19 April 2015

Ringside: Impact Wrestling Review - Apr 17, 2015

Once again Impact had a theme for this particular show "Tag Team Gold", with Eddie Edwards out injured the Wolves decided to relinquish the World Tag Team Titles, opening the door for 8 teams to compete against each other to crown new champions. With legends like the Hardys, the interesting pairing of Bram & EC3, the reunion of the Dirty Heels and the guarantee of a 4 team Ultimate X match, this show was set to deliver another quality 2 hour broadcast.

We opened the show with James Storm & Khoya of The Revolution taking on the Hardys. The Revolution did a good job isolating Matt until Storm was reversed and hit with the side effect, allowing Matt to get the hot tag to Jeff and with a flurry of offence (and an accidental Last Call from Storm to Khoya) the Hardys win & advance to Ultimate X. We got a segment with Eric Young calling out Kurt Angle, where we learned the two will face off next week for the World Title. Angle tried to snap EY out of this crazed mentality and get the old Eric Young back, and while Young didn't take the chance to jump Kurt from behind, or hit him with a chair later in the night, this doesn't necessarily mean Kurt has gotten through, while EY might be crazy, he isn't stupid, and this could be EY taking an opportunity to play minds games and throw Angle off going into their title match.

Qualifying match #2 saw Kenny King & Low Ki of the BDC taking on Mr Anderson & X Division champion Rockstar Spud. Another case here of the heels isolating one member of the team, in this case the weaker, smaller Spud which worked until the BDC took one too many liberties and Anderson got involved and hip-tossed Spud so he could tag himself in. The tide looked to have turned until some shenanigans with a chair allowed Ki to deliver a lethal Warrior's way to Spud that advanced he & King to Ultimate X. Match 3 saw the debut of Jay Rios along side Tigre Uno against EC3 & Bram. Firstly, it was great to see Rios get an opportunity and I wouldn't be against he & Uno as a regular team. Secondly the result was no real shock, while the masked due of Rios & Uno put up a fight, you would have bet safe money on EC3 & Bram advancing. Carter didn't do himself any favours by stealing the pin, but as long as he could keep Bram focused on winning gold, these two had a shot at winning Ultimate X.

Next week will be "TKO A Night of Knockouts" and personally I think its a fitting reward for the women of TNA. These girls have worked their asses off for a long time so for them to get an episode of Impact dedicated to them is very much earned. The announcement segment was ok, the Brooke promo was a little odd but other than that it achieved the aim to set up the 4 Way #1 contenders match & the KO title match. Is it just me or did the BroMans distension come out of nowhere? We saw them this week and they looked like they couldn't stand each other, regardless the way the Dirty Heels manipulating the situation was great, and I really hope we see more of Roode & Aries screwing with people in the future. The Dirty Heel's look so fluent as a team and showed why them reuniting could be the perfect replace for the Wolves. Roode & Aries win and the BroMans seem to have split, which I'm not sure how I feel about, both guys are good talents and should have good runs on their own, however they have been a solid team, and with the Tag Division having very few established teams, the break-up might not have been done at the best time.

While the BDC have The Rising as well as the Tag Titles on their plate, they still found time to continue their persuade of the World Title with Homicide jumping Kurt Angle. The entire BDC eventually show up to take out Angle, before an appearance from the Rising to even the numbers and Eric Young puts a stop to MVP to continue the minds games with Angle. To see the 8 men involved in Ultimate X lock horns was pretty awesome, especially the occasions where the Dirty Heels & The Hardys traded blows. I'm really not a fan of Ladders being used in this match, as soon as the ladder gets pulled from under the ring the entire premiss of Ultimate X goes out the window. I'd like to see in future TNA ban the ladders from Ultimate X, because in the instances where the traditional method to get to the belts was used, we saw several innovate things that separates this match from everything else, Tyrus shaking the structure, Roode standing on Aries' shoulders & Jeff walking on top of the cables were all pretty cool visuals and showed what can be done when the focus is on utilizing the Ultimate X structure. While I don't like the ladder use I thought this was a great main event and congratulations to the Hardys, who hopefully will be feuding with The Dirty Heels in the near future. Also big props to Josh Mathews for calling the show solo, he did a great job in a very tricky situation.

Favorite Moment - As a long time fan of them, It was wonderful to see the Hardys win the Tag Team titles. When Matt returned last summer I hoped a Hardys title run was on the cards, and if there's one pro to come out of Edwards injury, its the Hardys becoming champions in their absence.

Least Favorite Moment - I really didn't like the ladders in Ultimate X, it might sound ridiculous to some but to have ladders used in that match takes all its identity away and makes it a glorified ladder match, which might not sound bad but is a huge waste of the Ultimate X gimmick.

MVP of the Night - On a night based around tag team's I think its only fitting the victorious team walk away with this honour. Congrats to the Hardys on a much deserved Tag Title victory.

Grade - A solid show this week, but I don't think it was as good as what we've seen recently, and considering how high the bar has been, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I think a fair grading for this weeks show was a B-, Some good action but a lack of storyline progression & variety brought this show down a little from the high standards set recently. 

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