16 September 2015

TNA Wednesday Randomania - Sep 16, 2013

Every week, I typically focus on anywhere from one to five topics and thoughtfully share with you my thoughts but I thought I'd change up the format a bit for this week's Randomania. I've decided to chime in on several topics this week with a brief commentary for each one, and if all goes well, it might be a format that returns on a regular basis.

1. Tonight's show will open with a contract signing involving Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett, making the TNA vs GFW war in Lethal Lockdown official. I hope the writers keep this legit and do not resort to silly plot devices such as the time Dixie mistakenly signed over ownership to Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan. I will say, however, that I'm fairly confident history will not be repeating itself.

2. From the time of the reveal to tonight's conclusion, the GFW invasion angle will have lasted a total of three weeks. Some will question the brevity of this angle but I think factors that have nothing to do with creative went into the decision to book an invasion storyline involving Jeff Jarrett and to do so expeditiously. And I'm perfectly fine with that.

3. It'll be interesting to see what happens to Eric Young if and when TNA defeats GFW tonight. He has established himself as the "town pariah", if you will, so I can't imagine he will be treated any differently by the wrestlers, but how will Dixie Carter deal with him? She obviously won't fire him but I can see her stacking the deck against him in his upcoming match with Chris Melendez.

4. Speaking of Chris Melendez, I realize that his feud with Eric Young hasn't been some fans' cup o' tea and it's about to get worse for you. Melendez will defeat Young, accept it.

5. TNA have essentially spent the last two years restructuring their budget and rebuilding their roster and although we were aware of this, nothing marks a new era than the realization that Team TNA is represented tonight by Drew Galloway, Lashley, Davey Richards, and Eddie Edwards. Not a single member was on the active roster in December of 2013.

6. There's so much going on in the world of TNA right now and I'm happy to say that most of it is quite positive. Putting aside the uncertainty of the television deal, which we found out this week might not be as uncertain as we thought due to the listing for October 7th, it appears that much of the current narrative is encouraging for TNA. So much so that the talents have been much more upbeat on social media in recent days. One has to wonder whether they received some good news from TNA.

7. TNA live events return this week with shows in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and judging by their posts on Twitter, I'd say the talents are downright giddy about it. It's good to see the talents getting the extra paycheck, which is something that will help TNA's ability to bring in new and better talents.

8. Kenny King tweeted this week that "big things are coming", followed by a stay tuned. I'm not sure what he's referring to but it's quite clear that he's very excited about it. Based on this as well as Dixie Carter's recent trip to France where she spoke to fans about future plans, I'm starting to get the sense that TNA is working on something big, and I have to think an announcement could come any day now.

9. And lastly, Kurt Angle mentioned last week in an interview that he will not re-sign with TNA when his contract expires, presumably in January, and to that I say: fantastic. I hope John Gaburick and his creative team took notice so they can book Angle's matches accordingly going forward. By that I mean book him to put over the young talented heels on the roster, and he can start at Bound for Glory.

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