10 April 2015

TNA Friday Randomania - Apr 10, 2015

- According to Dixie Carter, new tag team champions will be crowned next week in an episode that will feature a mini-tournament involving several tag teams, presumably eight. As per Josh Mathews in his weekly preview, the teams that win their matches will then advance to compete for the TNA tag team championships in an Ultimate X match, all of this taking place in one night. It should be interesting because if I'm right, and eight teams participate, then we'd most likely witness four teams (each one winning their qualifying match) competing in Ultimate X.  Carter, as well as Mathews, noted that the teams and stipulation specifics will be revealed on tonight's episode so we should know more soon. I wonder if this has something to do with TNA recently trademarking 'the Dirty Heels'. Could we see the duo of Bobby Roode and Austin Aries reunite for the chance to become the new tag team champions? I certainly hope so. I imagine we'll see the Hardys participating, which some believe are the favorites, as well as the BroMans. I'm also sure the company's top factions and stables - the BDC, the Rising, and the Revolution - will be represented. This would leave room for two more teams. But which ones?

- As disappointed as I am to see the Wolves having to relinquish the tag team titles due to Eddie Edwards' injury, the silver lining appears to be Davey Richards' involvement in the X Division until his partner returns. Tonight, Richards will wrestle the BroMans' DJ Z, which would indicate to me that the writers have plans for him, and it appears they begin tonight. The question is how close will Richards get to challenging for the X Division title and will he get a chance to do so before Edwards returns? It's an interesting scenario that could set up the potential break-up of the Wolves if Richards isn't as eager to re-join Edwards if he's got X Division gold (and with that a potential TNA world heavyweight title shot via Option C) in his sights. I, like many, however, don't want to see the Wolves split up simply because they are arguably the best tag team in the world right now and quite frankly, they haven't worn out their welcome as a tag team. Wrestling fans still love watching the Wolves wrestle because they're infectious and they remind us of what tag team wrestling used to be at a time when tag teams were organic. It will be interesting, however, to watch the reaction of the fans in the coming weeks as Davey Richards rises in the ranks of the X Division.

- The Revolution seems to be going through a transition period right now due to some setbacks in recent weeks so it'll be interesting to see how they evolve as a group. I don't know if this is intentional or not but the Great Sanada did not appear on Impact two weeks ago, and Manik was not present this week during the segment involving the Ghost Asylum crew. What has happened to the Great Sanada and Manik? Hopefully, this will be explained at some point but could we have seen the last of Storm's first two recruits in the Revolution? If so, what's next for the duo? And does Storm replace them with new members? This is something that came up last week when James Storm unexpectedly meddled in Bram's affairs when he seemingly saved Mickie James from a beating. It was truly a headscratcher at the time because it seemed to come out of leftfield. Some even wondered if Storm was turning face, which is clearly not the case.  James Storm is in recruitment mode and he has his sights set on one of the following: Bram, Magnus, or Mickie James. Based on what I saw last week, I suspect his target is Mickie.

- And lastly, I'd like to speak on a potential free agent that TNA should bring in. I'm talking about AR Fox, who's no longer working with Gabe Sapolsky. It isn't very often that a talent of this caliber is available.  Fox is easily one of the best high-flyers in the industry right now.  Some point out that his mic skills are poor but to them, I say, mic skills have never been a selling point for the X Division. X Division stars do their talking in the ring and witnessing AR Fox perform his shooting star cannonball or his awe-inspiring springboard to the outside is better than any promo any wrestler can cut. AR Fox is an athlete in his prime - only 27 years old - who would give the X Division back its true identity. Unfortunately, Fox does have some baggage but TNA has never been a promotion that ostracizes wrestlers for their past mistakes or chooses not to give them another chance and all you have to do is look at Jeff Hardy. Or Kurt Angle. Or Bram. I won't go into each man's history and neither will I into AR Fox's simply because it's none of my business. And it's none of yours. AR Fox has an extraordinary skill and it should be showcased on an international level. It should be showcased on Impact. Here is an opportunity for TNA to sign a young athlete who can become its newest X Division star, the likes of which we haven't seen since Austin Aries returned in 2011. And here is an opportunity for TNA to sign a young man who could certainly use an opportunity to make a living doing what he loves to do, and that's performing some of the most breathtaking high-flying moves in pro wrestling today. Sign him, TNA!

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