27 September 2015

The Other Side of the Squared Circle - Sep 23, 2015

Ding Ding! Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to another edition of "The Other Side of the Squared Circle." I am pleased to say that we are just over 1 week away from Bound For Glory, coming to you from my home state of North Carolina in the home of the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, the Queen City Charlotte. I hope you are as amped as I am for the biggest event of TNA's year. The card does look thin at the moment but we have another edition of Impact to go, plus who knows what surprises our Queen of Impact Wrestling, Dixie Carter will pull out on us for the big show.

Now I am sure by now everyone is familiar with each part of the countdown, but for the new readers let me explain how it goes. The first part is the 1-count, where I will give my take on the parts of the week's edition of Impact. The second part covers the things that I didn't care for on Impact and the 3rd and final part covers those moments that give you the same feeling Karen Jarrett has in bed with Jeff, where you just don't feel a thing. This is where positivity shines it's bright light through in my column. Now there is no set number for how many will feature into each list and this week we have 3 entries for the 1-count.

1-count: This is Awesome!

  • TNA tells GFW to GTFO - This was an awesome sight seeing Team TNA, and Bram, standing in the ring with as Rockstar Spud used to call her, "Madame Dixie", to celebrate their victory in what admittedly was an extremely hasted and rushed invasion angle. However, to see the Impact roster, which from what I could tell was mostly the babyfaces of the company, cheering in unison was incredible. Even the moment where EY came down to the ring was incredible because you could feel the spite they had for the World Class Psychopath.

  • Gail Kim vs Jade - Speaking of awesome how about the state of women's wrestling in the US in general. You have the gals on NXT tearing the house down, and even the main roster divas are starting to improve a little, and of course the TNA Knockouts are as always, entertaining to watch when they get time to show off what they can do. I've always liked Gail Kim since she won the women's title in her debut match in WWE, years ago and she, like wine, has only gotten better with age. Jade is no slouch either as she continues to show that she is the HBK to Martibelle's Janetty, and that when the inevitable split for the Dollhouse happens, she will be a must see talent, even better then some of the men.

  • 5-meat awesome pizza. - One of my favorite things about the old ECW were the 3-way or 4-way dance matches where unlike the E's traditional Triple Threat or Fatal Four way matches, you had to eliminate each participant to win. This type made a return when The Wolves, Galloway, Lashley and Bram, took the place by storm. I can't deny feeling a bit of glee watching Bram be dismantled and eventually eliminated by the Wolves. And that big fight feel you got when Davey and Eddie squared off one on one, after they had taken down Lashley and Galloway was goosebumps-inducing. I hope that eventually Davey and Eddie can show off what they can do in singles competition while the tag division gets a sorely needed adrenaline shot, to try and bring it back to life. Galloway would eventually go on to win the match with his version of a Sick Kick, which I will openly admit should be used as set up for the Future Shock DDT rather then a finisher.
Now onto the 2-count. This is where negativity and my natural cynical outlook on life manifests in the column. I always get concerned writing the Two count because I wonder if my own personal bias and face it we all have them in some way big or small, have influenced why I didn't feel positive about a particular segment or match. Nevertheless I have a job to do, So here we go with the Two Count

2-count: "Seriously?"
  • EY vs Sarge match #881 - I try to be open minded when it comes to matches but admittedly there is only so many times you can watch the same 2 people wrestle before you just get sick of it. I feel the same way about Eric Young and Chris Melendez wrestling that I do about another Cena v. Orton match. Eric Young is too talented, and too great at playing that psychotic heel to be stuck in this dead end feud that much like the Twilight saga at the time, never seemed like they were going to end. Plus, the offense that Melendez used did not seem believable in any regard, and the finish was lackluster to say the least. I don't want to sound harsh but Sarge wants to wrestle like anyone else, so he opens himself to criticism, like everyone else.

  • The tragic tale of Kenny King - I make no attempt to hide the fact that I am a huge fan of the King of the Night, and about the fact that all of the fanfare that Eli Drake gets I think should be focused onto a more complete athlete, a man that I've stated in the past is the best athlete TNA has ever had on the roster.  And now, by all accounts unless Kenny has a contract that would be pretty much unheard of in the modern days of wrestling that lets him wrestle on both TNA and ROH TV & PPV, He appears to be done with TNA after reuniting with his former All Night Xpress co-hort, Rhett Titus. It's another chapter in what was really one bizarre as hell TNA run for Kenny King. The guy shows up has some epic matches, then TNA seems to forget about him for a few months, he wins the X-division title, joins up with the BDC, and all seems to be going his way until Hernandez blew it all to hell. Now after an sudden face turn, a sudden return to heeldom, and a loss in an X-division title match, he's done? I hope to see Kenny King back in TNA getting his just dues but for now, it does not appear to be in the cards for the Pretty boy Pitbull.

  • The Revolution finally stops spinning. - The Revolution came to fruition in June of last year. Wow...I could've sworn I just said the Revolution, the most do nothing stable since Serotonin was around for over a year. Yes, James Storm is awesome in his creepy role, and he was a large part of why I cared about this stable. But it just kept dragging on and on, plus there was that weird pseudo face turn Storm did in April where he saved Mickie James from Bram and that went nowhere. I am actually grateful that by all accounts the Revolution seem to have been put out of our misery, the question is now that we've seen the whole thing come and go, did anyone benefit from it? Time will tell about Shera but as far as I can tell, no one won with this angle, and outside of promos that made fans salivate about how a Storm v. Wyatt feud would look, I think it did more to damage the majority of talent involved then anything else.
That ends our trek through Cynic Valley and Now we move onto the 3rd and final part of the Countdown. Normally I have some snarky lines or way to describe exactly what the 3rd part of the countdown is all about but instead I'll just tell you to go look at a Chavo Guerrero heel promo, and that feeling of "meh" you get, that's what the 3-count is all about. So here we go.

3-count: "That's it?"
  • EC3 vs. Spud. - I know Spud had an entertaining and brutal match with EC3 some months ago, but these two have wrestled countless times in the last couple of months. I also had some issue, granted it is a minor gripe about the placement of the match. I am not nearly old enough to be considered old school, I'd like to think anyway, but I am of the mindset that when the World title, your company's biggest prize is on the line, it should be in the main event. It was an alright match though the outcome was never in doubt despite commentary's push to try and sell Spud's chances. EC3 would go onto win and the events after the match lead us into the next part of the 3-count.

  • Hardy Boyz reunite - We all knew this would eventually happen but I don't think anyone expected it quite so soon. I mean Jeff Hardy was supposed to be EC3's for lack of a better word, bitch for the foreseeable future, and we all know it would eventually lead to either Matt Hardy defeating EC3 for the first time to win his brother's freedom and the title, or Jeff doing it himself. These angles never work because the faces always refuse to do the dirty work requested of them, though it was a nice change to see Jeff actually lay out Spud but only after Spud told him to do it.

  • Lack of Build for BFG - Now I know this is a bit of a cheat since TNA's episode of Impact was taped months in advance so you cannot fault them for giving us a lackluster kind of vibe leading into their biggest show of the year, taping so much in advance has been something lamented by pretty much everyone here on TNAMecca. I don't really have an answer to this problem though as to how TNA can avoid potential land mines such as the Bram situation, plus the crowds being burned out after so many tapings in 1 or 2 nights. What can they do to continue to provide exciting wrestling if they cannot be live every Wednesday night. I hope the upcoming edition of TNA Impact will be live because it with be a breathe of fresh air though the sudden absences of some talent may jar some fans off balance. I know I was caught off guard when Bully Ray was taken out on Impact, and then The Dudley Boyz appeared on RAW the following Monday as a lot of fans I'm sure were. Maybe there is a solution that exists but for now we are left to wonder about it.
So ends another edition of The Other Side of The Squared Circle. Be sure to tune in next week, and comment your opinions, tell me what you agreed or disagreed with me on because I always love reading opinions of others. Until the next time my friends.

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