21 October 2015

Randomania - Oct 21, 2015

I originally intended to share with you my thoughts, this week, on Week 2 of the World Title Series, as well as tonight's Week 3 events, but I've decided to instead discuss a matter that has absolutely infuriated me. Late Tuesday evening, TNA announced that they would be airing the main event from Bound for Glory on tonight's Impact. One could argue that it's a good idea simply because the World Title Series was born from the events of October 4th, 2015. However, I'm not that one...because I already watched the main I paid $50 to do so. I have absolutely no desire to watch it again...for free. And quite frankly, I'd rather watch matches that I haven't watched before, which is ultimately why I tune in to Impact on Wednesday nights.

That begs the question: who the hell are TNA catering to? Because it sure isn't me. A diehard fan who actually pays for their product.

I'm not typically unreasonable and I feel that I give TNA the benefit of the doubt more often than not but it's been a difficult year for a fanbase that's been loyal to a fault. Many of us have carried on through creative missteps, management mishaps, a television product that has been truly destroyed by a ridiculous taping schedule and venue, lame duck PPVs, a mass exodus of fan favorites, and an influx of internet rumors on everything from the TV deal to talent paychecks. But even a loyal fanbase has its boiling point...and I've officially reached mine.

I said a couple of months ago that I was close to reaching my boiling point but I felt it was my duty to continue to support the company and its staff. Only one man, my colleague Reece, knows how much I've struggled in recent months to remain passionate and optimistic about TNA, especially when you're relied upon to run a TNA site. 

Don't get me wrong, I still truly believe that TNA's future is bright. And I truly believe that next year will be much better than this one. But I've made a very important decision and one that I have not made lightly. Due to the fact that TNA has decided to air footage that I already paid to watch a couple of weeks ago, I will not be watching tonight's Impact. I will also not be buying another TNA PPV or spend anymore money on them until the company has shown me that they've gotten their act together.

I'm finally putting TNA on notice: woo me.

Would you like me to watch Impact? Convince me.
Would you like me to buy your pay-per-views? Entice me.
Would you like me to be a TNA fan? Cater to me.

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