28 September 2015

Savor the Glory


There is so much speculation and worry surrounding TNA currently at a time when they usually exude stability and have a previously announced schedule carrying them through the U.K. Tour of the following year.  While that annual U.K. Tour remains in place for 2016, there is a huge gap in TNA events (specifically Impact tapings) for the next 4 months.  There's a much-alluded-to India tour potentially sprinkled in that time frame which I imagine will be officially announced in the near future.  There are also multiple house shows on the docket, one of which has been converted into a ONO taping in New Orleans.  Otherwise, we don't really know what is happening with TNA's U.S. TV programming and, for whatever reason, they aren't going to say quite yet what the future holds in that regard.  With this "storm of the unknown" circling the TNA fan base, I've taken to heart the advice that Bob Ryder recently offered our community.  There are good things coming, so why should I waste time and energy worrying about when they may exactly come to fruition?  In the end, we have no control over the behind the scenes decisions anyway.  The day to day operations of Impact Wrestling are really none of my business.  I don't stress out about my favorite sports teams finances and management decisions so why should this be any different?  My attention is on the final product that I can watch on TV and I will continue to document my observations on that.  We do have assurance that the company will continue on and for now that's all I need to know. 

Lately I've noticed fanaticism from some people morphing into something which borders on obsessive lunacy.  To all of that overreaction and excessive overanalyzing, I suggest that you just chill out and let it all be.  I truly appreciate the passion but sometimes it honestly goes to a somewhat disturbing extreme.  At the end of the day, this site is all about pro-wrestling fandom.  Just be that.  Be a fan.  Enjoy this week's Impact.  Enjoy Bound For Glory on Sunday. Then we'll see what happens.  We know there will be an October 7th episode of Impact on Destination America and Dixie Carter confirmed in a recent interview that they have that TV deal in place through the end of January 2016.  It will be very interesting to see what happens from October 14th on but don't allow it to consume you.

Obviously a vast majority of us want TNA to tape Impact on the road and leave the Impact Zone behind as soon as feasibly possible.

Of course every single one of you would like TNA to secure a solid, long-term U.S. TV contract in order to have that distraction and associated doubt dissipate.

The company is well aware of how the fans feel.  I'm sure that they would like to see those things happen also.  I imagine that both of those scenarios are being addressed and that we'll hear announcements sooner than later.  Keep in mind though, there is not a magic wand that is going to fix TNA overnight.  Adding some good young talent will be a nice step in the right direction, but even then it will not cure all that ails them in this "transitional phase" type of era.  There is no quick fix.  This is a process that will require you to continue to be patient.  Most of 2015 has not been kind to Impact Wrestling.  I have hope and optimism that 2016 will be much better and signs are pointing to that being the case.  We'll look back years from now at this 2015 version of TNA and be glad it's in the rear view mirror.  It's almost over with.  Just a few more months and we can move past the disappointment and apathy that this year has brought with it.  I don't think we will see such a down, strange year in TNA for a long, long time to come.  Even through all of the scruples and head-scratching decisions and talent releases and bullshit, you have stuck with them.  There has to be a pot of gold out there somewhere for fans regarding the future of this promotion.  Until we find out what that is, we have a LIVE PPV to enjoy and focus on.

This Sunday is Bound For Glory.  It's no secret that it has not had the long, well designed build like we have wanted.  However, it is still being held in the pro-wrestling hotbed of North Carolina and it figures to be a very entertaining and high-quality Pay-Per-View.  I anticipate the crowd  being hot and the show should draw pretty well given that the Hardys are hometown heroes.  There are some great matches on the card which I'm really looking forward to.  There is a high level of unpredictability surrounding this event.  The members of our community that are attending the show will have an unforgettable experience.  We definitely want to hear all about your special TNAMecca Meet and Greet that Bob Ryder was so gracious in offering.  To those of us that will watch the show from the comfort of our homes, try to focus on just this Pay-Per-View.  Take that 3 hours and just be in the moment. Stop with the anxiety and distress about all the external factors.  If you can just center on Bound For Glory, it will be so much more enjoyable for you.  That's my counsel.  You can take it or leave it.  After all, I'm just a fan like you.   

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