rank the TJP/DJZ match above the Tigre Uno and Mandrews match but that is no slight against those 2. I like Tigre Uno and think he is a phenomenal talent and Mandrews while I haven't seen much of him seems like he fits right in with the X-division. All in all this was a great showing for the X-division and I can't wait for the next time this group gets to shine like this.

Now that we've charged up the positive side of the battery, now it's time to focus on the negatives. I don't enjoy pointing out things in shows that I know I love, and everyone here in TNAMecca enjoys as well. However, true fans don't blindly take what they are given and settle for that. In my humblest opinion, true fans desire greatness from the companies they love, be it WWE or TNA, and they push for it, and the company responds in kind. With that being said let us move on to the 2 Count, I mean it's not like I have to mention Eli Dr--...Count put down that shotgun, okay okay I'll mention it.

2-Count: "Really? Really? That's it, Really?"
  • Earlier Tonight we cut out matches because reasons - I know I've taken my fair share of heat for not being apart of the Eli Drake fanbase, however even with my reservations about his in ring ability I can't help but get a little annoyed at what TNA did both to his match with Micah and to the Jessie Godderz match against Crimson. Granted, I do think Jessie needs a new name for his submission because Adonis Crab sounds more like the worst case of the crabs ever, rather then a submission hold, but I digress. TNA cut this match down into 30-second packages just so they could really drive home the premise of what I am going to cover in the next part.

  • TNA Punk'd PPV buyers - Growing up in the 90s, I always looked forward to the pro wrestling pay per view. The entire family would swarm in at my Aunt's house and we would laugh, talk and even bet on the outcome of matches, hell that's how I ended up with enough money to get my first PS2...though no one would ever bet with me again after that...never mind, TNA just ran Bound For Glory a little over 3 weeks ago, and on this edition of TNA Impact, they ran the main event in its entirety. The joy of ordering the PPV was knowing that you were getting something special and exclusive, and TNA took that away by airing the BFG main event.

    To say this is an outrageous thing to do is an understatement of a lifetime. It's one thing if you show clips of the match and if you want to air the match at the end of December to reminisce about matches over the course of the year that is one thing. But to do it so soon after having your fans pay 50-60 bucks to see it on PPV and who knows how much to see in person, not counting the VIP package costs, just feels wrong and underhanded. It's a practice that WCW did in the tail end of the MNWs and it just leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the fanbase. If they really needed to air a match from the PPV then why not the Bound for Gold battle royal. It sets up the #1 contender for the next world title match and it would serve the purpose of building to the future.

There ends the 2 count. It does your soul good to purge out the negativity, it's time to get to the last part of the Countdown, which is actually pretty bare bones this week. Only once did I feel that "blah" feeling that the 3 count is meant for, which as DDP would tell you "that isn't a bad thing, it's a good thing." So here we go onto the last part of the 3-count.

3-Count: "Meh..."
  • EC3 Magnus 2.0? How Tyrus-some - EC3 is the best talent on the TNA roster in my opinion. He is platinum on the microphone and diamond in the ring. The guy is the closest thing to a sure thing since The Rock in the 90s or HBK, and neither of them started off as world beaters but they grew into it, just like EC3 has. Which is why the finish to the EC3 vs Lashley match was just making me have memories of Magnus back when he wouldn't be able to defeat a blind kitten without outside interference. EC3 doesn't need crutches to win matches anymore, if he is going to be a dirty wrestler then let him do it himself. Flair won 16 World titles being the dirtiest player in the game and he did all of that underhanded, lowdown slimy stuff to get ahead himself.

    I believe in EC3 and all of the good he can do for TNA, but if they keep having him need assistance to beat guys that he will have to face on a regular basis as a main eventer, then people will start to sour on him and question whether or not he belongs in the Main Event picture, which is as ludicrous as someone wanting Grado to win the tournament. Ethan Carter the 3rd might just be the talent necessary to purge the ghost of AJ Styles from the mind of the TNA faithful who want the Phenomenal One back. Hell, he helped me purge those Aces & 8s memories and the Bischogan era memories by being as amazing and excellent as he is. I Believe in EC3, so should you.

Ding Ding! And alas For Whom doth the bell toll, it tolls just for the end of another edition of The Other Side of the Squared Circle. I hope you all enjoy it and please leave your own Countdowns in the comment section so I can see how you all felt about this week's Impact. I can't wait to see you back here next time for another edition, only on TNAMecca.

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