13 September 2015

The Other Side of the Squared Circle - Sep 9, 2015

Ding Ding! Welcome to another edition of The Other Side of the Squared Circle where we love wrestling more than Count loves Eli Drake, I know I didn't think that was physically possible either. I hope everyone has had time to digest the latest edition of TNA Impact as well as get ready for next week when Lethal Lockdown rolls around. Also, I want to point out that I began writing this column on Friday, which was September 11th. If you haven't already done so please let the take time to remember the victims of that tragic day 14 years ago in New York City.

Now the latest edition of TNA both intrigued me and infuriated me at the same time. I was disappointed that the face turn promo of a certain kingly competitor was all but ignored and forgotten about in a swerve that would make Russo blush, plus we've had something rarer than a Bigfoot sighting, it was a Micah sighting, glad he found his way out of that black hole he fell into after the Rising lost. But before we go on about negatives it's time to get Happy, and not like that brain infesting song from Despicable Me.

1-Count: Let's get happy
  • EC3 is Epic, Charismatic times 3 -  EC3 continues to be one of the highlights of the entire week of wrestling no matter of the promotion. The guy oozes the same level of Charisma that makes me think of back when I watched tapes my mother used to have of Ric Flair and Ted Dibiase. I am not saying he's on their level but I am saying that in a modern era of wrestling, where charisma is hard to find, EC3 may be the closest thing that we have to the great mic workers of old.

  • The Wolves don't need beer or money. - I was a fan of the American Wolves during their tenure in ROH, where they not only excelled in tag team action in what was at the time an intense division but both of them achieved great singles success with both men capturing the Ring of Honor World title and Eddie Edwards was even the inaugural ROH TV champion. I know folks have lamented and harped on and all but said the last rites for the current state of TNA tag division, but I am praying that now that the Wolves hold the record for most TNA tag title reigns in history and when the GFW invasion that we will see them in singles competition while the tag division replenishes itself and we can get back to enjoying one of the stables of TNA wrestling, great tag team matches. Of course on an extremely positive and hopeful note TNA could re-forge their partnership with Ring of Honor which would give them an plethora of tag teams to utilize.

  • Drew Galloway rallies the troops - For all anyone has given TNA grief for what has to be the fastest invasion storyline in the history of pro wrestling, Drew Galloway has at least tried to put it over as a legitimate threat though no one in there right mind would believe so, Galloway has put his heart and soul into convincing the audience and the troops backstage to deal with Jarrett Force Wrestling. I always thought Galloway was wasted in WWE, and it was criminal saddling him with the 3-man Band gimmick and now others are getting to see the star that I always believed he could and more importantly should have been in WWE.

Now that we've overdosed on cheerfulness, It's time for the side of things that always lead to people getting into shouting matches on the internet. If you are too lenient in criticism people claim you are a fanboy but if people think you come off too harsh they will label you a hater and thus it is a very fine line to walk when discussing any beloved sport, which includes Pro wrestling. But criticize we must otherwise we risk companies becoming too lax in their efforts or trying to force the wrong things on the fanbase and driving them away. Here we go with the 2 count

2-Count: C'mon almost had it.
  • Kenny King goes a-Swervin' - Last week I raved about how TNA had brought back the King of the Night, the best pure male athlete in pro wrestling today, and even gave him a great face turn promo albeit he lost to Bram in an Open Fight Night challenge. This week he was inexplicably put into a group consisting of Jessie Godderz, Eli Drake and Kenny King which led to a match against Robbie E, Tigre Uno and of all people Micah. I think it's bizarre that #1 a great talent like Kenny King is being shifted back onto the heel side of things when that was already overloaded, and #2 that Kenny would be saddled with 1 guy who still looks on occasion to be Otunga-level on the danger scale when wrestling and another guy that I just do not see the appeal of. In my opinion TNA is wasting the potential superstar they have in Kenny King and I hope this is not being done out of spite for what happened with the BDC.

  • Karen Jarrett speaks -   Normally I would not be so harsh but I hated this segment. Bobby Roode isn't just gold as a talent, he's frickin Diamond, and I think he had the potential of being the ever so rare anti-hero face in TNA, a role that in my opinion has not been successfully pulled off since Stone Cold Steve Austin in the attitude era. Now Roode's gimmick is not the same as Austin's however he has a rebellious streak that is all his own and over the last few weeks he's proven that while he is his own man he does have loyalty for the company he's built for the last 10+ years, if only because of the fact he's invested so much time into it. And now we are expected to buy this possible heel turn set up of Bobby Roode possibly joining GFW when willingly being under someone else's thumb has been the one thing Roode has never done.

  • Worst Lumberjack match ever - Where do you start on this one? Okay this was possibly the fewest lumberjacks I've ever seen for a supposed Lumberjack match I mean I know that it's a 6-sided ring and smaller than the usual 4 sided one but they barely had enough people to cover 1 side of the 6 on each "side". Not to mention that with the exception of once or twice the Lumberjacks did their job and didn't just stand there on the outside of the ring with their thumb up their asses while Galloway and the former Masterpiece brawled on the outside of the ring until Mordetzky himself threw Galloway back into the ring. And don't even get me started on the finish but I'll cover that in the 3-count. By the way am I the only one who thinks Brian Myers ring gear made him look like a discount AJ Styles tonight?

Okay we've gone positive and negative so I guess we can put away the jumper cables. I try to be as honest as I can when giving my opinions and I try to be as open and accepting when watching TNA however there are always those kinds of moments that will occur no matter what wrestling you are watching where you will see something that you won't love or hate because it just fills you with an overwhelming sense of "meh". That feeling is why I came up with the 3rd part of my countdown.

3-count: Seriously that's it?
  • Myers and Lee - Normally I do have witty lines but this tag match while a good match and it was great to see the tag titles back around the waist of the Wolves, I think this may of irreparably damaged Brian Myers and Trevor Lee because they have been made to look like goofs who were only a threat to the Wolves because of the numbers game and the surprise cash-in. I said last week that I think GFW looks second rate compared to the TNA talent and this just reinforces that perception when you consider the Wolves took the belts back in a straight up fight. If GFW can't compete with TNA talent in a straight up clean match, why should fans believe that they are a threat in a steel cage at Lethal Lockdown when weapons are available? 

  • Kong v. Tapa 2: The Revenge - So we are going to get round two of Awesome Kong vs Lei'd Tapa. Because fans were clamoring for it after the first dreadful encounter. These 2 behemoth women moved with the grace of 1950s Godzilla, and the match they had was godawful. The Knockouts division is in trouble since the champion in the division has become an afterthought to all things Dollhouse related and now the Dollhouse is being shifted from their extremely 1-sided feud with Gail Kim to a feud with the Beautiful People that is having to be altered already because of Angelina Love's pregnancy. I don't want to say that the Dollhouse is the sole cause of the Knockout Division's downfall, some of the blame has to go to creative but you can't absolve them of all guilt.

  • Shera's dancing needs to get "Khoya" - Shera I want to give him a chance. I think he has potential to be a great young talent and his unique Indian background gives him a chance to be an even bigger star because of his uniqueness in the world of pro wrestling. Other than the former Khoya (which means lost apparently) there is really no Indian wrestlers in the public eye aside from The Great Khali and calling him a wrestler is like calling Snooki an actress. I hated the dancing gimmick they saddled him with, I hated the fact that they took a feud that had the potential to be great with Shera and his first friend in TNA Manik feuding against Storm and Abyss, a feud that would have resulted in a new tag team in TNA. I hope TNA realizes the error of their ways with this dancing nonsense but I am afraid they will look at the positive reaction Shera gets and think it's because of this ridiculous as hell dance.

  • GFW needs TNA to beat TNA - Galloway was already beaten down and seemed prime for Mortdezky to win via Jarrett shenanigans, however for some bizarre ass reason Eric Young who was already saddled with  Chris Melendez in another match in a feud that like Matt Hardy's t-shirt says "just won't die" and blasted Galloway over the head with a guitar. I would not have had some issues with this if they had set this up by having Scott D'amore run into EY backstage intentionally in order to play up off of that Team Canada history they have. But this came so out of left field that I did not know what to think, and by proxy did not know how to feel.

Ding Ding! Now that brings almost to a close another edition of The Other Side of the Squared Circle, however I can't let things end here. It's been 2 weeks and I present the return of my After the Bell segment where I voice my own opinions about all things TNA related. I hope you enjoy your week safely and I'll see you next time.
  • After the Bell: The World's fastest invasion -  There may be those of you who will think that it feels like it was just a month ago that this invasion got started. Well there is a perfectly good reason for that, it was just a month ago. I know that the recent rumors about Destination America have had TNA fans and possibly wrestlers filled with concern as the end of September grows closer, some 18 days and counting til the 30th, However this entire storyline feels rushed to me, perhaps it is because of the time crunch TNA is under because I have barely had any time to get used to the talent Jarrett brought has in and now TNA and GFW are about to go to war next week inside Lethal Lockdown to settle it all. Now perhaps this will not be the final chapter in this story though all signs point to yes in that regard. However the cards fall I expect things to lead us to what seems to be a far superior to last year's Bound For Glory. I can't say I believe GFW has a chance in hell in winning Lethal Lockdown but they have one episode left to build up the threat GFW poses to TNA, though as things stand looking at the teams, you could put Lashley in there with Chris Melendez, Rock Star Spud and Mandrews and I would still take the TNA team over GFW's current offering. I hope TNA creative realizes just how badly one sided this invasion looks to the casual fan, most of whom would probably doubt that GFW is even a real company considering the bargain bin wrestlers Jarrett has brought with him. Perhaps things will improve once the invasion is over and GFW and TNA can wok on a true talent exchange because as things stand the GFW/TNA partnership appears to be a colossal waste of TNA's time and energy and a failure to do anything other than promote Jeff Jarrett's new promotion which to be honest also appears to have been a failure for Jarrett to show his off his promotion as something people should care to see.

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