20 September 2015

The Other Side of the Squared Circle - Sep 16, 2015

Ding Ding! That was the opening bell so, Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to another edition of The Other Side of the Squared Circle, where we love wrestling more then the Young Bucks love superkicks. I hope you had a safe and pleasant evening of enjoying TNA Impact and Ring of Honor Wednesday night on Destination America.

So here we go, The final battle of the TNA vs GFW hostile takeover is upon us. Some would say, it's too soon, others would say not soon enough, and weirdly enough some folks would say it's just right, to try and be ironically funny. Now while I have had issues with this storyline regarding the speed of which they have gone through it, plus the believability that Jarrett's GFW guys would pose a threat to a group of girl scouts, let alone the TNA roster, or Karen Jarrett talking, You can always find the bright side in things and that's what makes the 1-count my favorite part of the Countdown, it's time to get positive.

1-Count: "Get happy people"

  • Knockouts knock it outta the park. - Man where do I begin with this match. It was 360 degrees of awesome. Even Lei'd Tapa who I wasn't all that fond of busted out the stops for this match. Women's wrestling in the US is at an all time high in the mainstream feds. If the ladies in TNA continue to going to get this amount of time from here on, and they will give us these great matches, I'll find it hard to argue against them being the main event of Bound For Glory compared to anything the boys do because right now the match I want to see is Kong vs. Kim vs Brooke again.

  • EC3 continues to be diamond. - Yes I said Diamond, because gold isn't good enough to describe the awesomeness Ethan Carter the III brings us every Wednesday night. I would stack the promo skills he has against anyone else in TNA or WWE with the lone exception of Paul Heyman, and there is not as much distance between them as you would think. The only other cat I could think of that could make it interesting would be Jay Lethal who seems to raise his mic game to equal his competition, ala his great back and forth promo with Flair a few years back. Ethan Carter continues to prove the inadequacy of John Laurinitis' tenure as WWE's head of talent relations, with the puzzling decision to release EC3 considering what he has done in TNA.

  • No more Karen Jarrett -  Maybe some would say that I have been too harsh on the GFW guys. I haven't been easy on how this storyline has been presented but the one shining fact of the Lethal Lockdown match ending in victory for TNA is, as far as we know, it is the end of Karen Jarrett on TNA television. Watching her promo skills I actually considered fast forwarding through the GFW segments when she was on screen. But now, the feud is over and TNA can get back to the business of focusing on TNA and reviving the X-division and Tag division and we can get back to the business of removing the ear plugs because that screeching harpy is no more.

Alright, now that we have embraced the positives, it is time to move onto the 2nd part of the countdown. There isn't much to find negative about this week's edition. In fact I only had 2 and one you could dismiss because it isn't really a negative about what was on the show, but rather what wasn't. I know some people will harp on about there only being 3 matches but tonight wasn't about the overall product, it was about the final chapter in TNA vs GFW. With that said let's get negative.

2-count: "C'mon almost had it."
  • Shera shera shera. - TNA continues the saga of the dancing goof gimmick Shera currently has in his next match in his pursuit to get to the Revolution leader, and his former shepherd, James Storm. Thing is, I didn't really feel the vibe between Abyss and Shera. Abyss hasn't done anything to really present him as a genuine bad guy, just someone who's following Storm's orders, and Shera is too new to really have cemented himself as a face. I hope when this Shera vs. Storm feud is done we can let Abyss return to that deranged monster we loved, and Manik can return to the X-division, hopefully as TJP.

  • Who left the dog out? - A few weeks ago I praised TNA for not only bringing back The King of the night, but also turning him face. Then he lost to Bram, and that whole face thing was forgotten about the following week when Kenny was apart of the losing team in a 6-man tag. This week, he wasn't seen at all. Earlier I said that this show was about the GFW/TNA feud, and also about displaying the excellence that is EC3, however not one backstage segment for Kenny King? In my talks with some of the commenters here on TNAMecca I expressed concerns that TNA creative or rather management would be punishing Kenny for the actions of MVP and Hernandez with regards to the BDC's demise. If this is true, I just can't wrap my head around the logic that says you have to punish the lone remaining member, for the actions of people who are no longer in TNA. I hope this is a blip and not a trend for the TNA career of The Pretty Boy Pitbull because he is too damn good to be squandered like that.

So, we've gone positive and negative, quicker then the Big Show goes from face to heel, and now it is time to deal with the worst feeling you can give people if you are a wrestling show. It's that meh feeling, kind of like what everyone experiences in a Jeff Jarrett headlined main event. I hate feeling this way because I know that the men and women on the roster work their ass off to entertain us fans. Nevertheless, I have a job to do so let's move on to the last part of the Countdown.

3-count: "That's it?"
  • Contract signing. - I feel that I would be disingenuous  if I didn't state beforehand that I loathe contract signing segments, because they always end the same way. Some watered down brawl to try and spark last minute hold outs to be interested in the match. I do question the wisdom of having the contract signing on the same show as the match. I mean what if shenanigans occurred, would the match that you've spent all week building as the final chapter just not happen? I think TNA would have been well-served if they had utilized the social media accounts that they've done so well with in the past, to show a video of Jarrett and Dixie signing the contracts in person. TNA is leaps and bounds ahead of the other companies with integrating their YouTube channel with the Televised product.

  • Lethal Lockdown - Now, hold on put away the pitchforks and torches left behind by the Eli Drake fan mob and let me explain. the majority of this match was amazing, and the spot of Jarrett trying to escape through the hole in the six sides of steel, only to be dragged by in by team TNA was tremendously pulled off and made for an incredible visual, reminiscent of those old prison movies with the corrupt warden finally getting his just due at the hands of the prisoners whom he's wronged. I don't really have any issue with the match, aside from it getting crowded by the time all 10 men were in the match which is why I've stated for the longest time that Lethal Lockdown should be held under elimination rules, to clear out the bodies once all members of each time are in the ring. the other issue came from the 5th man of Team TNA. Bram's legal issues aside, I was put off by the sudden inclusion of him. The man has showed no interest in TNA's feud with GFW, nor as he even portrayed himself as a Dixie Carter loyalist in any regard. I think everyone and their grandmother was betting the 5th guy would be Bobby Roode, and perhaps there were scheduling conflicts that prevented him from being there. Either way Bram's inclusion in this match is troubling to anyone who watches the internet and has heard about the legal issues he currently faces. A fact TNA clearly is aware of since in the celebration picture for next week they do not have him shown as a part of team TNA. Now I understand that the shows were taped way in advance of Bram's charges coming about but I have to question the choice of including him at all, over say TNA X-division champion Tigre Uno if Roode was not available.

Ding Ding! That wraps up the 3 count. Now there is no After the Bell this week. as it's been a pretty slow time news wise. For you Whovians be sure to check out the new season of Doctor Who on Saturday Sept. 19th, but as for me, I'll see you here next week for more of the 3 count. If you didn't agree with my opinion or just want to express your own, please comment. I welcome debate and encourage discussions. I believe that the golden age of wrestling won't be the Attitude Era but the day when we can all talk and exchange opinions honestly regardless of what wrestling promotion we primarily support. Until the next time the bell rings, take care and safe travels.  

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