03 June 2015

TNA Wednesday Randomania - Jun 3, 2015

- When Ethan Carter III recently described a segment booked for tonight's Impact as the greatest segment in the history of pro wrestling, I admit, several scenarios played out in my head. Normally, I'd dismiss such a statement as hyperbole and, quite frankly, never give it a second thought. But this is EC3, one of wrestling's brightest young stars and someone who's shown a flair for the dramatic. He was also declared, this week, the #1 contender for the TNA world heavyweight championship, suddenly turning the aforementioned greatest segment into a celebration. So we've now established that TNA and EC3 are set to throw a celebration tonight on Impact to mark his status as the wrestler next in line to challenge for the world heavyweight championship. 

- But hold your horses...because last week, we also discovered that Rockstar Spud, via his victory in the X Division gauntlet, can now opt to trade in his X Division title for a world title shot against Kurt Angle at Destination X, which from what I understand will take place on June 10th. This means Spud must make his decision tonight. So let's recap...Ethan Carter III will celebrate his #1 contender status on the same night we're expecting to hear Rockstar Spud's decision on Option C. I'm downright giddy just thinking about the possibilities but whatever happens, will it be worthy to be called the greatest segment in the history of pro wrestling? Probably not, but it certainly has the potential to be a damn fine segment. Incidentally, the segment to celebrate EC3's world title shot, that may or may not also include Spud's decision to whether or not opt for the world title shot, was apparently produced by Billy Corgan. Let that sink in.

- Although tonight's line-up includes some potentially great matches such as the Wolves vs the Dirty Heels in Match #3 of their tag title series or the Rising vs the BDC in a six-man battle, the match I'm most looking forward to is Lashley vs Eric Young. I realize it's a match we've seen quite a few times already but I'm much more excited about this one and I suspect it's due to the good storytelling. Lashley spent about a month out of action due to Young's vicious attack and although Lashley scored some measure of revenge during Hardcore War a few weeks ago, he gets him one-on-one tonight. I genuinely want to see Lashley absolutely destroy Eric Young and that's a testament to the tremendous job both men have done in their respective roles. Young, in particular, has been the best heel in pro wrestling this year. He's been involved in two of this year's best (and brutal) feuds with Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle, and he has viciously attacked two fan favorites in Tommy Dreamer and Chris Melendez. It's his attacks, however, on Lashley and Austin Aries that will most likely result in feuds that will keep Young busy for the foreseeable future and I, for one, can not wait. I simply can not get enough of Eric Young's heel character.

- And lastly, I'd like to give kudos to the TNA writers for their outstanding work lately, and specifically the great storytelling. I can't remember the last time I've enjoyed a soap opera storyline as much as I'm enjoying the current drama between James Storm, Magnus, and Mickie James. It's to the point now that I eagerly await their segment every week simply to get to watch the next chapter in this saga. And the writers have given us just enough goodness every week to keep us wanting more. Similarly, the Dollhouse's feud with Gail Kim, although enjoyable, really clicked for me last week when Taryn Terrell pulled off Gail's wedding ring and stomped on her hand with such venom that it makes you wonder how far she'll go. That's something that I feel TNA has done so well, the willingness to allow their heels to cross certain lines, such as Eric Young pulling off Chris Melendez' prosthetic leg and choking Kurt Angle with it or MVP pointing out that the use of the word thug is code for n*****. I'm of the belief that good heels drive the story and right now, the roster has such an abundance of good villains. Eric Young. Ethan Carter III. Bram. James Storm. Taryn Terrell and the Dollhouse. MVP and the Beat Down Clan. And soon, Jessie Godderz. And they've given the writers the tools to script well thought out stories that are complex and nuanced, and more importantly, unpredictable. Nobody knows what Eric Young or Bram will do next. Or what James Storm's planning. Or what will come out of MVP's mouth next. And it's made for great television. Again, a huge kudos to the TNA writing team.

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