09 August 2015


TNA and GFW?  GFW and TNA?  Sounds familiar as we have been hinting at these 2 pro-wrestling promotions potentially working together for several weeks now.  It's finally coming to fruition, but those of us that like to avoid spoilers (and the rest of us that have been flat-out directed and advised to avoid them by Bob Ryder) are wondering what this could lead to in the big scheme of things.  I am left again to ponder what TNA will look like by Bound For Glory with all these changes on the horizon.  How much will GFW play a role in TNA's future moving forward? Will these two companies' storylines be woven into each other building towards multiple co-promoted live events, TV tapings and Pay-Per-Views?  Or is it all part of something bigger than that?  I honestly think that some people are not taking all of the implications of this Global Force Wrestling/Total Nonstop Action Wrestling relationship into account.  The bottom line is that two U.S. based pro-wrestling entities are working together to create a better overall product, completely free of any influence from Vince McMahon.  Just think about that as we delve into this further.

Magnus is still featured on my banner for this Bark of the Dawg column series.  At one point I considered getting a new one, especially since he is pictured hitting James Storm (another TNA star reportedly leaving according to his Twitter account) over the head with a guitar.  Now, however, I think I will let it stick around for a while because I don't believe that Magnus is done with appearing on TNA programming.  Magnus has been promoting the bejesus out of Global Force Wrestling and has played a big part in selling the upcoming, debuting GFW U.K. Tour as seen here.  Obviously, Magnus is going to bring Mickie James along wherever he goes also as long as she still wants to wrestle.  You think we have honestly seen the end of Mickie James on Impact and TNA PPV's?  As has been pointed out several times, the announcement of Jeff Jarrett signing Magnus to GFW came at the set of Impact tapings in Orlando prior to Slammiversary Sunday.  Look at the picture again and tell me that Dixie and Jarrett don't have some kind of master plan in place for major cross-over with these 2 companies, with Magnus being at the center of it.  After all, Magnus was Dixie Carter's hand picked superstar.  He's been a TNA World Champion.  He's still young and has a bright future.  So she just lets him walk over to GFW never to be seen again?  I'm not buying it.  What if James Storm also surfaces eventually in GFW?  These pay-per-appearance contracts have opened up a lot of possibilities. 

Jeff and Karen Jarrett have some tricks up their sleeve.  Multiple episodes of Impacts are now in the can with GFW's influence all over them (I assume).  What will happen during this pre-BFG time frame is yet to be unveiled but you know that this power couple will have their stamp on a lot of it.  Did you really think that Jeff Jarrett was going to just walk in to TNA and accept a Hall of Fame induction, have one last match and then just go away, never to be heard from again?  What's happening now is a power play for the control of Impact Wrestling.  Most of it is kayfabe of course, but there are real life elements of backstage managerial decisions that are going to play out on a world-wide platform.  I'm very interested to see how it is all presented to the audience and I'm confident that it will be done in a manner that does not insult the fans' intelligence.  We, the wrestling fans, win because the end game here is getting better wrestling matches and diversity of talent.  You cannot erase TNA's past and Jeff Jarrett played a huge, critical role in the creation and survival of the company.  At one point when Hogan was majorly involved, it seemed like there was some "pencil eraser removal" of the early days of TNA but now we are seeing that valued past integrated more fully into TNA's future. This recent development is very satisfying for fans that have been invested for multiple years.

The Vegas GFW Amped shows serve as a barometer of what Global Force Wrestling will look like when it stands on its own.  No doubt, there is a big TNA influence with these Amped tapings with current and past roster members.  The best heat reaction on their first big show was when Bobby Roode cut a great heel promo in front of the live crowd.  Some of us have theorized that Amped may eventually be presented as a 2nd television product under the umbrella of both TNA and GFW.  This is all mere speculation currently but you've got to think that we're going to see an official announcement about Amped at some point or that the on-screen Impact product will flush out what GFW's role will be in terms of a separate TV show.  Would Jarrett tape these Amped shows in Vegas in front of very impressively sized crowds without assurance that the episodes will air somewhere on U.S. and international TV?  We know that Eric Young and Bobby Roode will be at the August 21st taping at The Orleans in Las Vegas because they've been announced in a match against each other in the latest GFW promo video.  Did you notice anything else about the video?  For one, there are Bullet Club members featured on it.  It's well known that GFW has been able to work with multiple promotions and have numerous companies agree to allow their talent appear on GFW live events and TV tapings now.  With this TNA/GFW relationship, will it translate to multiple promotions agreeing to also work with TNA and allow appearances by their talent on Impact and/or future TNA live events?  It would be a best-case scenario if that ended up happening but I think it is a distinct possibility that these promotions can and will work together as a byproduct of GFW and TNA collaborating.  There are hints at New Japan and ROH being involved if you connect some dots but we shall see.

Bound For Glory is going to be a huge land mark event this year, more than ever.  This has been a challenging and trying year so far for loyal TNA fans.  We have been forced to exercise a lot of patience with the product, especially with certain talents coming and going.  The last 2 Pay-Per-Views have had post-PPV Impacts shot ahead of them.  I will go out on a limb and say that for the first time in a long time, we will not have spoilers floating around out there in IWC-land for the Impacts set to air after BFG.  Please, please, please do not do that again TNA.  I'm frickin' begging ya.  Please install that true sense of the unknown for before and after Bound For Glory.  This year, BFG in North Carolina will most likely not have that hanging over its head.  Jeff and Matt Hardy will obviously be a big part of Bound For Glory.  Even Jeff Hardy is scheduled at a GFW live event this month.  Eric Young also keeps showing up at GFW live events.  Who's next?  This October 4th PPV should be one of the biggest events that TNA has had in a long time and you cannot make that happen with the taping schedule that has plagued the company surrounding the last 2 Pay-Per-Views.  I'm fairly confident that they will do the right thing. I'm hoping that they have only taped Impact up until September 30th or previous to that because even a GFW/TNA co-sponsored Pay-Per-View would have a difficult time overcoming that if not.

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