06 March 2015

TNA Friday Randomania - Mar 6, 2015

- Two weeks ago, Drew Galloway made his official TNA debut in his home country of Scotland when he saved Grado and Al Snow from an attack by the BDC. At the time, I assumed that the purpose of his actions was to save his fellow countryman but last week's events - Galloway striking MVP - indicate a cause that's much bigger. It appears that Drew Galloway, upon his arrival in TNA, has targeted the BDC. But the question is why? I think it's also important to note that one man rarely ever provokes a fight with a gang without the support of others so it stands to reason that Galloway may have a clan of his own. I could be way off but I'm sensing, based on what I know, that I may be right. In my mind, this is all leading to an epic battle between the BDC and Galloway's crew, who appear to represent the people.

- A certain reporter, who has a history of anti-TNA bias, recently attempted to create the narrative that TNA might be a career killer for potential free agents. In order to explain Alberto Del Rio declining TNA's offer, he reported that the former WWE superstar did not sign with TNA because he was advised of their supposed career killer status. Now let me be clear, I don't believe for a second that anyone advised Del Rio of such a thing and I do believe that this so-called reporter made it up, which is something he does regularly regarding TNA in order to cater to his mostly anti-TNA subscribers. But it's always so much fun to debunk his fabrications because they're so absurd and oftentimes not unlike anything you'd read on the cover of a tabloid magazine. In this particular case, Del Rio has already established the fact that he chose to sign with AAA and Lucha Underground for reasons that have nothing to do with TNA. I'm sure, however, that this bit of information was ignored by the usual suspects but nobody can ignore this little detail: Samoa Joe recently claimed in an interview that he has been overwhelmed by job offers since he left TNA. For those who refuse to admit it, let me remind you that Samoa Joe had spent the last nine-plus years in TNA and he's on the verge, according to this same reporter, of signing a deal with the WWE. It certainly doesn't sound to me as if TNA killed Joe's career. Nor did it kill the careers of the countless former talents who are now making a living in the WWE, Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Lucha Underground, and elsewhere. TNA is no more a career killer than any other wrestling promotion but they will be categorized as such because of the clear bias of this reporter.

- During the One Night Only tapings in Orlando recently, there were quite a few unsigned talents who were invited by TNA to appear. Some were familiar while others not so much. Some were auditioning while others were simply there to get an extra payday. And some stood out more than others. By the last day of tapings, TNA fans who had followed the previous days' goings-on rallied around their favorites and showed their support on social media. Many tweeted Dixie Carter, John Gaburick, and Bob Ryder requesting that TNA sign them. I, personally, felt at the time that there were a handful of talents who deserved an opportunity and I'm glad to report that two of them recently teased coming to TNA on Twitter. Shaun Ricker, whom I feel has the tools to be an enormous star on a mainstream level, tweeted the following last week, "I think it's about time I start making an Impact", and Tevita Fifita, a second generation wrestler and, in my opinion, the darkhorse of the bunch tweeted "Time to go back to work! #TNA" a few days ago. I'm especially happy about this because Ricker and Fifita were my top two coming out of the tapings so I'm hoping their tweets mean that they will be appearing at the next set of Impact tapings, starting on March 13th in Orlando. 

- Speaking of the next tapings in Orlando, it will be very interesting to see how TNA writes Samoa Joe out of storylines, if they haven't already, and who if anyone will replace him?  I believe that the BDC, as a heel faction, still has legs so I'd like to see the writers replace Joe with a someone who's a right fit for the clan, and someone who can elevate them by his mere presence. The question is, is that wrestler currently on the roster? I don't think he is. I, personally, would scout the indies and other promotions and recruit someone specific for the role and not choose someone on the roster simply because it's convenient. Judging by the current storylines, it appears to me that the BDC will be involved in a major feud with Drew Galloway so I hope TNA don't take the replacement of Samoa Joe lightly.

- And lastly, I'd like to speak on the current TNA product. In my opinion, this is the best the television product has been, from a storyline and wrestling standpoint, in years. After a year in which TNA, I believe, found themselves as a company, they've finally been able to create a product that's a very good mix of story, character development and wrestling. In fact, I don't think any other promotion can match TNA's product right now in that category. At a time when most promotions are focusing on one strength, TNA has taken on and succeeded on three. The current TNA product is a hybrid of styles and it's the reason why it will appeal to a mass audience. Please don't believe the narrative that TNA feels like it's a niche product or it's treading water because it's simply not true. Ring of Honor is a niche product. Lucha Underground is a niche product. New Japan Pro Wrestling is a niche product. TNA is not. TNA has mass appeal because they cater to a broader audience, and in many ways they cater to the fans that no other wrestling promotion seems to want: the old school wrestling fan who believes in tradition. TNA is the only promotion which seems willing to respect this sport's history while still trying to carve out their own path for the future. Whether you're a pro wrestling or sports entertainment fan, an old school or new school fan, a fan of pure wrestling or storylines, and anything in between, I imagine you'll find something to like in TNA. And if you don't, then there are plenty of niche promotions that will fill your specific needs. You simply have to find the one that best suits you. As for me, TNA is all the fix I need. And right now, they're satisfying me in a big way.

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