03 April 2015

TNA Friday Randomania - Apr 3, 2015

- We're three months into 2015 and I think we're witnessing a bit of momentum for TNA and going into what are essentially the weeks leading into the Road to Slammiversary, it appears that the company's doing very well from a creative and business standpoint. I think, creatively, the television product has been as good as its been in many years. The world title picture was on display last week as each contender made their presence felt in a segment that served as a celebration for new champion Kurt Angle as it did a refresher on who the players are. As Ethan Carter III, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, Austin Aries, and Lashley made their case for being the next to challenge Angle, I couldn't help but think how impressive TNA's world title scene currently is. I can't remember the last time it was as deep and talented as it is right now.

- In the Knockouts Division, the return of Awesome Kong has sparked a much-anticipated battle with current champion Taryn Terrell, as well as a potential clash with an old rival in Gail Kim. The narrative set by the writers that Terrell can not beat Kong has beautifully set in motion a series of events that will lead to a significant moment in which Terrell will either finally conquer the leviathan that is Kong...or risk her downfall. It's the sort of layered, long term storytelling that TNA continues to do so well, and it's made the Knockouts Division a vital part of Impact once again.

- From a business standpoint, it feels like the company has their budget under control, I presume, since they've consistently brought in new talent since their Destination America debut. They've also announced in recent weeks a few very important television deals, two of which I imagine are quite lucrative. Firstly, the multi-year deal they've signed with SonySix in India that will take them through 2022 is enormous simply because I suspect that this deal is part of a bigger initiative to grow in India by recruiting and training young local wrestlers who will be apart of the Impact Wrestling roster in the future. I think this deal also includes a potential tour of India, which would be, in my opinion, a hugely successful venture by TNA. The other is the deal with Esporte Interativo in Brazil, which is owned by Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. EI is a network with a widespread reach of more than 100 million people and typically airs big sporting events such as the Super Bowl, as well as regular season NFL games, and the UEFA Champions League. Another deal that's significant is the one with the Fight Network in Canada. Although a smaller network, it's very important that TNA has a foothold in the Canadian market and begins the process of taking Impact tapings to cities like Toronto, which historically has drawn great wrestling crowds. International television deals are a great source of revenue for TNA and an indication that the brand is much healthier than some lead us to believe. There's a demand for TNA and its programming, and the recent deals in crucial markets such as India, Brazil, and Canada are proof of that.

- Tonight's episode of Impact is a special Bell to Bell-themed show but I'm not quite sure what that means, and I don't believe TNA has told us. Some have speculated that it might be an indication that this week's show will be wrestling-heavy but I suspect it's merely a label to give the show an identity. Clearly, the three matches that are the focus of tonight's show have a big fight feel so I imagine the Bell to Bell theme is simply a way to promote them. That's not to say, however, that it hasn't worked. I've seen many instances on social media this week in which TNA fans claimed to be intrigued by the theme so hopefully it leads to more viewers tuning in. In any case, of the three matches on tonight's Bell to Bell, I find that I'm least interested in Kurt Angle vs Lashley simply because I don't know that they can top their first match. I suppose I could be wrong but I simply don't see them bringing anything new to the table. It will be a great wrestling match I'm sure but I feel like I'm much more intrigued by the other two matches. Bobby Roode and Eric Young have obliterated each other over and over and yet each battle seemed to outdo the one before it. I can't imagine tonight's Submission match will be any different. Likewise, Bram and Magnus have consistently taken their hatred for each other to the next level every week. It's scary to think how they will upstage themselves tonight in a Falls Count Anywhere match. For this reason, the latter two matches make me downright giddy. Bell to Bell can't get here fast enough for me.

- And lastly, yesterday we posted an exclusive Q&A with former TNA world champion Magnus, and we're happy to report that it was well-received and our readers seemed to enjoy it. Well, we're even happier to announce that TNA have granted TNAMecca permission to do a Q&A with Drew Galloway. We would like to give you the opportunity to participate by helping us come up with some of the questions. If you have any questions for Galloway, please post them in the comments section below. All questions must be submitted by 11PM EST today. Unfortunately, we can not include every question so we will select the best and most creative ones. For anyone who hasn't had a chance to read our Q&A with Magnus, click here to do so.

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