27 October 2015

Randomania - Oct 27, 2015

- Before I begin, I'd like to discuss something that I feel passionate about and that's the TJ Perkins/Manik situation. Although I have said in the past that I believe it's a work or part of an angle, I have it on good authority that it is not. TNA are legitimately insisting that TJ Perkins put the mask back on, and are doing so against his wishes. I think this is a matter that's much more serious than some think so if you are a TJ Perkins fan, I would strongly encourage you to speak up and let TNA, and particularly Dixie Carter and John Gaburick, know where you stand. If you would like to see TJ Perkins lose the mask, let them know by tweeting the hashtag #AllWeWantIsTJP to @TNADixie and @JohnGaburick. Again, I don't want to say too much but if you would like to see TJ Perkins in TNA without the mask, make sure you speak up. TJP is a phenomenal young talent and it's time that he was given an opportunity to reach his enormous himself. It's important to let Dixie Carter and John Gaburick know how you feel. Not just once. Or twice. Or three times. But until they finally get the message that we want TJP.   

- Last week, I made the decision to not watch Impact due to TNA's decision to air a replay of the Bound for Glory main event. I did this out of principle, and I stand by my decision. In fact, I'm glad I made the decision that I did knowing now what I know through recaps of the show.  I knew going in that TNA would have to cut elsewhere on the show in order to air the BFG main event and quite frankly, I assumed they'd simply edit some of the matches. It never even dawned on me that they would literally completely cut two entire matches, both in the Future 4 group, to pull off something that had already irritated me. Like I said, I'm pleased with my decision to skip Impact.

- It was a difficult decision for me because I have an emotional connection to TNA and rarely do I ever willingly miss episodes of Impact. But as difficult as it was, it was a decision that was necessary because I can't help but feel that I am no longer part of TNA's target audience and haven't been for a while. Although I've made every effort to do so, it's a feeling I can't seem to shake off and sadly, TNA haven't done enough to make me want to. Not anymore anyway. Because last week, I decided to not watch Impact and what surprised me the most was how much I didn't miss it. Not once was I even tempted to tune in. And that is something that should be a matter of great concern to TNA.

- Even though I didn't watch Impact, I decided to watch Ring of Honor on Wednesday night. Before last week, I'd always make sure to follow the happenings at ROH closely and seek out the matches that I wanted to watch online or on Destination America later in the week. ROH was a promotion that always interested me but I never quite fully committed to watching every week for whatever reason. Perhaps it was because I was completely consumed by TNA but last week, I genuinely felt a desire to explore pro wrestling in a way that I hadn't in years. So I made the decision to watch ROH and do to so with a clean slate because I made a promise to myself, no longer would I watch another wrestling promotion as a TNA fan. I would watch as a wrestling fan.

- I've always known that Ring of Honor caters to a typically purist wrestling fan and although it was often an identity that didn't appeal to me, I find that my wrestling interests have shifted in recent years. I've always claimed to enjoy a product that features a good balance of wrestling and storytelling, and I think that TNA fit that description for much of their history, but I find that I now prefer a product that focuses on the wrestling more than storylines. And that's where ROH trumps TNA right now. Last week, I felt like I enjoyed that show more than I have any TNA show in several months. By the end of the show, it was clear to me that the things that I enjoyed about ROH were similar to the things that originally drew me to TNA in 2005. Putting aside the familiar faces in Christopher Daniels, Chris Sabin, and others, it was the wrestling, both its content and style, that truly made me feel right at home. Many of you know how I feel about Jay Briscoe but I was able to put aside my feelings for him for one reason: he gave me a reason to be excited about wrestling again. Briscoe vs Adam Page was the sort of match that you rarely ever see in mainstream wrestling anymore and here is one of the top wrestling promotions in the United States offering their audience something neither the WWE or TNA are willing to. Dare I say, Ring of Honor is the true alternative to the WWE...and now TNA. Some will argue that TNA does hardcore matches just as well and although I will concede that they used to, it's simply not the case currently or has been for a while. And judging by the direction they're going, I don't think it will be the case going forward. But back to ROH, I'll say this...last week's show stimulated me in a way that I haven't been stimulated in a long time and that bodes very well for them. 

- As for tonight, I will be tuning in to ROH at 11PM EST whereas I will be skipping Impact again this week for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, I have no interest in sitting through another Grado match, even though he's wrestling Drew Galloway. I also find TNA's ridiculous obsession with him off-putting. And secondly, I suspect much of the focus will be on Matt Hardy's journey to win the world title again and quite frankly, in 2015, Hardy should be putting over the Davey Richards' and Eddie Edwards' of the world, not defeating them clean or being the favorite to win the company's top belt. I may, however, tune in just in time for the main event between Gail Kim and Awesome Kong because of their history. I said last week that TNA has to regain my interest and unfortunately, they've fallen short this week.

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