15 July 2015

TNA Wednesday Randomania - Jul 15, 2015

- It's been of a week filled with speculation on who will be in charge of Impact Wrestling, starting tonight, and we won't have to wait too long to find out because, according to Dixie Carter, the new authority figure will be revealed in the first five minutes of Impact. When Dixie announced last week that she'd be putting someone in charge of the show, my immediate thought was that it's unnecessary. The authority figure in pro wrestling, particularly one that's a heel, is an overused plot device that often hinders the product more than it helps. But I've been thinking about it the last few days and I think, if done properly, an impartial authority figure could add structure to a show that at times needs it. This is not to say, however, that it's the reason why TNA have decided that Impact now needs an authority figure after five-plus months without one but I imagine there's a good reason and it involves Ethan Carter III so I'm willing to give it a chance before I completely dismiss it.

- The question now is who will be in charge of Impact Wrestling? If there's a plan in place with a story in mind, and that story involves EC3 (and perhaps Dixie Carter), my feeling is that the new authority figure will be Bully Ray. And I'll tell you why. Last week, Dixie Carter publicly admitted that her actions last year were inexcusable and she apologized to every single TNA fan for essentially acting like a tyrant. Along with her nephew, she terrorized the Impact Wrestling roster and at the top of her list was Bully Ray. For months, the two sides feuded and it ultimately ended with the reality check that was Dixie Carter going through a table. It's now almost a year later, and the President of TNA appears to be on the road to redemption. And what better way to reward the man who fought her to the "death" in order to save the very company that she owns. To me, Bully Ray would be the ideal choice and the one that makes the most sense.

- A few days ago, two of the top wrestling sites reported that the July 22nd episode of Impact is likely a live episode. This is incorrect. According to Bob Ryder, it is not a live episode. July 22nd is an episode that was part of the tapings that took place last month. However, July 22nd is the night of the first of many tapings of Impact, as well as matches for Xplosion and One Night Only PPVs.

- Speaking of the next set of tapings, Bob Ryder also confirmed that there will be a couple of new talents making their TNA debuts. I'm curious to see whether or not the wrestlers coming in are at all involved with Global Force Wrestling because if they are, then we can at least confirm that there's a talent exchange in the works. Some have reported that this might be part of an invasion storyline but it's much too premature to even speculate on that. I do, however, know that there's something big planned and things aren't always what they seem. I'll leave it at that.

- And lastly, if you haven't been paying attention to the goings-on at GFW, I encourage you to start paying attention because much it involves current and former TNA talents. As you all know, Jeff Jarrett returned to TNA at Slammiversary and defeated four other men in King of the Mountain, a victory which earned him the right to take the KOTM championship with him back to GFW. From what I understand, and this is according to Jeff Jarrett, the KOTM championship will transition into the Global Championship with the first champion being crowned after an eight-man tournament to be taped on July 24th in Las Vegas. Bobby Roode will be one of the participants, as will Magnus. In the meantime, Jarrett has been bringing the still KOTM title belt with him to GFW's live events, and this provoked Eric Young to crash one of the events in an attempt to steal the belt, or bring it back to TNA. It's been an interesting turn of events lately and I'm intrigued to see what happens next, and with the July 24th tapings coming up, it could be a newsworthy week or so.

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