08 July 2015

TNA Wednesday Randomania - Jul 8, 2015

- If you're a fan of Ethan Carter III, tonight's episode of Impact seems ideally suited for you. Not only does the Reign of Carter begin but he's evidently defending his world title three times as well as booking the show and doing commentary.  The three title defenses in one night suggests to me a classic EC3 charade in which he displays his dominance by defeating three iconic legends of pro wrestling, similar to the way he did when he first arrived in TNA. However, the fact that we now know that he's booking the show, it's pretty much a certainty.

- Like I said, if you're an EC3 devotee, you'll probably enjoy tonight's show. I know I will. I find EC3 extremely entertaining and he rarely disappoints when he's trolling the fans and/or those he works with, particularly those he deems beneath him. So if you're a Jeremy Borash or an Earl Hebner or a Rockstar Spud or any jobber who has previously fallen victim to the One Percenter, history might be repeating itself tonight. This is precisely the reason why I will likely enjoy the Reign of Carter. Unlike the Reign of Magnus, the writers seem to have a full grasp of EC3's character and what he represents. And so do the viewers. For this reason, I hope the fans sit back and enjoy the shenanigans because it's simply illogical to expect Ethan Carter III to suddenly act like a worthy champion who merits praise for his clean victories and five-star classics. I suspect that EC3 will have a lengthy title reign but he will do it his way, not Kurt Angle's way, not Lashley's way, and not even Magnus' way. And we as fans shouldn't want it any other way.

- It appears that Dixie Carter will be making her much anticipated return tonight, presumably, to celebrate EC3's world title victory.  I have mixed feelings about this. Although I have quite a bit of respect for Dixie Carter and always enjoyed her presence on TV as the TNA President who sat in the crowd with the fans, I feel that her heel character grew stale for me last year, making many of her long-winded promos quite tedious to watch. I realize that she was apart of an historic table spot and it was a moment that no wrestling fan will ever forget but it was the potential of that spot that made her segments remotely bearable. So with that in mind, I hope Dixie Carter's return is a one-night affair, and if she plans to return indefinitely, then I hope her TV time is minimal.

- And lastly, I'm noticing quite a bit of doom and gloom on TNAMecca lately and I have to wonder if some are buying into the narrative that TNA is "going out of business". It's a sad situation that many wrestling sites seem to have taken this approach but I assure you, they have done so with absolutely no evidence that TNA is closing their doors. Or any evidence that TNA are losing their TV deal come September. If they did, they'd be screaming it from the rooftops as opposed to simply insinuating it just enough to cater to a vocal minority of TNA haters. It's important that real TNA fans do not allow these sites and those who frequent them to affect the way you feel about the company. I urge you to continue to support TNA and to continue to watch Impact. These are exciting times with lots of moving parts on-screen and off and even though it might seem bleak at times with wrestlers leaving or rumors about low morale, I encourage you to sit back, relax, and trust the process. And enjoy the journey.

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