17 April 2015

TNA Friday Randomania - Apr 17, 2015

- Tonight's episode of Impact centers around the Tag Team Division and specifically the vacant tag team titles. The tag titles were relinquished, two weeks ago, by the Wolves due to Eddie Edwards' inability to compete because of a serious foot injury. As a result, TNA's giving eight teams an opportunity to compete in tonight's tag team tournament, in which there will be four qualifying matches. The winners of each qualifying match (four in total) will advance to compete in the main event, an Ultimate X match, to crown new tag team champions, and it's all taking place in one night in what TNA is calling Tag Team Gold. 

- The four qualifying matches are as follows: The Hardys vs The Revolution (James Storm and Khoya, The Dirty Heels (Austin Aries and Bobby Roode) vs The BroMans, Tigre Uno and Jay Rios (of Los Ben Dejos) vs Ethan Carter III and Bram, and Mr. Anderson and Rockstar Spud vs The BDC (Kenny King and Low Ki). I think if you look at the match-ups, three of them are easy to predict. I can't imagine a single scenario in which the Hardys, the Dirty Heels, and EC3 and Bram do not advance to the finals. However, the final match is not as clear cut. The fact that Anderson and Spud were heavily featured in last week's tag team segment and the BDC were not leads me to believe that the face team will be victorious. I have to think that TNA trotted those four teams out to the ring for a reason. With that said, I think the BDC need a good showing in this tournament in order to continue to build them up for their feud against the Rising, which are strangely not in this tournament. For this reason, my gut tells me that Kenny King and Low Ki will defeat the comedy duo of Anderson and Spud.  So to four teams in Ultimate X are the Hardys, the Dirty Heels, EC3 and Bram, and the BDC, and it's going to make for one hell of a match, although judging by the competitors, I'm afraid a ladder might come into play. I simply do not see Matt Hardy, EC3, Bram, and perhaps Bobby Roode being able to grab one of the titles using the ropes alone, and if I'm correct, both members of each team have to grab a belt.

- Christy Hemme teased a surprise on tonight's show for fans of the Knockouts Division. I think anyone who has been paying attention to the goings-on of the last few weeks knows what this surprise will be. I won't spoil it for those who don't know but I will say this, the Knockouts Division will get the special treatment it deserves next week. I also predict that the Dollhouse, Jade and Marti Bell, will be making their debut in a big way. The vignette that aired last week on Impact has created quite a buzz amongst the wrestling community and if TNA are smart, they will capitalize on this by making the Dollhouse's debut as newsworthy as possible.

- And lastly, I'd like to address the real TNA fans for a moment. It's been a rough week for TNA in the media and although I won't pretend to know what is true or not, I encourage you to continue supporting TNA and watching Impact. The reality is that most of what the wrestling media reports are false rumors because they aren't held accountable by the very readers they cater to. In fact, their readers love the negative TNA rumors. They get off on them. Some even pay money for them. And the dirtsheets are only too happy to oblige while the hits keep on coming. Unfortunately, this sort of greediness and irresponsibility by the wrestling media has enabled their readers to bully and harass any wrestling fan who dares to admit that they enjoy watching and supporting TNA. It's an ugly trend that the media will not take responsibility for but TNA fans can and should not tolerate this behavior. For this reason, I urge TNA fans on Twitter to ignore and block anyone who feels they can insult you for watching Impact or question your taste. Twitter gives their users the ability to block anyone who harasses them, and they give you the ability to report them. I also urge TNA fans who visit other sites to simply ignore the haters. You will not accomplish a single thing by confronting them or debating them simply because they've already made up their mind about TNA. Plus, I can assure you, they already watch Impact so you don't have to waste your time encouraging them to do so. Most of the haters watch Impact. They just won't admit it. And if they do, they won't admit that they enjoyed it. But by ignoring them, you can do so knowing that most of these fools continue to watch a wrestling program that they claim to hate. In the meantime, the rest of us can watch our favorite wrestling promotion continue to produce great shows and realize how good we have it. We're free to admit that we enjoy Impact and we like TNA. We don't need to pretend that we hate something in order to be part of a group of pretentious individuals who think it's appropriate to bully and harass others just for being themselves. As a gay man, I know this feeling better than most. My fellow TNA fans, be proud to be a fan and enjoy what you enjoy freely and without fear that others will hate you for it. And it wouldn't hurt to say "fuck 'em" once in a while.

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