02 September 2015

TNA Wednesday Randomania - Sep 2, 2015

- The invasion angle is officially upon us and although I wasn't too keen on another takeover storyline in TNA, I will make every effort to remain objective when reviewing the events. The big reveal came last week when Karen Jarrett announced to the wrestling world that she orchestrated the attacks on Bully Ray and Drew Galloway, a plan that Jeff Jarrett was apparently not privy to. Karen explained that her plan was to take back the company for her now husband, whom she felt was treated unfairly by Dixie Carter in the latter years of his career in TNA. I thought the reveal was a nice twist and one that made sense simply because Karen never appeared as grateful to TNA as Jeff did upon his return, originally to compete one last time in the King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary and again for his induction in the TNA Hall of Fame. In fact, she seemed rather indignant about the whole thing, especially since she and Jeff have been working on GFW for the last year or so.  In that regard, I thought it was pretty clever. Where TNA lost me, however, was the execution. Unfortunately, I couldn't help but laugh at Karen Jarrett's overly dramatic confession that it was she who was responsible for the attacks, not Jeff! "It was me!", she shouted in front of a silent crowd that filled the community playhouse in Orlando, Florida as Dixie Carter looked on in, well, shock. Shakespeare, this wasn't. More importantly, it wasn't pro wrestling either.

- Last week I mentioned how TNA's handling of Ethan Carter III's world title reign was one of the best parts of Impact and I'm happy to say that the segment featuring EC3 and the Hardys was one of my favorite segments of the show. I initially questioned the writers decision to keep Matt Hardy in the world title picture after losing clean in a Full Metal Mayhem match because I couldn't quite grasp why Matt felt he deserved another title shot. But we saw the bigger picture last week. This has more to do with Jeff Hardy than it does Matt and it appears to have nicely set up the potential EC3 vs Jeff Hardy title match, presumably at Bound for Glory. And it essentially took one little stipulation, one that gives EC3 the rights to Jeff Hardy's services if Matt loses tonight. And although some might think the stipulation is a bit random, consider this: as per EC3, since breaking his leg, Jeff has been sitting at home getting paid by TNA so it makes perfectly sense that EC3 would want to put Jeff to work until he's ready to return to the ring. This is something a one percenter thinks about and it's smart of the writers to remind us of that.

- Although I feel that TNA are doing an excellent job with EC3, I'm a little concerned about the inability to keep some of their other young talents in the spotlight. There's currently a lack of focus for a Jessie Godderz, an Eli Drake, a Kenny King, a Mandrews, or even a Robbie E. I think it's important that TNA find a purpose for them and stick with it. I'm not sure if it's the latest contract policy or the tapings format but it seems to me that TNA has had a bit of a problem maintaining any sort of push or long term plan for many of their wrestlers, and unfortunately, it's made the shows feel less cohesive. I'd like to see TNA get back to writing one-on-one feuds that emphasize a wrestler's motives that encourages the viewer to engage in the process, take sides, and overall connect with the product. This is where I feel that the GFW vs TNA invasion angle hurts the product because the more time that's spent on expendable characters representing a company in this fight means there's less time for character development for wrestlers who need it, and wrestlers who I assume will be here after the war with GFW is over and Chris Mordetzky and the others are long gone.

- And lastly, there's been a lot of talk lately about the Impact tapings after Bound for Glory, or rather the lack of tapings, and it is certainly concerning. Typically, when TNA tapes on the road, they announce the tapings about six weeks in advance. We are now closer to four weeks before the tapings would take place so it's safe to assume that there will be no road tapings. The bigger question, however, is will there be tapings at all? The easy answer would be yes simply because TNA has television deals in many foreign markets so they're required to deliver a product. Unfortunately, I believe that TNA have already taken care of this potential problem by taping an insane amount of matches at their last tapings. These are matches taped prior to the official Impact tapings in late July and from what I understand, there's a lot of them and they're not random matches similar to the ones used for Xplosion. So if my theory is correct, where does that leave the U.S. television deal? If no tapings are announced in the coming weeks, what are we to think? And would this put a damper on the Bound for Glory PPV? Unfortunately, I don't have the answers to those questions but I think we need to remain patient and have faith that TNA will find a solution. Whether that's moving to another network or ultimately remaining with Destination America, I don't know, but I do know that TNA is acting like a company that has plans through the end of the year and beyond. This gives me hope.

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