24 July 2015

Time to Get it Together

Ladies & Gentlemen, This is MisterTNA speaking... and today I deliver to you thoughts that have manifested over the last couple of months regarding the status of TNA Wrestling. Now as long term fans we're not new to the whole roller-coaster ride TNA has been on since its inception, we've enjoyed the highs and wallowed in the lows but have mostly remained firmly strapped in our seats and carried on. The reason I mention this is because over the last 12 months this high/low stuff has started happening on a regular basis, to the point where in the last couple of months we've gone from one high to a low every few weeks. So my question is simply this, what the hell is going on?

Rumours like Destination America dropping TNA is something we've become accustomed to, but what we've seen recently with these stories that are coming out of TNA is that fact whether its direct or indirect, these backstage happenings are affecting the television product in a negative manner. Take the recent Hernandez debacle, because of a admin error, TNA have ended up in a situation where they have had to scrap a prominent group from all storylines, causing material that was supposed to air over the next 4-5 weeks to be scrapped, as well as having to release one talent and causing another to quit. Now that really is the worst situation that could happen, but there is potential for another off screen situation to affect what we see on Impact. Recently we heard both Magnus & James Storm asked to be released for their exclusive contracts, from what I understand they were released however are booked for future TV tapings. Now in the short term that's all well and good, but what kind of position are TNA putting themselves in if, say for example, they wanted to use James Storm in a top feud, not a stretch to think that, right? Anyway, they book this feud and tape so much material leading up to the final pay-off at the next tapings. In that time between events Storm signs an exclusive deal with another promotion and is unable to finish up the feud, exactly what do TNA do then? Unless they have a written agreement where Storm would have to give notice and finish up with the company, there would be no stopping him or anyone in a similar situation leaving without any on-screen finality.

Simply put it's a double edged sword, you risk the above scenario and cause viewers to be upset for not delivering what they expected, or you don't use someone on a non-exclusive PPA deal in long term feuds, which would be a waste and make their employment pointless if they aren't going to be used anywhere close to their full potential. I understand TNA is changing their business model but I hope they have implemented measures to prevent talents getting signed up and not being able to finish the planned commitments they have with TNA, because if not the most loyal of fans may turn sour. While some of these issues can be prevented in affecting who appears on-screen, there's no written agreement that can prevent what happens behind the scenes affect the quality of the writing for the shows. During last Summer with all the talk about TNA leaving Spike and their “impending death” we as TNA fans had one thing to hang on to, no matter how intense the speculation got every week we could tune into Impact and watch two hours of quality television. Great characters mixed with solid storylines and some of the very best in-ring action you could find made it a little easier to have faith that TNA would be fine and find a new home, which they did in Destination America. The run of good shows carried over to the new network but in recently months the quality of the show has dropped off, and has caused many fans, myself included, to lose some of their interest in the product.

I've seen people suggest TNA need new writers, a new direction, a reboot and so on, but I have to say I totally disagree. You could make a case to say so far this year TNA have had 3-4 new starts and find themselves in this not so great position, so for me I'd say that to start changing things yet again would only make things worse. In times like these you need consistency, not upheaval. Right now the best thing Dixie can do is put her faith in her staff of writers and focus on writing great TV, and instead of dropping everything and starting from scratch, highlight what needs changing and do it in a gradual and logical manner. Right now with EC3 as TNA World Champion, something many of us have been wanting for months, we should be really enjoying the product that's airing every Wednesday night, yet I can honestly say I find my enjoyment and interest in TNA to be possibly at the lowest its ever been for me. Now before you say “ow look another one's jumping on the doom and gloom bandwagon because that's the in thing right now” Let me say this, I've followed TNA for years and there's been nothing I've been more passionate about than following and supporting this company, hell I think the fact I co-founded this site along with Chris Regal & Reece (BigDawg) confirms that. But as I find myself for the first time in a long time having time to write about TNA, I can't seem to come up with a lot to say other than what's typed above. The key for me is the next few days, TNA NEED to deliver with the shows they are currently taping, and something involving TNA going down at tonight's inaugural GFW taping wouldn't hurt either. 

With the recent stories coming out of TNA, and I now include today's breaking story regarding Bully Ray's status after JUST returning, as well as the recent episodes of Impact that have aired, I make a plea on behalf of myself and anyone reading this who feels the same way. TNA, please get the backstage stuff dealt with, please take control of what you can and get back to producing quality programming and give us loyal fans something to be excited about. We've stood by and supported you through thick and thin, but need you to get things in order and give us a sign that there's light at the end of the tunnel, because right now some of us need that, and if it doesn't come there is a good chance you may lose us, and the last thing you need right now is to lose some of your most loyal fans. We're not asking for the world, all we want is these negative happenings behind the scenes to be dealt with and stop affecting what we see on screen and how we enjoy the show. Take these words as you may, MisterTNA has spoken...

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