23 September 2015

TNA Wednesday Randomania - Sep 23, 2015

- There are two episodes of Impact left before this year's Bound for Glory and thankfully - now that the Jarretts and their GFW goons are out - the writers can officially begin the process of building to what's typically described as TNA's biggest event of the year, a description that doesn't quite apply this year. Or does it? I'd say, looking back at everything that's happened this year, BFG comes at a time when it's most needed. I don't think there's a TNA fan who isn't clamoring for a live show in a venue other than the Impact Zone after seven months of several sets of tapings in Orlando, Florida. This year's BFG will give those of us who have endured weeks and weeks of watching our favorite wrestlers performing in front of a dreadfully apathetic crowd an opportunity to experience an Ethan Carter III or a Drew Galloway in front of an emotionally invested one. I defy anyone to imagine for a second the opportunity to experience the greatness that is the Wolves, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, in front of an excited live crowd that's paid for their tickets and not feel it in their gut that Bound for Glory is the biggest, and most important, event of this year.

- TNA have two weeks to set up the line-up for Bound for Glory and although some are disappointed at the lack of build so far, I'm confident that the company will use the next two weeks of Impact as well as their social media accounts to come up with a series of matches that will please many fans. They've already announced Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong for the Knockouts title, which is a match longtime fans have wanted TNA to revisit for years, and I can't think of a better venue than BFG to unleash the two most dominant women in the company's history...for perhaps the last time. I, for one, am very excited for this match and will cherish every minute of it.

- It appears that Dixie Carter will open tonight's Impact with an announcement about the main event at Bound for Glory, which I imagine will be the reveal of Ethan Carter III's opponent. Although he's defended his world title on Impact a few times, there's no match more important for a TNA world champion than the main event at BFG. This will be, easily, EC3's biggest challenge so I hope the writers choose an opponent who can elevate him, not only as a wrestler but as TNA's biggest star. In my mind, if Jeff Hardy can not compete at BFG and if Kurt Angle isn't an option, there are only two wrestlers whom I feel can do the job: Bobby Lashley or Drew Galloway. The former's sheer presence and credibility and the latter's huge momentum are two weapons available to TNA and I hope they use them. Personally, I prefer EC3 vs Galloway simply because the story of an ungrateful nephew not supporting his aunt when she needed him against the man who stepped up and saved her company practically writes itself.

- And lastly, I imagine we will spend the next two weeks here on TNAMecca discussing and speculating about the BFG line-up while TNA announces the matches online and that's part of the fun of being a wrestling fan, in my opinion. I suspect, after tonight's episode, we will know two matches on the card: the world title and Knockouts title matches, leaving room for at least six more matches. Let's assume three of those will be for the Tag Team, the King of the Mountain, and the X Division titles - three matches I'm looking forward to. I'm curious to see whom the Wolves, Bobby Roode, and Tigre Uno will defend their titles against and I hope that TNA opt for opponents who can work a fine wrestling match since there's a lack of storyline development leading to the PPV. We also know that Kurt Angle will wrestle at BFG so it'll be interesting to see how they bring him back. The last time we saw him on Impact, he had issues with EC3 and Eric Young and being that the former is probably not an option, the latter would make sense as an opponent. The downside of another Kurt Angle vs Eric Young match, however, is exactly that, it'd be another match of the many we watched between the two this Spring and Summer. But overall, I'm optimistic about the line-up and I think the majority of TNA fans will be pleased especially if TNA caters to the diehards for being so loyal to the company for the last several months. 

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