12 August 2015

TNA Wednesday Randomania - Aug 12, 2015

- Two years ago today, TNAMecca officially launched. It's hard to believe it's only been two years because we've experience so much in that short time but the reality is that we are still growing and evolving. In those two years, we've become an integral part of the internet wrestling landscape because we have given TNA fans the opportunity to be part of a community without the constant harassing and trolling that typically happens on other sites and social media. TNAMecca, however, would essentially consist of Reece, Lee, and I talking amongst ourselves if it wasn't for every single poster and reader who's given us a chance and made us part of their wrestling experience. To every single one of you, I can't thank you enough. Happy birthday, TNAMecca.

- It's an interesting week because tonight's episode of Impact rings in a new chapter in its history. I realize some might scoff at this it truly is a new chapter for many ways. Let me begin with the obvious: the Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling factor. I know some aren't his biggest fans and wish he'd stay away but I'm genuinely excited for a potential storyline, involving GFW, that plays out on Impact in the coming weeks and months. What that entails, I don't know but it appears that Jarrett, who's in charge of tonight's show, has planned a night of friendly? rivalries between TNA and GFW wrestlers, including a King of the Mountain match to determine, I suspect, the first ever KOTM champion.

- Tonight's show will also be the first to air with the new production team in place. I gather, based on what Bob Ryder said, that the new production team is responsible for all aspects of production so I'm curious to see if there's a noticeable difference in the look and feel of the show. AO1 Productions boast state of the art audio and visual support so I expect that many of the production flaws that some have been critical of in recent months will be fixed.

- Before I continue, a special someone would like to say a few words about TNAMecca's special day. Making his Randomania debut, ladies and gentlemen, this is BigDawg! "It's interesting how things evolve over time. What started as a little site created from scratch by 3 fans, where you'd get just a few comments here and there, has turned into a notorious TNA community where thousands of comments on a discussion thread is commonplace. We can never thank all the readers, commenters, Twitter followers and 'lurkers' enough. For whatever reason you choose to come to TNAMecca, thank you for being a part of this website. A special thank you goes out to Bob Ryder. He has gone out of his way to make a real connection between TNA and the dedicated fans here at TNAMecca. What an honor and privilege it is to have one of the original creators of TNA come and converse with us. We definitely do not take it for granted and it puts a smile on my face every time he comes in to talk with us all. It's just another testament to that unmatchable fan interaction from TNA, which has always been their calling card. For those of us that have stayed loyal and patient with Impact Wrestling, I think we are in for some on-screen rewards for the remainder of the year. The Impact shows that have been shot heading into Bound for Glory are going to be something to remember and savor. The final third of 2015 is going to be wild, with a nice crescendo at BFG in North Carolina (by the way, have fun at the TNAMecca Meet & Greet, those of you who are attending). I cannot wait to see what is in store and it figures to be new and refreshing for everyone. It feels like a nice momentum shift is coming to vault the company into the anticipated future."

- One final point on tonight's show...this will be the first show from the latest set of tapings so this means the Hernandez mess is finally behind us. We will get to enjoy some of the talents who were unfortunately absent from Impact the last several weeks and three of those, incidentally, are in matches tonight. The Wolves, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, are facing GFW's Trevor Lee and Brian Myers. I don't believe this is a tag team title match or at least it hasn't been announced as one. We haven't seen the Wolves on Impact since they defeated the Dirty Heels to become the 3-time TNA tag team champions. That was over a month ago. The other is Bobby Lashley, who will take on Jessie Godderz, interestingly enough in a match that doesn't fit tonight's TNA vs GFW theme. I wonder if there's a last minute stipulation added to this match.  Lashley or Godderz wouldn't join GFW so soon, would they?

- Oh look at this, someone else would like to say a little something about TNAMecca's birthday. Also making his Randomania debut, give it up for MisterTNA! "To think it's been two years since we launched TNAMecca is simply mind-blowing. The work that was put into the launch and everything since has all been rewarded by you, our loyal readers. We cannot thank you enough for your support and love over the last two years, as you've turned our vision of what could be into something above and beyond what we ever expected. From the bottom of my heart I thank you, the readers, our incredible team of contributors both past and present and my two fellow co-founders Chris Regal & BigDawg for making TNAMecca what it is today, something I am truly proud of. As we celebrate a huge milestone in our history, TNA will also present a show this evening that may very well be a huge milestone in their history when the dust settles at 11PM EST tonight. Tonight's GFW vs TNA show could start a battle of one-upmanship between talents on opposite sides of the fence, or this could be the beginning of an all out war with GFW using this opportunity to kick down TNA's door and make a name at their expense. After all it seems rather convenient that Jeff Jarrett was right there to step in after Bully Ray was jumped to make tonight's show happen. Regardless of the outcome, GFW's presence on Impact we be felt going forward, even if Jarrett has the best of intentions considering this is the guy who just came back for one more match and ended up with a Hall of Fame induction. Where this TNA/GFW relationship goes after tonight, we have no idea, but the possibility we could get a clear idea of what's next makes tonight's Impact cant miss."

- And lastly, Bound for Glory has officially been announced for Sunday, October 4 in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. To me, this year's BFG is one of TNA's most important shows to-date because it will be their first truly traditional live PPV since last year's Slammiversary. It'll be the first PPV to not be rendered pointless for various reasons since June of last year. TNA fans are yearning for a PPV that's live, takes place on the road, and features matches that are current and relevant. That doesn't sound like much but tell that to the average TNA fan who hasn't experienced this in over 15 months. It's not much to ask but it sure feels like a lot to those of us who have watched Impact every week and supported the company but never seemed to be rewarded with that feeling while watching a real PPV that anything can happen. Let's hope this year's Bound for Glory breaks this horrible streak and gives us a true PPV experience.

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