28 April 2015

Night of Knockouts: The Dawn of a New Era

Hello TNA Knockouts fans and welcome to the very first edition of Knockouts Breakdown! We are just coming off the heels of a very exciting TNA TKO A Night Of Knockouts show that has officially started a new era in the Knockouts Division. This show was significant for several reasons but the main ones being how well the Knockouts did with a larger amount of time and how well the new talents would do in the Knockouts Division, so let's take a look around and see what's going on with the Knockouts and what the future will hold.

For a long time TNA fans have wanted so much more out of the Knockouts Division because they are a focal point of the company and have always been treated as a major part of TNA. For awhile now fans have been screaming at the top of their lungs for TNA to sign more new women to add uniqueness to the division. The indy wrestling scene is currently packed with tons of talented women that are TV ready, I feel TNA has done a great job with which women they sign and which ones they don't. In addition to this fans have also wanted to see the Knockouts get more TV time or a weekly all-Knockouts show, I personally would love to see an all Knockouts show because look at what happened at Night Of Knockouts. There was so much character development, new talents, and good matches that allowed the women to showcase their skills and prove why the Knockouts are the best female division in the world. Another thing I have seen fans talk about on several different social media outlets is the return of the TNA Knockouts Tag Titles, this is interesting to me because at first I was against it due to the limited time the Knockouts currently have but after thinking about it and seeing TKO, if TNA got a second show and gave the belts enough time I would be all for it. Teams like The Dollhouse could go for the belts and we all know there will be several people gunning for them because they are already a huge threat. We could see teams like Kong and Havok, Angelina and Madison (TBP 2.0), and many more plus it would help keep more Knockouts active instead of lost in the shuffle. The indy scene has some great teams that would make great Knockouts tag champs such as The Canadian Ninjas, Kimber Bombs, Killer Death Machines, and many more. All in all I feel most of our prayers will soon be answered and Night Of Knockouts was just a taste tester of what is soon to come.

During the Night Of Knockouts episode we saw some new talents make their debut, Marti Bell and Jade (The Dollhouse) took on Laura Dennis aka Cherry Bomb. I personally was really excited for Jade to debut because she is someone I have been dying to see TNA sign along with several other TNA fans. At first when the Dollhouse came out to the ring they had a weird, soft tune that kind of felt dull to me, but their wacky actions of playing Ring Around the Rosie and laughing non-stop sold me on their characters. Jade is phenomenal in the ring, she has a very intriguing look, her mic skills we have yet to see, and she sells her character to perfection. Jade will be a woman that carries TNA to several history making matches and moments, plus she is still very young and is already a master in the ring. Marti Bell is one hell of a character, her mic skills are great and I cannot wait for her to showcase them further, she has a very unique look, and she is good in the ring. Marti is someone that will breathe life into the Knockouts Division in regards to character because she is so good at playing a role or character that she is comfortable with. I like Marti best as a heel and I think you will only see Marti grow as an in ring competitor, she has the potential to be one of the best one day. Last but not least the beautiful Laura Dennis, she is one hell of a wrestler and at her young age she already looks comfortable in front of the camera and putting on a wrestling clinic against anyone who faces her, she has a great look, her mic skills are something that will sell fans on her character, and she can play both a great face or heel which is a massive plus especially if TNA signs her. In my honest and unbiased opinion if TNA signs Laura (Which they better because she is amazing) she could be one of the girls that carry TNA's Knockouts Division on her back for a long time, she has everything that screams star and she is also very young just like Jade and Marti. She is already this damn good imagine where Laura would be in her career in 2017 after wrestling in the Knockouts Division as a TNA Knockout. If I am TNA, signing Laura Dennis is a no-brainer and screams profit.

Night Of Knockouts was not just about the new talents and character development, it also helped showcase what the TNA Knockouts can do and it showed how important women's wrestling is in TNA. The first bit of Knockouts action was the #1 contender four way between Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, Brooke and Angelina Love. Going into this match I had no idea who I would like to see end up capturing the right to be called the #1 contender. During the match we saw some good spots like all four women being in a "train" of submission holds at the same time together, or when Brooke blindsided Gail almost sending her flying to the outside, which gave me flashbacks to TNA Bound For Glory 2013 when Brooke did that same move to Gail during their three way match for the title that also included ODB. I felt each woman showed a little bit of what they can do and in the end Brooke came out on top which was a great move because Taryn Vs Brooke will be a great match and as of late Brooke has been a funny character who means business in the ring. Next up was the debut of the Dollhouse (Jade & Marti) as Jade took on Laura Dennis, overall I felt that this match was decent and served its purpose by giving us a feel of what Jade and Marti's characters are all about, it also helped show the in ring skills of Laura Dennis who quickly got over with the crowd which was nice to see in her first match. Hopefully we see Marti or Jade have some more serious matches in the near future so they can show off their in ring skills and hopefully we see more of Laura in TNA.

Later on we saw Mickie James come out and address her future with Magnus alongside her, at first she announced she was retiring to be a better mom and she thanked the fans for their support, but seconds later James Storm came to the ring and told Mickie how great she was and that the fans and himself really wanted to see at least one more match. Thankfully Mickie agreed to do one more match and I cannot wait to see it. I am hoping that Mickie James' "one more match" is just a storyline that helps her get back into the TNA ring weekly because she is one hell of a talent that could help boost an already healthy Knockouts Division. Lastly we got to witness Taryn Terrell Vs Awesome Kong for the TNA KO title in a no DQ match. The match was going good the whole time and then the Dollhouse showed up. In no time Jade and Marti started hitting Kong repeatedly with Singapore canes while Kong was on the top rope, then Taryn quickly ran over to get underneath Kong and with the help of the Dollhouse, Taryn powerbombed Kong through the table and covered her in a maniacally sexy way to get the three count. After the match Taryn grabbed a mic and stated that nobody thought she could beat Kong, but she did and if you mess with her you mess with her friends too and they don't play very nice. Taryn then grabbed her title and held it up high as Jade and Marti start dancing around her, due to these actions we learn Taryn is the leader of the Dollhouse. I personally felt that Taryn was an awesome talent that we could count on to create some "Holy Shit" moments due to her daredevilish ways, but after her actions on Night Of Knockouts I like her even more. People used to say that they couldn't take her serious because she smiled all the time even during promos she cut dealing with a serious topic, but Taryn has silenced those claims by becoming the ultimate "bad bitch" and self proclaimed leader of the TNA Knockouts Division. Taryn's heel turn has made her an even bigger star and will continue to make her an amazing female wrestler. Just remember this is Taryn, Jade, and Marti's house….The Dollhouse.

Overall I felt this was a very good show for the Knockouts, it helped display new talent, expand characters, put on some great matches, and display why the TNA Knockouts are the best female wrestling division in the world bar none. Hopefully this show does well in ratings, viewership, and hopefully it impressed Destination America, because I for one would love to see a weekly all-Knockouts show. In closing I would just like to say women's wrestling is alive and well in TNA thanks to the Knockouts and TNA's faith in them. The Knockouts will continue to prove their worth without a swarm of fans begging for them to get a chance because they have already proven themselves several times, due to the healthy relationship between the Knockouts and management expect more amazing Knockouts action weekly. I hope you enjoyed this edition of Knockouts Breakdown, see you next time Knockouts fans!

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