30 August 2015

Why is it "Cool" to Hate TNA?

Being a dedicated TNA fan now for the better part of 10 years, I have noticed a well documented trend.  The longer the company is around, the more acceptable and "cool" it becomes to hate them.  The casual fans of wrestling that watch Impact could care less what the mob mentality types of the IWC think.  Besides that one demographic of an isolated fan group who only tune in at their leisure, nearly every corner of the internet wrestling community has fostered an attitude of animosity and shown blatant disregard for the livelihood of an entire workforce of employees at TNA.  We are not part of that livelihood as nobody who runs TNAMecca or writes for us makes money off of TNA.  Again, we make no money at all here.  We are all fans of pro-wrestling and we want to see TNA do well and have long-term success.  I've gotten to the point again where I am extremely tired of the blowhard dirtsheet writers predicting TNA's death.  It seems like recently they have simply written TNA off and aren't even covering them much at all besides the occasional jabbing report of doom.  Right now, the fact is that very few people know what the plan is for TNA after Bound For Glory.  Stop acting like you know what that information is.  You can connect all the dots you want, but you do not have the facts.  It's flat out ridiculous to report speculation as fact.  Your reporting on pro-wrestling makes me embarrassed to be so involved in covering this form of entertainment.  Click-bait posting is an absolute joke, and I highly suggest staying away from their websites as you are only giving them advertising dollars when you visit.  Their sites are not only bad for TNA, they're bad for pro-wrestling as a whole.  Frankly, you and your "insider" lackeys that rush to your defense at the snap of a finger are disgusting.  You are a big part of what is wrong with pro-wrestling today.  What a revolting display of "journalism".  You know who you are.

Has TNA made mistakes over the years?  Hell yes they have.  So have all pro-wrestling companies in the history of the industry. We have fun occasionally with some of TNA's recent blunders over the years, but wishing for a company to implode entirely and close its doors permanently?  That is something different all together.  It's another level of hate and trolling that really is a reflection of our society as a whole.  What gives you the right to wish failure and demise upon others?  Even some people who trot themselves out as TNA fans constantly spew hate and negativity as nothing is ever good enough in their eyes.  Feedback, constructive criticism and discussion are healthy.  Harassing TNA officials on social media is immature and deplorable.  You cannot go to YouTube or Twitter or Facebook or any other social media outlet without some keyboard warrior leaving hateful comments that are simply nauseating at times.  I'd like to think that the repulsive statements I've seen out there (not limited to pro-wrestling talk mind you) emanate from a vocal minority but it's difficult to tell when the comments are so numerous.  Why these people dedicate their lives to such distasteful activity is beyond me.  Part of me ponders these types of questions: Are people becoming more dull-witted and obtuse as time goes on?  Are they so unhappy with their lives that they fill up that void with shouting filth from the rooftops in order to ease the pain of their boorish and unfulfilled lives?  Is society becoming so obsessed with technology and social media that our dignity and common courtesy have been abandoned?  Those questions are beyond a pro-wrestling discussion but there's no doubt that TNA feels the effects of these harmful human behaviors more than any other pro-wrestling company in the world.  It's why I'm on Twitter less and less lately, as I prefer to avoid the ugly side of human beings. 

So here we are with another TNA TV contract situation staring us in the face.  Didn't we just do this?  It becomes exhausting to witness such insecurity with TNA's future and I'm sure all parties involved realize that.  Whatever the next move is, it needs to be sure-footed and it must resonate with certainty.  The roller coaster ride is getting to the point where even the most daring and motion-sickness resistant riders are going to want to get off and find something else to do in the amusement park.  I've seen a lot of loyal TNA fans becoming disenfranchised with the company.  I know that there is always an ebb and flow with fans of any genre of entertainment, but I fear (like others have said) that TNA fans who have been watching the product for years are beginning to wander off and find something else to do with their free time.  Even amongst those of us here at TNAMecca, there seems to be a general sense of discontent with recent episodes of Impact.  Sometimes the reasoning and logic makes sense to me and sometimes it frankly does not.  I would never tell anyone how to think because that is not my place.  However, TNA fucking needs you right now.  Do you understand that?  They need your support and they need your loyalty.  I can hear the reaction to me saying that now: "But they haven't earned it!".  How have they not?  The wrestlers bust their butts for us every time they get in the ring.  The company has financial restrictions which has caused them to do these marathon Impact Zone tapings.  They're making the best out of a situation that is not ideal.  Stick with them.  It will get better.  I seem to remember a similar reaction when they were leaving Spike and shopping for a network.  The paranoia and restlessness then was palpable.  It's getting to that point again.  They will find a way to survive.  I cannot be moved off of that stance. 

It's looking more and more like taking Impact on the road is not in the immediate plans after Bound For Glory unless some kind of unforeseen development arises.  So, most likely, we'll have some Impact Zone episodes again.  As disappointing as that is, it's the reality of the present situation so we either have to accept it or run away like petulant children that have had their favorite toy taken away.  As dreary as it is to watch our favorite wrestlers perform in front of such a ho-hum, small and quiet crowd, it's seemingly not in the cards right now for them to shoot Impact on the road.  Again, there have been hints at an India tour which may include TV tapings, and if that is in the works before the end of 2015, then I can find a way to digest a few more shows at the Impact Zone.  You know who was recently in the Impact Zone?  Bully Ray.  It was not accepted by many TV fans and that reaction was somewhat justified.  When Team 3D was inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame last October, it felt like their swan song with the company so the Bully return was awkward at best.  Sting was the 1st TNA HOF inductee and had a ten and a half year run with the company. Now, these 3 men are heavily featured on WWE's programming, including Sting challenging for their World Championship.  You know the Dudley's will go after the WWE Tag Team Titles also.  When these men were featured in TNA, the IWC mocked and laughed at them.  Now that they are getting major WWE exposure, the IWC treats them like the greatest thing since sliced bread.  I refer to this as the "TNA Curse".  Wrestlers "suck" while in TNA but as soon as they go to another promotion they magically turn into something "amazing" in the eyes of the typical wrestling fan.  So much hypocrisy and chicanery involved here as so many people refuse to give TNA a chance and automatically dismiss anything associated with their product.  Is GFW now feeling that curse?  Look at the impressive attendance at their July Amped taping in Vegas.  There was a real buzz for that show, and it came at a time where it was perceived that GFW and TNA were two separate entities with some level of cross-promotion.  A month later at their August Amped taping in the same venue, the TNA/GFW relationship had intensified and progressed, and coincidentally the general excitement and crowd attendance dropped immensely.  Pure happenstance or did the curse rear its ugly head?

What kind of assurance do we have about TNA's future?  Bob Ryder has mentioned some big meetings happening over the last few weeks.  He also visited CHAT yesterday and hinted at exciting things coming up and asked us to keep the faith and be patient.  I imagine that we will see some kind of announcement in the coming days.  In the mean time, TNA has added three series of house shows to their schedule for the first time in 20 plus months (if I'm not mistaken).  That is a positive sign.  We are in the middle of EC3's first run as World Champion and every time he gets on screen it provides hope for where TNA can and will go in the next decade.  A complication to this whole thing is that GFW is being presented on-screen as "taking over" TNA at a time when their real life future is being worked out also.  So maybe that's what needs to happen; a portrayal based on a legit set of circumstances generated from all of the doom and gloom.  Would they really take Impact off air temporarily and replace it with Amped for a while?  Is that possibly where this is going?  We shall see, but it appears to be an option according to the direction that the on-screen product is gravitating towards.  So what will you do in the coming weeks when all hope seems lost?  Are you going to take your ball and go home or are you going to continue to support TNA?  It would be best to stay away from all of the bullshit that will soon be painting the walls of the dirt-sheets.  The usual suspects will attempt to persuade you into believing that TNA is nearing its death.  It is simply not true and if you begin to listen to their lies, it may start to poison your mind.  In the end, you will do what you want.  TNA will overcome.  They always have.  I guess we're not "cool" because we stand up for TNA and we are not part of the herd.  I'm fine with not being "cool".  I'll leave you with an Albert Einstein quote: "Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment.  Most people are incapable of forming such opinions."

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