17 May 2015

Ringside: Impact Wrestling Review - May 15, 2015

The Dollhouse presents Hardcore War! That would be a more accurate title for this episode of IMPACT.  Giving two segments of the show to The Dollhouse was a bold move but it's also one that I didn't personally have a problem with.  They got a nice win over Brooke and Rebel and also had a sexy promo with Taryn in lingerie provoking Gail Kim and her husband Robert Irvine. This group delivered both times and I would contend that having them featured in a segment on each episode of IMPACT is best for business.  After all, Taryn is the Knockouts Champion.  We also want to get to know Jade and Marti Bell's personas more and more so it all makes sense to me.  I doubt they'll get two segments in a show again so this was most likely a one-time thing.  The use of the song from the band Hole for their theme music is a direct benefit of having Billy Corgan in the company.   On a different note, I think it is high time that we start seeing the X-Division showcased a bit more though. The X-Division still needs to start getting real time and matches, not just lip service of such happening.  Other than that the overall product felt so much better this week and this show delivered. 

I don't like Chris Melendez being in a main event on IMPACT.  Plain and simple.  That being said, he did a serviceable job in the ring and took a vicious piledriver from Eric Young.  His presence provided an opportunity to use the prosthetic leg to further the story of Eric Young being a loose cannon as he choked out a fallen Kurt Angle with said prosthesis. It was a nice visual to close the show as Josh Mathews called Eric Young "a sick son of a bitch".  Speaking of the word "bitch", it got used a lot during this episode.  If you have watched the show Mountain Monsters on Destination America, you would easily draw the conclusion that DA is not afraid to use the word "bitch".  Those hillbillies say the phrase "son of a bitch" at least 10 times per episode.  So now we get Mr. Anderson calling Tyrus a bitch multiple times in their segment with EC3 that lead to a match and also IMPACT ending with the same word being said.  It is another signal of a more edgy, adult product.  This is two weeks in a row that we've seen the TV-14 rating get utilized more than in the previous 4 plus months.  Yes, there have been hardcore, bloody matches but the language being used is a whole other ballgame.  I like it and I hope this pattern continues.

The Rising is an interesting group.  I like all 3 guys but they are starting to lose a little steam as a group.  Galloway is awesome.  Micah is a good hand and deserves his spot.  Eli Drake is getting neglected, however, and I think it's intentional after what we saw backstage this week.  Eli being passed over for Micah when Eli has not had much time on the stick or any 1-on-1 matches was intentional.  Honestly, I think Eli Drake has the most potential out of any of The Rising members and he will get his chance eventually.  Seeds are being planted and the long term storytelling should be fun to watch play out if handled correctly.  Their participation in the main event enhanced the match as Drew took a beating out there. 

Eric Young continues to do a fantastic job with his heel role.  His eyes are always so intense and he knows how to sell things very well in the ring and out of it.  I am enjoying his feud with Angle and the elements involved have been very intriguing to me.  A very physical, intense vibe between these two.  In fact, Eric outshines Angle quite often which is to be expected given that Young is at the peak of his career while Kurt is on the downside of his.  The BDC and a returning Lashley also played their roles very well in this gauntlet style fight.  I was overjoyed to see Bram return after a few weeks off and I hope he's included more regularly moving forward.  He's too talented to leave on the shelf for too long.

I liked hearing Mike Tenay again on the broadcast and I hope he is the color commentator from now on.  A two man team is more suitable for a wrestling broadcast and this was a prudent move to have The Professor slide into that role.  Speaking of roles, Tyrus continues to prove critics wrong by simply knowing his.  He has been a team player since Day 1 and I think his worth has been proven over time.  I'm still not sure what his ceiling is in TNA but he knows how to put his opponents over and serve a purpose.  He does seem to work better with guys that are not X-Division style wrestlers.  He ate a Mic-Check against Mr. Anderson which in turn paved the way for another EC3/Anderson bout in the future.  The Revolution VS Magnus stuff was the weakest part of the program as it seemed displaced.  Storm chastising them in the back for beating up Magnus was fine for what it was but the Revolution stuff seems really disjointed lately.

The Bro Mans stuff didn't blow my skirt up either but it did pave the way for Mr. Pectacular to turn heel and officially sever ties with Robbie E.  The segment did its job but I don't understand the point of the losing 3 times in a row so quickly like that.  A bit odd on the execution.  The first match in the Best of 5 Series between The Wolves and The Dirty Heels was brilliant.  I knew this series would be fun to watch and I'm sure we'll get 4 more matches that will deliver the goods also.  A nice tone-setter for what's to come and I'm honestly not sure who will end up winning the belts as it could go either way.  The tag team division is reloading and while it is we have this spectacular series of matches to sit back and enjoy.
Favorite Moment - The best of 5 series Match #1 was great tag team wrestling.  All four men performed very well as expected. 

Least Favorite Moment - The Revolution Vs Magnus stuff was the low point.

MVP of the Night - I thought the strongest performer of the night was again Eric Young.  His current psycho character is something I never grow tired of. 

Grade - A nice rebound from last week.  A solid B+ from me.

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