17 July 2015

TNA's Past is Shaping Their Future

Well, we now know that the new "Law" in TNA is Bully Ray.  That's right, Bully Ray is back in TNA and his role is being The Law.  Let that sink in a bit.  The man who power-bombed Dixie Carter through a table in Manhattan last year, the former leader of the Aces and Eights, is now "in charge" of TNA.  While some might be angry at this recent development, I actually see it as a long-term storyline paying off after the appropriate amount of time has passed.  I am not thrilled with the development but it's tolerable as long as Bully doesn't jump into the World Title scene and take the spotlight in that fashion.  TNA fans did not appreciate the way that Bully Ray talked so degradedly about the company in his time away from Impact Wrestling.  However, it appears that cooler heads have prevailed and now we get the end game for all of the build between Dixie and Bully Ray.  She will step aside yet again and hand the reigns off to Bully.  I'm not sure I completely understand it but it is what it is.  It should make more sense over time and I am guessing that somehow Jeff Jarrett may not appreciate Bully Ray being given so much power, especially since his influence on the TNA product was just starting to be seen and felt. 

There's been a lot of changes in TNA in recent days.  Those of us that have been fans of TNA for several years have seen the company ebb and flow with their management changes on and off air.  However, given the legit nature of Jeff Jarrett leaving the day to day operations years ago and then showing up out of the blue on the June 24th edition of Impact; it really was one of the most shocking things I've witnessed in professional wrestling in recent years.  There was a lot of symbolism in his return and the reverberation was felt in TNA and the pro-wrestling world when Jeff and Karen walked out into the Impact Zone for the first time in many years.  After all, many of us doubted that Jarrett would ever show up in TNA again, especially after the formation of his beloved Global Force Wrestling.  But by golly, there he was on TNA TV programming with a GFW t-shirt on, talking about GFW things and promoting GFW events...with TNA wrestlers (under various contract situations) being advertised for his shows.  Like Bob Ryder mentioned the other night in CHAT, we basically should be confused at this point when it comes to the TNA/GFW relationship and the title belt that emblematically connects the 2 promotions. 

So my question is, what exactly is GFW?  I speculated a few days ago that perhaps TNA and GFW have been in cahoots since the inception of Global Force Wrestling.  While that may or may not be true, I refuse to believe that it was a brash and/or recent decision.  Someday we will know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but I suspect that this all may have been in Jarrett's plan for at least the last few months to have TNA and GFW work together.  What is Jeff's true intention here?  Does he want to take over TNA again and have it absorbed into GFW?  I'm pretty sure that the TNA name will go on no matter what.  The notion of Jarrett being heavily involved in 2 promotions seems odd to me.  There has to be something more to it than meets the eye.  The line between kayfabe and reality with this angle is very thin and perplexing.  It appears that there was legit heat between Dixie Carter (and her parents) and the Jarretts at some point in the last few years.  However, when were those relationships mended and how long has TNA been planning this GFW collaboration? 

It all leads me to wonder what other promotions may be involved in TNA's future also?  ROH?  Evolve? HOH?  PWG?  Obviously Lucha Underground would not be a possibility anymore since they were involved in this Hernandez debacle but that doesn't necessarily mean that the possibilities of working with other wrestling companies are now dead in the water. Part of me wants to believe that at least some of the non-WWE entities have decided to band together in a way that works for everyone involved.  Is that even remotely possible given all the egos and potential barriers involved?  Would TNA and ROH possibly serve as the median where multiple promotions could get exposure on Destination America (or another future network) and in person at house shows and other collaborative events?  In the end it would be best for business and I hope that the necessary concessions can be made in order to really pop the wrestling business.  It's one of the only things left to do in wrestling that could make a real difference.  I'm cautiously optimistic that some kind of inter-promotion working agreements scenario is involved in TNA's future but I'm not holding my breath.

What will TNA look like by BFG?  Things are developing and changing at an incredible rate, relatively speaking, and that's a good thing.  First we need to find out the BFG location, which is rumored to be in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.  Next, the 2015 TNA Hall of Fame inductee (which most people already know about at this point) needs to be announced and then the company needs to go all in on promoting itself for Bound For Glory.  Then, BFG needs to deliver and must look and feel like a big time Pay-Per-View.  The fans need to see it and the performers need to realize that they are capable of filling up a non-Impact Zone venue again.  It would go a long way for the talent and management morale to prove to themselves that they can go on the road and put on a fantastic PPV in front of a great crowd.  That's 3 months from now but the event does serve as something nice to look forward to.  I still believe in TNA and I will never give up on them.  Oh yes, and Eli Drake is finally getting a push.  I'm looking forward to hearing a "Let me talk to ya" promo soon.  Look at the young stars of TNA and tell me you don't still believe in this company.  Will Jeff Jarrett and Bully Ray be able to point them in the right direction?  They can and they will.    

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