02 June 2015

The Good Girl Has Gone BAD

               On August 16, 2012, Brooke Hogan came to the entrance ramp and made the announcement that she had officially signed a Knockouts referee to the roster, Taryn Terrell. When she first made her appearance you could tell just by looking at her that she was cheerful, beautiful, and the girl next door type, but little did we know that this blonde bombshell would cause quite the controversy right from the get go. In her debut as the Knockouts referee, Taryn was the official for a TNA Knockouts title match between champion at the time, Madison Rayne and her challenger, Brooke Tessmacher. As the match progressed with non-stop action and Taryn catching Madison several times trying to cheat to get the win we finally got a winner and Brooke Tessmacher became the new TNA Knockouts champion! As Taryn's refereeing career continued, she slowly began to piss off some of the Knockouts such as Madison Rayne and Gail Kim. 

                At Genesis 2013, Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim's historic rivalry officially started due to Taryn making a bad call which led to Gail Kim not winning the Knockouts title. Gail Kim later told Taryn to never make a mistake again. As the weeks progressed Gail Kim would end up costing herself a few matches in a row due to constantly getting into arguments with Taryn instead of focusing on her opponent. Taryn was able to keep her composure and ignore Gail Kim's attitude, until Lockdown 2013 after Gail once again started to cause trouble with the referee by yelling at her and complaining about Taryn's counting not being fast enough. After arguing back and forth Gail Kim backed Taryn into a corner yelling at her which led to Gail slapping Taryn across the face, Taryn could no longer contain herself and out of nowhere she speared Gail Kim which led to Velvet Sky successful retaining her title. 
              On the Impact after Lockdown 2013, Gail Kim came to the ring and let the world know that Brooke Hogan would have to fire Taryn Terrell as the TNA Knockouts referee due to her actions at the PPV. Brooke came to the ring and she had a solution that would "make everyone happy". She fired Taryn as referee and then signed her as an official TNA Knockout. Gail Kim became livid with Brooke Hogan's decision, but before she could get too mad Taryn once again speared her and chased her out of the ring. Little did we know that this Gail Kim/Taryn Terrell rivalry would go on to produce two of the best TNA Knockouts matches of all time, the first one being a Last Knockout Standing match at Slammiversary 2013! The match started off with a bang and overall the match had several "Holy Shit!" moments such as when Gail Kim flew in between the turnbuckles crashing her head into a chair or when Taryn Terrell used Gail's own figure four leg lock move around the ring post against her. After 10-plus minutes of battling, Taryn Terrell would get the win by hitting the Taryn Cutter on Gail Kim off of the ramp and landing down on the ringside floor. The second historic battle that these two had was on an episode of Impact in a Ladder match which once again created a ton of great hardcore women's action, but this time Gail Kim would get the victory.

          Sadly for the fans after the ladder match, Taryn Terrell had to take a massive amount of time off due to her pregnancy and when she finally returned on May 10, 2014 Gail Kim was right there to welcome her old rival and now best friend back to TNA. Taryn Terrell said she and the fans need a tie breaker match (Taryn Vs Gail III), which would happen later on allowing Gail to come out on top. During one of the sets of NYC tapings last year Taryn Terrell Vs Velvet Sky Vs Angelina Love Vs Gail Kim for the TNA Knockouts title took place and this match was one of the reasons the "BETTER THAN THE DIVAS" chant was created. The most exciting part of the match was when Taryn climbed to the top rope and nailed a cross body on to all three of her opponents. Shortly after, Gail got the win via Eat Defeat to Velvet Sky to retain her title. On November 19, 2014 Taryn Terrell would finally achieve her goal by becoming TNA Knockouts champion by defeating Champion at the time Havok and Gail Kim in a triple threat match.

       After winning the title, Taryn has gone on to defend the title several times against a bunch of different TNA Knockouts. But nothing is as memorable about her reign as her heel turn at Night Of Knockouts, where she went one on one defending the title against Awesome Kong. The Dollhouse of Jade and Marti Bell interfered to help Taryn slam Kong through a table and get the three count, after that Taryn announced that this was her, Jade, and Marti's house. Ever since Taryn officially turned heel and became the leader of the Dollhouse she has been more vicious, entertaining, and sexy. Taryn Terrell's ultimate goal is to make sure she proves that she is a better TNA Knockouts champion than Gail Kim by beating Gail's record of longest Knockouts title reign and thanks to the Dollhouse Taryn gets closer and closer to that goal each week. As we saw on Impact a few weeks back Taryn no longer cares about what anyone thinks of her, she has now started to play mind games with Gail Kim by coming to the ring in lingerie and telling the world she was going to be wearing it for Gail Kim's husband, Robert Irvine. She told Gail that Robert knows she is a better woman than Gail Kim and that led to last week's six sides of steel match between Gail and Taryn. Gail Kim came up short in the match due to Jade and Marti's involvement. After the match, the Dollhouse locked themselves inside the cage and continued a beat down on Gail Kim. Kong tried to make the save but she could not help due to the cage door being chained shut. In my opinion Taryn has never been better in her career and she seems very comfortable in her current role especially with her friends backing her. Taryn Terrell the girl that started out as the sweet innocent type has officially gone BAD, the TNA Knockouts Division is now Taryn's house and every time she steps into that ring it becomes…….PLAYTIME! You have been warned.

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