10 June 2015

TNA Wednesday Randomania - Jun 10, 2015

Destination X is one of my most anticipated shows of the year but if I'm being honest, I'm not as excited for this year's show as I'd like to be. In fact, I'm downright apathetic about it. And there's a good reason for that. The current X Division and its championship are as relevant as the TNA TV title was when Abyss walked off with it in 2013. The difference, however, is the X Division was once part of the fabric that is TNA, and wrestling fans still hold out hope that the company will finally come up with a real strategy to rebuild the division and commit to its long term success. Sadly, I don't think it's ever going to happen. TNA have done irreparable damage to the X Division and quite frankly, I'm not sure they're capable of restoring this once-prestigious division to its former glory.  I'm not even sure they fully grasp what the X Division truly means anymore, or what it represents. So how can they possibly repair this? I don't think they can. And I don't think they know how.

Let's be honest, this year's Destination X is a sham and quite frankly, I find it insulting that TNA would attempt to pass tonight's show off as a spotlight on or a celebration of the X Division. The truth of the matter is the company hasn't given two shits about the X Division for five months and it's now conveniently a priority in order to entice viewers to watch tonight's show. To make matters worse, the wrestler officially representing the X Division this evening via Option C isn't even in the main event, which is typically the case every year and has been since 2012. But it's indicative of his two title reigns, if you can call them title reigns, which lasted a combined 41 days and saw him defend his title twice in two meaningless (and overbooked) matches, one of which was a loss. This is the best the X Division has to offer?  When Option C was created in 2012, Austin Aries had held the X Division title for over 300 days when he cashed in.  The concept felt as if it were a true testament to those who fought for this opportunity. Since then, however, the X Division champions who chose Option C held the title for 7 days (in 2013), 14 days (in 2014), and 7 days (in 2015) - a total of 28 days. Again, I ask, is this the best TNA can do with a division with such a long and rich history? A division that fans, after years of neglect and mismanagement, still have a connection to and a desire for. TNA fans still love the X Division, but the true X Division, not the cheap imitations shoved down our throats by every Tom, Dick, and Harry who has passed through TNA Creative without an ounce of respect for or knowledge of the X Division.

Unfortunately, the current Creative team isn't any better. The way they've handled the X Division since TNA's debut on Destination America in January leads me to believe that there's not a single person on the current Creative team who's willing to fight for the division in creative summits. Not a single one. If there was, the X Division title wouldn't have been ignored for practically the entire UK tour. It did, however, make for a wonderful accessory around the waist of Low Ki for two months. Incidentally, the number of times that Low Ki defended the X Division championship from the day he won the title (January 14th) to the day he was pinned by Rockstar Spud when he cashed in his Feast or Fired briefcase (March 20th): zero. Let me repeat that. Zero. Again. Zero. One more time. ZERO. Not a single time did Low Ki defend his X Division title in over 60 days. That's unacceptable. And sadly, it's the state of the current X Division. And it's the state of the current Creative team. Some will argue that Low Ki was injured early on during the tour and couldn't compete. I'm not sure that's necessarily true but let's for a moment take that into consideration. Why wasn't he stripped of the title if he couldn't compete after 30 days? Or why wasn't there at least a focus on crowning a new #1 contender via a tournament while Low Ki recovered? The easy answer: because it wasn't a priority. The Tag Team Division went through something similar this year, not once but twice. The first time, due to Eddie Edwards' injury, there was a tag title tournament to crown new champions and currently, there's a best of five series as a result of Jeff Hardy's recent injury. That's how it's handled if those in charge care enough to do so. And the fact remains that they don't care about the X Division.

I do, however, find it funny that not a single member of the Creative team cared enough to raise concerns about the X Division title not being defended for two months or about the multitude of title changes since the start of the year, five to be exact, but one of them thought it was a good idea for Grado to wrestle in one of tonight's qualifying matches. This is how disconnected from the X Division the current Creative team is. Grado is no more an X Division wrestler than I am. Yet, for some reason, he's booked in a match that's one step away from an actual X Division title match. Folks, if he wins tonight, he will compete for the X Division title at some point, whether it's the live episode of Impact on June 24th or Slammiversary on June 28th. Let's be real, Grado is a no-talent hack who's an embarrassment to pro wrestling and he's now competing for the X Division championship. It's simply embarrassing. If there's one consolation, however, it's the fact that it's unlikely that he will defeat Kenny King (and Cruz) tonight to advance to the X Division title match. And if I'm wrong, there will be quite a few TNA fans with a bad taste in their mouths tonight, and I will be one of them. I will defend TNA, and I often do when they deserve it, but I will not defend stupidity. And quite frankly, I will not support it either. 

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