24 April 2015

TNAMecca Exclusive: Q&A with Taryn Terrell

Tomorrow night on a special episode of Impact, "TKO: A Night of Knockouts", the women of TNA will be in the spotlight. One of those women is TNA Knockouts champion Taryn Terrell, who will be defending her title against the dominating force that is Awesome Kong. On the day of the biggest match in her career, Terrell agreed to answer some questions for us and although she was pressed for time due to her busy schedule this week, she was still able to come through for us. Below is our exchange:

Taryn, before we begin, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us. We truly appreciate it. Let's begin with this week's much anticipated episode of Impact that will put the spotlight on the women of TNA. I believe TNA are calling it TKO: A Night of Knockouts. You are booked to defend your TNA Knockouts championship against Awesome Kong. It's certainly been a struggle for you since she's targeted your title and the narrative seems to be that you can't beat her. We've also seen recently that you can't pin her even after hitting the Taryn Cutter on her. My question to you is this: can Taryn Terrell beat Awesome Kong? And how will she do it?

"And my answer to you is that you will have to tune in to find out. Because I have full faith that I will beat Kong. I have full faith that this title belongs around my waist." 

Let's move on to your rivalry with Gail Kim. Many would say that your feud, which it was at the time, put you on the map as a wrestler. Your victory over Gail in your Last Knockout Standing match at Slammiversary 2013 in Boston was quite the eye-opening experience for many wrestling fans, many of whom did not quite know what to make of you before that PPV. Did you sense at the time how significant a moment that was for your wrestling career? It was sort of a turning point for you. 

"Absolutely. I felt that what we did out there was something special. Gail Kim is an incredible wrestler. Anytime I have the opportunity to work with someone who is more experienced than I, it's an opportunity for me to learn and grow as a wrestler. It's incredible to have experienced a magical moment like that because there are only so many times in your career that you will feel that."

Your wrestling career, however, took a bit of a hiatus a few weeks later when you took some time off to have a baby, but I'm happy to say that you returned to TNA last Summer. Firstly, I'd like to congratulate you and your husband on your beautiful baby girl. And secondly, after you returned, how long did it take you to get back into the swing of things? And how difficult a process was that for you, both mentally and physically?

"It's continuously a difficult process for me both physically and mentally. My number one priority in life is my daughter. My schedule though allows me to spend the majority of my time with her. Through my pregnancy I worked out, I did CrossFit. I believe that that allowed my body to get back into shape and back into the ring quickly."

I will tell you that many TNA fans were eagerly awaiting your return for many reasons but on the top of their list was the desire to see a third match between you and Gail Kim, hopefully inside a steel cage. Unfortunately, we've never quite gotten Taryn vs Gail III, although there have been a couple of teases. I'm curious, do you know, is it still in the works? We will ever get to see Taryn Terrell vs Gail Kim III? 

"I can't speak for Gail but I know that for myself, Gail and I still have more to do but the timing has to be perfect. So we'll see!"

Speaking of steel cages, how likely are we ever to see you wrestling in a steel cage? Because let's be honest, the fans have come to expect this sort of thing from you. We can't wait to see what you will do next. And just the thought of you in a steel cage match is a dream scenario for many fans. Is this something that concerns you or does it motivate you to find ways to outdo yourself?

"I constantly want to find ways to outdo myself. I constantly want to find ways to surprise the fans. I constantly want to find ways to go places that others haven't. I enjoy pushing myself beyond my own limits!!! A steel cage is definitely on my list of matches that I would love to have."

One of our loyal readers and a huge fan of the Knockouts, Deviki, is particularly interested in knowing if there's a chance that we could ever see the Knockouts in an Ultimate X match? And are you open to it?

"I personally am open to anything in wrestling. And who knows, TNA is dedicating an entire show to the Knockouts. So who knows what the future holds!"

OK, we've reached the "put you on the spot" portion of the Q&A...tell me, who takes the crazier bumps? You or Jeff Hardy? 

"(Laughs) Definitely Jeff Hardy…but he is my inspiration for going crazier!" 

Let's get back to this week's Nights of Knockouts for a moment, but before I proceed, could you tell us? Will your title match against Kong be the main event? Taryn vs. Awesome Kong for the knockouts championship will be the main event! The Dollhouse are expected to make their debut on this week's Impact. The duo of Jade and Marti Bell have already caused quite a stir amongst wrestling fans and judging by the vignettes we've seen recently, it doesn't appear that they have good intentions when they finally arrive. As the top woman in the Division, are you concerned at all by this development? 

"I've watched the shows and seen the vignettes…I'm curious to know what it's all about." 

Mickie James is also expected to make a major announcement this week, and many are speculating that she will announce her plans to return to the ring. This is significant simply because many fans believed that you and Mickie James, when she was the Knockouts champion in the Summer of 2013, were on a collision course but unfortunately we never got to see that match. What are the chances that we will see you in the ring against Mickie in 2015?

"We will see… I don't even know if she's interested in wrestling again but if she is I would absolutely enjoy being in a match with her." 

And lastly, Taryn, before I let you go...tell us a little about your experience in TNA and what it's like for a woman like you to be apart of a promotion that has so much respect for women's wrestling. How proud are you of the fact that TNA continues to push the envelope by showcasing women's wrestling in a way that's unprecedented in mainstream wrestling? Only in TNA have we seen women wrestling in the main event or in a steel cage or in hardcore matches. How awesome is that? 

"It's truly incredible to be part of a company that believes in women's wrestling. As Knockouts, we are able to raise the bar for women's wrestling everywhere. We show that we can go just as hard as the guys can and put on matches that are just as entertaining as the guys. To have a company that believes in you pushes us farther and motivates us to do things that have never been done before!"    

Taryn, once again, thank you so much for doing this. We truly appreciate it.

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