22 September 2015

Missing The Road To Bound For Glory

Before 2014, I used to talk up Bound for Glory to certain friends who had at least some interest in pro wrestling and occasionally one or two of them would come over to my place to watch the pay-per-view with me. BFG was the culmination of TNA's year and often signified the blow-off to certain angles and the start of others. It served the same purpose in TNA that Starrcade did for WCW and that Wrestlemania does for WWE.

We are less than two weeks out from Bound for Glory, and unlike last year, the show is being held in the U.S. and will be available live on PPV. That's where the similarities to the pre-2014 editions of BFG end.

True story: In 2012, I bought tickets to a Sunday night Peter Gabriel concert with a friend, one of those who occasionally stops by for TNA pay-per-views and has gone with me to TNA and ROH house shows. It turned out that the show was the same night that BFG was scheduled. I was so excited for BFG, all the matches and angles coming together, that I seriously considered giving up my concert ticket, even though this was the tour on which Peter Gabriel was performing "So" in its entirety.

Ultimately, I ended up going to the concert - one of the best I've ever attended - and recording BFG live. I had to wait 24 long hours until getting home from work Monday to watch the PPV, but my recollection was that it was worth it. I got to compromise and enjoy two things I love.

Considering I know one match scheduled for this year's BFG and have no idea what might occur on the two editions of Impact between now and the PPV, it's hard to put into words how things have changed, how much at least this aspect of TNA has declined.

So, having seen Bob Ryder's post in chat about not giving in to doom and gloom and trusting that exciting things are ahead, I will simply act as if I'm from Missouri and say "show me." Because the latest talent departure, that of Kenny King back to ROH - a promotion that cannot offer him the same stage but can offer steadier work and a creative direction - has me very demoralized.

Why, other than being part of the Beat-Down Clan, was King often kept off TV for weeks and months at a time, and rarely given a clear direction, while TV time was wasted (in my opinion) on Chris Melendez, Grado, Mahabali Shera. That these not-remotely-ready-for-prime-time talents were used on national TV while there was little to no opportunity for King, Eli Drake, Manik and others on the roster who could have good matches and be involved in worthwhile storylines is sadly wasteful.

I understand that TNA right now is limited both by a reduced budget and an uncertain horizon, but that's no excuse for not making the best of what talent is on hand. Kenny King was under contract, nothing was gained by not using him. Honestly, once he turned face two weeks ago, it occurred to me that TNA could build him up as an eventual face challenger to EC3 and the world title.

Idea: Do The Best You Can With What You Have

So, let me make clear, I'm still here. I'm watching Impact every week and I'm planning to order Bound for Glory. There are tens of thousands of other past TNA fans for whom that cannot be said. They've given up on the promotion and/or stopped following wrestling altogether.

There are other things I could do with my time - and honestly the main drama of the past two years - will TNA survive, will it stay on U.S. television - has gotten very tiresome. I want a tag team division. I want quality, meaningful X division matches. I want build-ups and payoffs. I want character development. I want to care again.

So, on the off chance anyone at the TNA offices in Nashville reads this - and this site is the home of your most diehard, loyal fans, so I hope our various columns here at least get a scan by somebody - could you at least do some coherent storylines with the talent you have remaining?

It's been months since you've had a tag team division, even though your tag titles reside with one of the best teams currently working. Why is that? Is it laziness? Incompetence? Does TNA think it doesn't matter? Why does almost every X division angle these days seem just slapped together and thrown out there? Where is the follow-through on the Drew Galloway/Eli Drake situation? What the heck ever happened to Micah?

Believe me, I'd much rather write a positive column about TNA/Impact Wrestling. I'd 1,000 times prefer to write an excited preview looking ahead to Bound for Glory. But I just can't - mainly because these days TNA is giving me almost nothing to work with.

The chase is demoralized ....

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