06 September 2015

The Other Side of the Squared Circle - Sep 2, 2015

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the latest edition of The Other Side of the Squared Circle here on TNAMecca where we love wrestling more than Brock Lesnar loves suplexing people. Ah, August has come and gone, and hopefully so has the blistering heat stroke inducing hell of a summer. It's hard to believe that we are already in the 9th month of the year. I hope the last edition did not turn you off to my column. Now let's get started, Ding Ding.

I did not mean to be so down on that episode of Impact but with the exception of the last 10 minutes, the show was okay, not the best edition of Impact ever but certainly not the worst. But then it happened, those last 10 minutes sucked so bad and killed any excitement the events of earlier in the evening caused. The big reveal that Stevie Wonder could have seen coming, just came off so poorly that I legitimately thought it was going to be a joke. But thankfully this week did have more to offer. Anyone who knows me in the comment section knew there was one segment on the TNA Takeover edition that I enjoyed immensely and was just plain happy to see, but we are on the 1 count So in the immortal words of Heath Ledger's Joker, here we go.

1-Count: Things I loved

  • The King of The Night - I know normally I have some kind of witty or at least attempts at wit to enter into my thoughts but this moment had me so frickin' excited that I just could not degrade it with some half assed attempt at sarcasm. My biggest concern for TNA is what to do with Kenny King as evident in the original edition of the column I posted. The best part is, Kenny will thrive in such a heel heavy environment thanks to being a face. Now they just have to insert the rocket up his ass and push him to the Main event scene. EC3 vs King would effortlessly be the match of the year if done correctly and the promos these two could cut would be amazing.
  • The It Factor becomes KOTM again. - Oh what a beautiful sight it is to see gold around the waist of the greatest TNA original, as far as pure wrestling goes, TNA has ever had. Roode showed that while he is about himself and getting ahead, he does take pride in all that he has built in the 10+ years he's busted his ass for Total Nonstop Action. And now, we will potentially have EC3 vs Roode in the near future, provided no shenanigans by members of Jarrett Force -- I mean Global Force Wrestling.

That's the majority of what I loved from the show. There was not this feeling of things being disjointed or offsetting like there has been ever since this "partnership" between TNA and GFW began. I am anxious to see if they can continue to capitalize on how things have been rolling without having to insult our intelligence or cutting the legs off of a feud to try and add more drama to the impending hostile takeover storyline. But that's a debate for another day, and much like Usopp the sniper from the anime series One Piece, It's time to get negative, and move on to the 2-count

2-Count: Seriously?
  • Tch who needs a champ, focus on the Dollhouse - I am racking my head to try and figure out which title is currently more cursed. The Intercontinental title from WWE or the Knockouts title in TNA. The IC belt seemed to bring injury upon everyone who's held it prior to Ryback and even he nearly had to drop the belt due to a sudden staph infection. While the women who have held the KOs belt have not had the same kind of physical setbacks, they have been shoved into the shadows in order to focus on Gail Kim's issues with the Dollhouse which is apparently being shifted to a feud with The Beautiful People for some strange ass reason. I guess Taryn must have pushed Gail off of the train platform that Storm did to Mickie James. I don't know if I would want to be the KO champ in TNA because it seems like the person who holds what is supposed to be belt every woman in the promotion wants is being made into an afterthought, if that relevant, with TNA.
  • The brighter side of douchery. - Earlier in the column I spoke about how thrilled I was to see not just the return of the King of the Night, but a face turn for Kenny King as well. And then it happened, Kenny fresh on a return to television after having his stable blown to hell, by management's apparent failure to make a phone call, made an open challenge to anyone in order to try and display the new and improved Kenny King, and out came Bram who wound up winning the damn match. I have quite a few issues with Bram being shown on TV about a day, I believe about reports of him being a monster to the woman in his life. I grew up in a house with domestic violence and I understand the damage it can do to a woman, not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Don't try to tell me that TNA's hands were tied about the footage, they completely cut out all references and matches involving the BDC to avoid being sued by Lucha Underground for over a month of tapings in an actually impressive amount of time on short notice. I can't believe that they could pull off what had to be an extremely time consuming and costly feat in such a short span and not manage to rip Bram out of the show.
  • "New tag champs, the Wolves lost them to...who?" - Okay let me see if I can get my head 'round this. The Wolves quite possibly the best tag team in the last 30 years lost the belts to 2 guys; one who people knew from his days as Curt Hawkins, and the other no one has any clue where this guy who looked a relative of Bray Wyatt that had been hit in the face with a shovel. I know the Wolves have had some serious ups and downs in TNA with the level of freakish injuries that make want to check if the Voodoo Kin Mafia may be trying to launch a return to TNA. I don't understand why you would make the change, granted Dixie knowing Jeff was up to schemes, why the hell would you even risk losing your belts to GFW guys?

Alright, So now that you know what I loved, disliked it's time to go to the things that made feel the same thing most people feel during a Karen Jarrett promo, nothing. I know TNA has the talent to do better, there is no excuse as to why a roster with some of the most talented young guns in wrestling, and Tyrus, can have moments that fall flat. With that said let's move onto the 3-count.

3-Count: That's it?
  • The Frontline remembers there's an invasion - So last week when Drew Galloway was getting an asskicking from pretty much what appears to be all of the GFW guys Jarrett has under contract, which is a comical sight considering the fact that Jeff Jarrett is the biggest star in the bunch. Lashley, The Wolves, Galloway would stare down Jarrett's squad, and I could not suspend my belief that Jarrett's GFW guys would stand a chance against Lashley by himself but add in The Wolves, and Drew Galloway and There's no way anyone could take the threat to TNA seriously. Jarrett supposedly has great talent under contract that he hasn't brought in. this deal is doing less for TNA then the one with Wrestle-1 did, because at least people could believe it was an actual company, but GFW, if I was a casual fan I would assume it was a fake company that only existed in storyline and not an actual promotion.
  • Matt Hardy just needs One More Match -  EC3 took on Matt Hardy once again for the TNA Heavyweight title, and the stipulation was, if EC3 won, Jeff would basically end up being EC3's bitch -- I mean assistant. I wish I could lie as a fellow North Carolina native who grew up just 40 miles or so outside of Cameron, and say that I believe Matt Hardy at this stage in his career deserves to be in a World Title match, but no one is that convincing. And crying about wanting One more match is a tactic usually reserved for heels. I know Matt is a good wrestler in the ring but he shouldn't be getting world title matches, and I dread the possibility that Matt will end up being the person to end EC3's reign and streak.

And Alas our time together has once again come to a close. But goodbyes are sometimes the best thing, because it just means we can say Hello again later. The bell has rung and this edition of From the Other Side of the Squared Circle is over. I would just like to say that it doesn't matter if you are a wrestling fan or an anime fan, I myself am fond of both, though Anime has always been my main thing since the Toonami days. But I am getting off track here, I just wanted to say that regardless of what you or someone else may like, you do not have to get nasty about it. discuss, debate and share your thoughts because who knows you may turn them onto something they enjoy vice versa. We shouldn't let our passion for something become so consuming that we blind ourselves to new possibilities, because then the things we love stagnate and wither because no one has tried to innovate or improve any flaws to avoid offending or driving away people. I hope to see your opinions thoughts and debates in the comments, Take Care.

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