07 June 2015


I have really enjoyed IMPACT lately and it's pretty obvious that the show has a lot to offer pro-wrestling fans that will give the product a chance. However, there is one wrestler that has been noticeably absent lately and I feel like speaking my mind about it.  He's a man that has legit World Heavyweight Championship potential.  It's the man with those unmistakably psychotic, bulging eyes.  The man that loves to show the world the brighter side of suffering.  The one and only BRAM.  It's inevitable that all wrestlers are going to occasionally cycle out of the main storylines and not be featured on the show. Even the biggest of superstars in this industry experience that.  If I've learned anything from this time off that Bram has taken it is this: I don't want to see him take another break for a long, long time. 

Few know the reasoning behind his recent hiatus but I definitely have not assumed too much regarding it.  After all, we do know that he just got another extended contract from TNA and that he is in their future plans.  That kind of assurance is sufficient enough for me to feel good about Bram's career path with Impact Wrestling.  I'm sure they realize what they have here.  He is one of those types of performers that you would tune back in for.  When all of the anti-TNA crowd attacks the company and wishes for its demise, Bram stands out as the kind of pro-wrestler that makes you feel confident in the longevity of this promotion.  Impact Wrestling has some of the best pro-wrestling talent on the planet.  If you look at the top ten current TNA wrestlers (whatever that list is for you, regardless of the officially announced Top 5) you'll see a fantastic list of performers that legitimately are some of the top performers in the world.  There's no doubt that Bram is near the top of that list.  The ways in which all these fabulous talents are being used are evolving and coming together nicely.  You can see the writing on the wall.  Despite all the doomsday-type predictions, the future of this company looks bright. 

So what feud or storyline could Bram jump into moving forward?  We now know that he is going to be taking on some former TNA wrestlers, perhaps for a few weeks, starting this Wednesday.  This is a decent way of putting him over while not interfering in other storylines too much.  However, at some point, he will need to primarily feud with another wrestler.  There is an abundance of great heels in TNA at the moment.  To me, it would make sense to get Bram over even more by having him break the will of another top heel.  Eric Young, EC3, James Storm, MVP, or even (potentially) "Mr. Pectacular" Jessie Godderz come to mind as potential candidates.  Not only would all of those matches be hard-hitting, but the promos could be insanely good.  The thought of Eric Young and Bram trying to out-crazy each other sounds awesome to me.  There is also a natural segue for Bram to get involved in the James Storm and Mickie James/Magnus happenings as he has also terrorized the engaged couple in the recent past.  Maybe he's enjoying the work of that devil James Storm and wants to lend a hand?  There are many scenarios that this demented Brit could sink his teeth into and help to elevate. 

I know there are lots of passionate Bram fans out there.  If you want Bram back on Impact each and every week moving forward, then use the title of this POV as the official hashtag to let your voice be heard.  If you have a Twitter account, go tweet a #NeedMoreBram with your reason for why you'd like to see him featured more.  Make sure to include his Twitter handle @BramTNA in those tweets also.  I put a test-type of tweet out with that hashtag a few days ago and Bram FAV'd it right away.  This can be a nice little social media campaign that TNA will hopefully take notice of.  The fans want more Bram and we want it now.  I've said it, along with others, for a long time now: Bram is a future TNA World Heavyweight Champion.  I really believe that and if you do too, then say something about it.  Also feel free to leave a comment below if you don't use Twitter.  After all, our comment sections are well read and often visited, so one way or another you'll be providing great feedback.  All the #NeedMoreBram tweets will receive a RT from the TNAMecca Twitter account.  Let me hear from you!  #StandUp and #ShowYourImpact!!!

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