26 August 2015

TNA Wednesday Randomania - Aug 26, 2015

- In the closing moments of Impact last week, Jeff Jarrett asked Dixie Carter to give him the authority to run Impact permanently and I'll be honest, I cringed a little for two reasons. Firstly, we can all see where this is headed because the writers have made this story as predictable as can be. I'm so sure of this that I will quit TNAMecca if the Jarretts do not turn on Dixie Carter and TNA when it's all said and done. And secondly, the idea of another paint by numbers invasion angle that lacks any sort of buzz or intrigue is simply destined to fall flat. And trust me when I say that this particular angle has no to little buzz and TNA fans are mildly intrigued at best. I would love to give TNA the benefit of the doubt and hope that they surprise us with a clever twist on an old idea but based on what I've seen so far, this is as pedestrian as it gets. I suppose the writers are relying on Jeff Jarrett's history with TNA to sell this "betrayal" to the long time viewers but I'm afraid they're overestimating the connection that TNA fans currently have with Jarrett. Many fans will always respect him for everything he's done for TNA but the truth is that he lost quite a bit of the fanbase when he officially resigned from TNA and proceeded to almost immediately publicly acknowledge that he planned to start a new promotion. It didn't sit right with fans and I think the fact that TNA brought him back and handed him the keys to the castle has only exacerbated that feeling of ill will.

- I think if TNA were smart, they would have opted for a different approach. As fan-friendly as TNA is, I wish they had their finger on the pulse of TNA fans as it relates to Jeff Jarrett. They would have realized that more fans than not are simply not in favor of Jarrett returning in an on-screen role so it would have hopefully set in motion a plan to create a storyline in which Jarrett and his crew secretly forced their way into the Impact Zone in a way that's interesting and buzzworthy. This option would have hopefully rallied the fans around TNA (and this angle) as opposed to them collectively rolling their eyes at Dixie Carter for once again being duped into giving the enemy the power to run Impact.

- A week has passed since Turning Point and I still can't quite get over the fact that TNA booked Bram to put over Mr. Anderson in a hardcore match. To make matters worse, so did Josh Mathews, after the match. I nearly lost my dinner when I heard Mathews raving about Anderson's victory in a way that announcers typically do for young stars who are in the midst of a push. But here was Anderson, clearly a mid-card veteran at best, presented as a young phenom whose career was just about to catapult, at the expense of Bram. It was, simply put, mind-boggling. And it was the sort of regrettable decision that TNA unfortunately makes far too often. A writer on another site felt the loss was smart because Bram's career needs a bit of adversity to give him layers, and I absolutely agree. However, if you're going to present the visual of a beaten down Bram, you do so in favor of another young wrestler, whose career could use a catapult. But ideally, the smartest decision would've been to book Bram to defeat Mr. Anderson so Josh Mathews can rave about him. If you feel that I may be overreacting, consider this: with this victory, Anderson will now move on to compete against Bobby Roode, Lashley, and James Storm for a chance to challenge for the KOTM championship against PJ Black. It certainly would've been nice if it was Bram in that position.

- Memo to TNA: I realize that the Hernandez situation was a disaster and it ultimately led to several segments of Impact being scrapped and MVP leaving. As much as I was livid at the thought of their negligence causing so much havoc, I'm able to overlook it and finally move on. The past is the past as they say. However, there's one casualty that I will not overlook nor will I move on from: it's the removal of Kenny King from television as a result of the Hernandez mess. We are two episodes into the new set of tapings and we haven't gotten a single mention of King. I think it's important to note that King, through no fault of his own, has been banished from Impact and hasn't been seen for almost two months. It's human nature to want to see those who do wrong be punished but it's also human nature to speak up when someone is being unfairly treated. This is one of those instances. Do the right thing, TNA. Kenny King needs to be back on Impact and soon.

- And lastly, I want to end on a positive note because as frustrating as some things are, TNA are doing a few things right. And on top of that list is Ethan Carter III. The fear with EC3 winning the world title was that his booking would almost parallel the horror that was the Reign of Magnus; that creative simply would not be able to resist overbooking EC3's title matches. The thought of Tyrus constantly interfering in his matches, which he had been doing up to that point, was frightening to say the least. But I'm happy to say that the writers have taken a very smart approach with EC3. They've managed to elevate him as a wrestler and competitor while maintaining the entitled brat in him. And this is not as easy as you might think to pull off. Simply take a look at the WWE's handling of Seth Rollins, who's as equally entitled and bratty but not quite as impressive in his ability to win his title matches on his own. TNA are going against decades of tradition that say a heel champion should not win clean, and for that, I give them kudos. This is an area in which TNA I feel have done a splendid job and I hope that they continue to explore ways to elevate a wrestler, even a heel one, as supposed to falling back into old and bad habits. It's worked with EC3. I only wish they did the same for Bram last week, who I feel took a step back.

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