31 August 2015

The Other Side of the Squared Circle - Aug 26, 2015

Welcome Ladies and Gents to the 3rd edition of From The Other Side of the Squared Circle, here on TNAMecca, where we love pro wrestling more than people from Dudleyville love tables. I hope everyone here has had a pleasant week so far, and enjoyed last night's broadcast of TNA Impact. I sort of did. There were things I enjoyed but there were also things I didn't. But that will come later. For now let us relax kick our feet up and settle in for the column. I apologize to Chris and the rest of the TNAMecca staff for the lateness of this column. I have had no internet for the past couple of days and only got it back 3 hours ago.

It pains me to admit that the one count this week will be lacking it's usual 3 notches. It isn't because I could not come up with any witty lines or clever comments, but it's due to the fact that this week TNA felt like a chore to sit through, especially the last 10 minutes. Nevertheless Sunlight will come through on even the darkest of rainy days. But let us get it done.

1-Count: Things I liked.

  • It pays off being Roode - One of my biggest worries following the breakup of the dirty heels tag team with Aries' departure, was the fate of one Bobby Roode. The It Factor of TNA wrestling was floundering before the team was formed and with such a heel heavy roster I was afraid that we would see a return to that. However, TNA surprised me in having Roode go over James Storm, Lashley and Mr. Anderson in order to become the #1 contender for PJ Black's KOTM title.

That's it. one thing I liked about Impact this past week, sure I liked the Wolves match too but the tag division is just so dead in the water I don't know if it deserved a spot. I feel almost ashamed that I feel the way that I do considering how many great stars are on the roster but this week, and more than one storyline has turned what was once apart of a great 3-show Wednesday night of wrestling for NXT, TNA and ROH into an agonizing chore. With that said let us move into the 2-count, and explore exactly what it is that made me feel so sour about this week's broadcast. Hopefully, I can avoid the mob with the torches and pitchforks like what happened last week due to some Eli Drake comments.

2-Count: Ugh, seriously?

  • EY goes a leg up on Chris Melendez - In one of the 3 storylines currently running in TNA that make me feel like TNA is presently in the early stages of one Billy Corgan insulting our intelligence, Eric Young went over Chris Melendez in a move that surprised a lot of people because the heel almost never wins these kinds of matches. I admit that I expected Melendez to pull of a quick roll up for a flash pin, to get some small measure of retribution that would lead to a beat down and a save by Lashley. The only thing I felt was worse then the continuation of a storyline that was already more one-sided then a game between the New England Patriots and a peewee football team, was how EY basically humiliated and mocked Melendez' disability, as someone with a hearing loss that I've had to learn how to deal with,  I felt uncomfortable watching it because how would it feel to me if Melendez used a hearing aid that EY had won, this whole angle just felt wrong and beneath a man as capable as Eric Young.
  • The Dollhouse still exists, why? - Storyline number two of the 3 that are making feel less than enthused about TNA's current product, and even less thrilled about what if anything Corgan is bringing to the table. So let me see if I can process this correctly, Rebel just out of the blue turns heel, when she was clearly one of the most popular Knockouts to both root for and fantasize about. Gail Kim has single-handedly handed all 3 members of the Dollhouse their asses on a silver platter. Unless this plan Taryn Terrell has to make the Dollhouse even stronger somehow results in gaining the superpowers of the Justice League, I am afraid I cannot suspend my disbelief in that one new person to shore up the Dollhouse with Taryn being storyline injured, will make a damn bit of difference considering the way Ninja Gail has beaten them down the last couple of weeks.
  • Jarrett's GFW tells TNA fans GFY - Where do I begin with this one? Was it the blatantly obvious incoming heel turn by Jarrett. I mean unless you just started watching wrestling, this turn could not have been more obvious if Jarrett was wearing a flashing neon sign that said Villain around his neck. Could it have been the Rikishi-reminding promo Karen Jarrett cut when she "unveiled" the most obvious secret in pro wrestling history?  I swear I would have died laughing if she had uttered the words "I did it for the people". Was it the forced and pained delivery that Drew Galloway gave when he was cutting his exposing promo on Jarrett. Could it have been anymore obvious that Drew cared nothing about the promo considering the passionate mic work we have seen him do in the past? Or maybe just maybe it was when the big heel beat down on Drew was occurring TNA saw fit to send out every jobber on the roster except Norv and the other guy EC3 kept beating down early on in his TNA run, along with the Wolves, especially when most of Jarrett's guys don't look like they would survive 5 minutes against Lashley. This is another in a long trend of heel faction takeovers/invasion storylines TNA has run far too many of in the last couple of years. I mean the only invasion storyline that I can think of that worked was the original back in WCW with Hall and Nash. I hope that either things pick up quickly or Karen Jarrett finds pro wrestler husband #3 causing Jeff to leave because I do not care about this storyline at the present moment.
Ahh, That feels better. I think I might have actually either stopped or prevented a tumor growth in venting right there. I do not like shouting criticism, unless it is warranted. I have seen the company TNA can be when things are running on all cylinders just like I have seen it when TNA seemed directionless and appeared to have no clue as to the end game, i.e. The Aces and 8s storyline. The last part of the 3 count is my least favorite, though the most necessary. It is easy to speak about things we loved, and even easier to speak about the things we did not, however to speak about the things that did not move us in either fashion is far more difficult then one would believe.

3-count: that's it?

  • Matt Hardy will not go away -  Okay everyone think about these last few promos that Matt Hardy has cut. I swear every time I have heard him asking for a rematch against EC3 for the title, I hear an echo of the former Instant Classic's voice going "One More Match!". I enjoyed seeing Jeff back on TNA television but in all honesty he is the Hardy people care to see. Matt was great during his Mattitude days, however the man has lacked a certain sense of charisma and connection with his fans that his brother does. I call it the "Chavo Guerrero syndrome" when one part of a tag team or siblings has far more connection to the fans then the other half. For example, Booker T from Harlem Heat, Eddie Guerrero from Los Guerreros, and even Edge from Edge and Christian until Christian found his connection in TNA. Matt's on going quest for One More Match has me feeling apathetic at best, and no amount of Matt facts can change that.
  • X-Division booking for dummies -  Tigre Uno is the 2nd most developed X-division wrestler on the roster, granted he is miles behind the supremely gifted talent that is Kenny King, who is in my opinion the best pure athlete that has ever graced TNA television. He had an X-division title match defending against the former Original Playa from the Himalayas, and DJZ. I wish I could say that TNA has tried to book the division but they haven't. I mean granted the lack of being able to use Kenny King has hurt it, but one man cannot carry a division. Add in the fact that TNA seems to be far more interested in pushing a one sided feud between Tigre Uno and Donald Trump rather than booking any kind of X-division storyline, and it is just heartbreaking to look at what has become of what was once TNA's flagship division.

Ding Ding, That's all folks. Normally I have an After the Bell segment however this week due to time constraints and unexpected issues with my internet I had to cut it. Do not worry however it will be back at the regularly scheduled day of Sunday. I wish you all well.

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