07 May 2015

TNAMecca Exclusive: Q&A with Ethan Carter III

Tomorrow night on a live episode of Impact, Ethan Carter III and Mr. Anderson are set to face off in a battle of two candidates campaigning for the hearts and minds of every wrestling fan.  All week, TNA fans have been voting on the stipulation for their first match by either voting for EC3 (and Arm Wrestling) or Mr. Anderson (and Falls Count Anywhere). We will find out the results tomorrow night.  Tonight, however, EC3 has agreed to answer some questions exclusively for TNAMecca.  Below is our exchange:

Ethan, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us. I know our readers are huge fans of yours so this will be quite a treat for them. Let's begin with what so many are talking about right now and that's your campaign for Champ in 2015. It's been quite an elaborate campaign already with speeches, posters, and even a television ad. Tell us, who exactly is EC3's base? And how does one vote for you?

"EC3’s base is those that require change in the wrestling landscape. Those seeking a return to the values of yesterday. As to how to vote, obviously you’ve not been listening to the words from my rich mouth to your poor ear, #ec3forCHAMP"

Some would say you had your first debate last week against Mr. Anderson. In the TNAMecca spin room afterwards, many thought you won the first debate, while others weren't so sure. How do you think you did?

"I did wonderfully. My team had me prepped, I countered nonsense with logic and not only was I victorious in Debating Mr. Anderson, I will be victorious in Defeating him as well."

Let's talk about your unbeaten streak. One of our columnists, Lewis Harris, wrote a piece on TNAMecca recently in which he described your streak as "one of the most dubious in wrestling history". How do you respond to that? And do you feel you've done enough in your TNA career, especially in the ring, to have earned a world title shot?

"If by 'dubious' you mean ultra-successful and completely justified I agree. These things are decided by victories. History is written by the winners and that’s all I’ve done, Win. And an un-besmirched record indeed warrants a title shot."

You recently defeated your former best friend, Rockstar Spud, in a Hair vs Hair match, which many have called a Match of the Year candidate. I'll tell you, many of our readers were simply devastated when your friendship ended because the two of you were easily one of the best things on Impact for a long time. How was that experience for you? And is there any chance we could see the two of you reconcile at some point?

"The Hair vs. Hair match was an exclamation point on my TNA career thus far. As far as reconciling with Spud, time heals all wounds - except for the one I left in his head."

It seems like every couple of weeks or so, wrestling fans on social media (and sometimes those who work in the wrestling industry) wonder how the WWE could not realize the gem they had in you. Every time someone says that, it's essentially a compliment for your exceptional work in TNA. Is that something that motivates you?

"Every second of every day."

This next question is from another one of our columnists, Will, also known as the only guy in the Grand Ballroom in NYC with an EC3 sign. Will feels that you are destined to defeat Kurt Angle (once again) to become the new world champion. Do you feel that you are at that point in your career where you can handle the pressure of being "the man" in TNA?

"This is the point in my career. I am definitely ready for any challenge and pressure. Not only am I ready, I’ve demanded they be put on my plate. The time is now."

OK, we've reached the "put you on the spot" portion of this Q&A...there was a Rockstar Spud promo in early 2014, in which he was praising the Carters. In a moment that will forever be one of the funniest in pro wrestling history, Spud referred to you as "young supple Ethan". Do you remember that? And if so, could you tell us what went through your mind at that moment?

"I recall that vividly and I think my reaction spoke volumes. But in hindsight yes, I am young and supple. I am OK with that."

You've been with TNA since October of 2013. As you look back on your first 18 months, what has been your favorite moment so far?

"My favorite match has been each and every one of my numerous victories - of which by now I’ve lost count." 

I'm curious, what do the next 18 months look like for EC3?

I believe the next 18 months will be the first 18 months of a World Title reign that will last for four score and seven years. #ec3forCHAMP"

For those of us who will never have the pleasure, what does it feel like working for Dixie Carter?

"Imagine a dream come true. Multiply by 1.8 Billion. Multiply that by another 6.3 Billion and subtract 1."

And lastly, could you share with us what it's been like working in TNA? How has the experience been for you? You seem like you're truly enjoying your time with the company. It’s been the time of my life.

"It’s been an honor & a privilege to have this opportunity bestowed upon me, but the hard work hasn’t even begun yet. I look forward to the future and continuing to grow and thrive as the company does the same."

Ethan, once again, thank you so much for doing this. Our readers truly appreciate it.

"You are quite welcome."

You can follow Ethan Carter III on Twitter at @EthanCarterTNA as well as show your support for him and his campaign by tweeting hashtag #ec3forCHAMP. Also, please make sure you tune in to Impact on Destination America at 9/8c tomorrow night for a special live episode. It promises to be a fun night with surprises so make sure you set your DVR if you can not tune in.

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