30 May 2015

TNAMecca Presents...the Official Debut of Impact Live Discussion!

When we officially launched on August 12, 2013, our main objective was to provide TNA fans with a place they could visit that was free from the disruptions that unfortunately became all too common on other wrestling sites. Here at TNAMecca, fans can discuss their favorite wrestling promotion freely and openly without having to deal with the hate or trolling by the anti-TNA crowd. We're happy to say that many TNA fans have made TNAMecca their home and part of their daily/weekly routines and we'd love to see more TNA fans visit and maybe stay. 

So with that in mind, we'd like to extend an invitation to any TNA fan who hasn't joined our community, and we feel now's as good a time as any because starting Wednesday June 3rd, we will officially debut a new Impact Live Discussion where our community of loyal and passionate fans will have an opportunity to share their thoughts on Impact during the show, and simply hang out and have fun with other TNA fans in a troll-free and spoiler-free environment.

Impact Live Discussion will debut at 8PM EST on Wednesday, June 3rd just in time for the premiere of Ring of Honor on Destination America as well as the first episode of Impact Wrestling on its new night. We feel that Wednesday nights, starting on June 3rd, will be a must-watch night of television for all wrestling fans and we feel that TNAMecca will be the place to be for real wrestling fans. So make sure you join us on Wednesday June 3rd at 8PM EST for Impact: A TNAMecca Live Discussion.

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