01 July 2015

TNA Wednesday Randomania - Jul 1, 2015

- The fact that this year's Slammiversary has finally come and gone is a positive, in my opinion, but not in the way one might think. Although I enjoyed the PPV, I feel that its lame duck status contributed to a sort of limbo period for TNA fans. I agonized for weeks over my decision of whether or not to order Slammiversary and although I had plans to not order the PPV as late as Saturday night, I ultimately ordered it simply because I wanted to show my support for TNA. The fact that I was rewarded with a fantastic show was nice but I can't help but feel a sense of relief that we can finally put this year's Slammiversary behind us.

- The dichotomy, however, between my feelings going into Slammiversary and my feelings going into tonight's episode of Impact couldn't be more stark. And the reason for that is simple: Ethan Carter III. Whatever your feelings about TNA, their handling of EC3 since the day he debuted has been absolutely phenomenal. The creation and development of Dixie Carter's nephew has been one of pro wrestling's biggest success stories and it all culminates tonight with EC3 potentially becoming the next TNA world heavyweight champion. I say potentially just in case TNA decides to prolong the inevitable but let me be clear...the last thing we see tonight must be EC3 holding up the world championship after he defeats Kurt Angle. Let me repeat...the last thing we see tonight must be EC3 holding up the world championship after he defeats Kurt Angle. Any other outcome would be unfortunate.

- If you're a TNA fan who's been a bit disenchanted with the current product, I think tonight is a good time to put those feelings aside and watch the show with an open mind. In fact, I encourage it and I do so knowing that tonight is a special night. It's the beginning of the Ethan Carter III era in TNA. EC3, after tonight, will be the face of TNA. He will represent the company as their champion and as their top star. He, also, will represent an era in which a younger core of wrestlers will be the focal point of the next chapter in TNA's rise but again, it is EC3 who will be their torchbearer. In my opinion, TNA could not have chosen a man who's more suitable to lead the company for the next few years. Ethan Carter III is, and has been, one of the most promising young stars in pro wrestling the last couple of years and quite frankly, he's been the most entertaining character in the business. I look at the rosters of the top three companies in the United States and not a single character stands out to me as one who can genuinely claim to at least rival that of EC3's, and the ones that come closest are in TNA.

- And lastly, this is an exciting time to be a TNA fan simply because there's a changing of the guard truly happening and although it might be sad to see some of your favorites go, it's a necessary step in the evolution process. I realize that we've seen quite a few departures in the last two weeks but with every departure comes an opening for another talent to grab the brass ring, if you will. And there are quite a few wrestlers on the current roster who are capable of taking advantage of this opportunity, such as Bram, Brooke, Davey Richards, DJ Z, Drew Galloway, Eddie Edwards, Eli Drake, Jade, Jessie Godderz, Kenny King, Mandrews, Manik, Marti Bell, Micah, Robbie E, Rockstar Spud and Tigre Uno. There's quite a bit of untapped potential on that list and TNA needs to develop and nurture that potential in an effort to find the next EC3...or EC3's nemesis, the Stone Cold Steve Austin to his Rock. Whether or not that person is on that list, I don't know, but it's important to continue to develop the next wave of main event stars because the current crop, minus EC3, is getting up there in age. And I hope it begins tonight. What better way to ring in the EC3 era than to put the spotlight on young talent like the Wolves, Drew Galloway, and others. Folks, tonight's show is one of the most important in TNA's history because it will be the start of EC3's world title reign. This is significant because EC3 is a rare gem in pro wrestling, a top heel that gets the sort of heat that's reminiscent of the days when kayfabe was alive and well. And as of tonight, he will be TNA's top star, and a homegrown one at that.

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