26 April 2015

Ringside: Impact Wrestling Review - Apr 24, 2015

The show kicked off with a in-ring promo of what we were lead to believe would be a main event match later in the night.  Eric Young is a hot commodity right now because his deranged antics have become nearly unstoppable.  He wields the piledriver and figure four leg lock like the old-school pro-wrestlers of yesteryear.  He has become the incarnation of a rough and rugged 70's or 80's era grappler.  A throwback with a modern twist.  He out showed Austin Aries and Kurt Angle on this episode and it made me excited about another Eric Young World Title reign in the future.  His pildrivers on Aries looked legit and I was genuinely concerned that Aries' neck might have been damaged.  I imagine Aries will recover and still cash in his Feast or Fired briefcase at a more appropriate time in the future.  Young completely decimated Angle too and asserted himself again as someone not to mess with in TNA. 

The 4-way KnockOuts #1 Contenders Match between Madison Rayne, Gail Kim, Angelina Love and Brooke was a nice display of women's wrestling in TNA.  All four are legit contenders and this bout held true to the overall TKO theme of the night.  Brooke ends up winning and will face Taryn sometime soon for the belt. Next we got some progression in the BDC VS The Rising feud.  These 2 factions fighting each other has been fun to watch and the overall storyline has legs.  Micah VS Kenny King ended with the young Tongan star getting a W followed by a typical BDC beat down.  The eventual match between Low-Ki and Drew Galloway should be a legit, stiff fight.

Laura Dennis a.k.a. Cherry Bomb had a good showing against the debuting Jade with Marti Bell by her side.  The Dollhouse (whom we assumed were just the 2 girls) revealed menacing yet playful characteristics.  Laura actually won by DQ but then The Dollhouse showed a nastier side by viciously attacking Christy Hemme, the referee and Cherry Bomb.  They left Christy with a giant jawbreaker candy ball in her mouth as that seems to be their calling card when they withdraw from a victim laying in a heap.  Very effective debut with some major heat on them during their first appearance.

Magnus introduced his fiance Mickie James which turned into a very emotional promo for the two of them.  Mickie was basically pouring her heart out to the fans with gratitude and conveying her need to step away from pro-wrestling to be a mother.  It was a very touching moment as she was shedding tears and it came across very realistically.  Then James Storm comes out with a completely different persona and somehow convinces Mickie James to agree to wrestle one more match.  Storm completely manipulated the situation as Magnus was left in disbelief at the notion that Mickie would change her mind so quickly at his bidding.  All I can say is don't trust that devil James Storm.  His intentions cannot be good.

The funniest (non-intentional) moment of the night goes to the time traveler Davey Richards. He was shown backstage and 2 seconds later was in the ring for this match with Manik.  I'm surprised the production crew didn't smooth out that timing but mistakes do happen.  The X-Division seems to be getting a bone thrown at it again as these two put on a nice little match.  Consistency will be the key going forward for the X-Division and I hope that we get more of this focus heading into Destination X, which is probably just over 2 months away.  Creeping Death is a sick finisher.

The #EC32015 segment was simply brilliant.  Ethan showed us all, once again, why he's made of World Heavyweight Champion material.  Sure, he still has a couple things to still prove in the ring before he actually wins the World Title but his path is now defined like never before.  From the graphics shown during his speech, to the Tyrus dead pan job of holding the sign, to dividing the crowd with chanting, etc., etc., etc. this campaign was officially launched in unforgettable fashion.  Mr. Anderson served well in the foiling babyface role as it appears that EC3 must get past him first before entertaining thoughts of challenging for the World Championship. 

Taryn Vs Kong was a quality match which featured 2 of the best women's wrestlers in the world fighting for the KnockOuts Title.   Making the bout a No Disqualifications match seemed like a gutsy move when Taryn first announced that stipulation on the stick.  Later on it proved to be more cunning and calculated as fellow Dollhouse members Jade and Marti Bell helped Taryn powerbomb Awesome Kong through a table for the victory.  A shocking turn of events as Terrell turns heel and The Dollhouse puts the whole division on notice.  They leave another jawbreaker ball in Kong's mouth as the celebration from the 3 vixens ensues.  All of the featured KnockOuts represented well on this night as things feel revitalized for TNA's women moving forward. 

Favorite Moment - The debut of the Dollhouse was unique and kind of freaky.  Their creepy presence throughout the show was a special treat.  The revelation during the Kong Vs Terrell match that Taryn was a member of this group was truly shocking for those of us that don't read spoilers.

Least Favorite Moment - I honestly cannot think of anything that I didn't like on this show besides the production snafu with Davey Richards time traveling.

MVP of the Night - On a night where so many significant things happened, Taryn Terrell stood out the most to me because her heel turn was very well done.  A Taryn with bad intentions and 2 she-devils by her side is going to be very fun to watch.

Grade - I wasn't sure what a night heavily dominated by the KnockOuts would end up looking like.  Yes there was an X-Division Match, World Title scene segments and the EC3 announcement.  However, the KnockOuts were still the biggest focus and they delivered in a big way.  An A- show overall.

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