14 September 2015

Eli Tho

As Eli Drake would say, "Let me talk to ya".  This is the column where Eli Drake officially receives an endorsement from TNAMecca.  Our community has spoken a lot about this man in the last several months and the majority of us agree that E-Li Drake is a wrestler that TNA needs to push.  It appears that this push is beginning to shape up pretty well by the looks of things.  He's scheduled for featured matches during all of their house shows leading up to Bound For Glory.  He just emerged with the informally named (thanks Count) Kings of Everything group on Impact next to Kenny King and Jessie Godderz in a memorable backstage segment and a 6-man tag match.  I've pointed it out before and I'll bring it up again:  Shaun Ricker a.k.a. Eli Drake was anointed by the late Percy Pringle.  If you know pro-wrestling history you have to respect that fact and pay attention to what that means.  Look at the past lineage of Percy Pringle (Paul Bearer) and you'll see that he had an important role in the careers of major superstars in this industry.  E-li Drake is next in line.  It's a shame that it has taken Drake this long to break out on the mainstream scene, but he definitely is receiving that legit chance now and it should be a very fun ride watching his character evolve in the coming months.  If you missed the infamous, cult classic Eli Drake self-made promo video (that unfortunately never aired on IMPACT), push the play button on that baby and drink it all in.  It is a perfect example of just how awesome he really is.

There's no doubt that he needs more TV time, especially when it comes to promos. He also deserves to have more singles and tag matches because this guy is very talented and well rounded skill-wise.  It's fair to say that previous to now that it was unreasonable to give him a big spot right away as he needed to be introduced to a national audience.  That introduction in TNA manifested as being a part of The Rising, which has set him up nicely for exactly what he's doing now.  When opportunities knock, you've got to be able to answer that door.  Hell, sometimes that sum-bitch needs to be knocked down.  With Bram presumably (unless the charges are dropped) gone from TNA from BFG going forward, there is a big opening for a featured heel to move into that vacated spot.  Jessie Godderz and Eli Drake are both great candidates, but in the end, I believe that Eli is slightly more suited for that limelight as he is more seasoned and a more polished pro-wrestler.  Jessie is also younger and has a stable, secure future ahead of him with TNA.  This is the time to give Eli his shot and strap a rocket to him going into 2016.  Give him some of that true exposure to the world-wide audience and by the time that Impact is taped in the U.K. early next year, you'll have another superb heel that is more than capable of working that hot crowd into a frenzy of boos and jeers.  The handcuffs need to come off and wrestling fans need to know the reasons why everybody loves (and/or loves to hate) the Drake.

It's not just lip service or a random pairing that Jessie and Eli are being put together.  Evidence points to this duo teaming up and possibly chasing the TNA Tag Team Titles on Impact in the near future.  Take a look at the pre-BFG house show matches scheduled for October 2nd and 3rd.  It is real and I think it's smart and resourceful to create this dynamic tag team as it goes without saying that the TNA Tag Team division needs a major overhaul and several quality additions.  A nice fit with this new two-some is the charismatic and underutilized Kenny King.  All 3 of these guys have major swagger and a calm coolness that cannot be taught.  They are all on the same page when it comes to their mass appeal and it is well established that they have the backing of most of the loyal TNA fans. there a possibility that one more major player could be included in this new group? It has been pointed out several times in our comment sections that Ethan Carter III would be well-suited for this alliance which has been dubbed The Kings of Everything.  There are a lot of exciting possibilities if this all comes to fruition.  One of them is the idea of Tyrus being removed from the side of EC3 and allowing the KOE to protect that World Title instead.  Then maybe someday the group disbands and feuds over it.  The thought of Eli and EC3 working together more in the future equals good business.  The potential promos involved would be "too hot to handle and too cold to hold". 

Now, I realize that we have spearheaded some other social media campaigns in the recent past.  They have served as effective vehicles to provide direct feedback.  I feel like another campaign is necessary to go hand in hand with this column.  Of course that would be the #NeedMoreEli campaign.  If you believe in Eli Drake and feel like he needs to be pushed in TNA more moving forward, please tweet #NeedMoreEli to TNA officials.  Put that hashtag out there in cyberspace!  Let's do this thing.  Everyone that tweets out #NeedMoreEli will receive a retweet from our official TNAMecca account (which is nearing in on 9,000 followers currently).  Why not let your voice be heard?  I can assure you that when you give positive and genuine suggestions to TNA that they will listen.  That has been validated.  That is just a fact of life.  We are a respected community that has the power to make a real difference in what the on-screen product can look like.  Don't be a dummy and take that for granted.  Let them know that you want more Eli Drake on Impact cutting promos and wrestling in matches.  Of course, those of you that do not have Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, simply commenting here on this column is also a great way to agree or disagree with what I have wrote.  Do you want more Eli?  I sure as hell do.  Let me hear from ya.

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